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  1. Hello sorry for my question I no where find how to leave a organization? Can someone explain me how to do thank you . Mit freundlichen Grüßen Allude
  2. Hello Thank you for the fast answere. Only have a Little Problem to look Youtube Videos her in China
  3. Hello all If I understand right all Players worldwide will Play on one Server? How it will be handled lag, disconnect or Frame slumps if thousands of Players meet at one and the same place and start to trade or fight ? It will be a massive overload of the Server or it give´s a Limit for players? Thank you. LG Allude
  4. Hello all I will start with some question at first. How it will run the Exploration of the galaxy or universe ? It will be like all or the most other games? You start you have a map of the Galaxy or universe and you allready know where is what? Or you start nearly like in real life you know nothing your map is empty only with this planets in your System which you can see with your eyes? You or your Organisation have to explor to find new Systems, have to build up there map and jump bridge´s or to fix jump Position with Signal Satellites or probes ? The explorat data will be shared in the Organisation of the Explorer automaticly or manuel from the Headquarters ? Thank you for your time reading my post and maybe answers. LG Allude
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