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Hello all


If I understand right all Players worldwide will Play on one Server? 


How it will be handled lag, disconnect or Frame slumps if thousands of Players meet at one and the same place and start to trade or fight ?

It will be a massive overload of the Server or it give´s a Limit for players?


Thank you.


LG Allude

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The more players are within a certain geometry, the more resources are allocated into said area of the server to compensate for the processing power required, by dynamically splitiing the server into sub-divisions (clusters) that operate within a larrger server cluster. Anythin g within that mega-cluster, is updating rapidly, while the rest of the unvierse goes on a slower rate of updates.

That is achieved by cloud-based server hosting. What the Cloud is, it's up to you to research, bottom-line being "many servers, computing as one", this als omeans though, that what you run (the ship you fly, has scripts, which you run, the wepaon turrets, have scripts which you oeprate) are run locally in your machine, hence, you become part of said Cloud-server. So, the server only updates locations and checks numbers, it doesn't actually run ANYTHING on its end, either it being script or fly patterns. The autopilot on your ship? Your RAM is the one that get's taxed, not the server's.

That basically means there's no real limit on how many people can be in a certain area at one time. If there are 100 people, it's like 5 servers ( one for each continent, I guess). The servers can be spun to meet the demand, while the rest of the unvierse is "fridged", when nobody is around.

Now, beyond that, the game's company can recruit more servers via the same cloud-magic, to reinforce its update rates and client handling. Let's say 100 people play in one area, from all around the world. The server cloud would be hosted in 5 servers, one for each region. If the players were to be 1000, that wuld need 50 servers. 10000 players, 500 servers and the list goes on and on.

This is also the reason the game needs a suscription.


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There will be a single "shard", which all people will be playing on.


I agree with Twerk, the back end will be cloud based, with multiple sets of "resources".  That could include physical servers, but none of that will be visible from the end users perspective.


The end user will expereince a single environment where every player can interact with every other player.

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