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Found 21 results

  1. While tagging a couple elements for basic passengers on my ship, I came across something that confused me. As seen in this picture here, why would I ever "Uncheck All", and why would I ever uncheck "Use Construct Rights"? Both are on by default.
  2. So I'll cut straight to the chase here. Why is there no single month sub plan? I can understand wanting a bit more money or perhaps supporting players who only want to play maybe 2-3 days a week. But as someone who is incredibly skeptical of any Dev who operates outside of a distribution platform that has well known purchase security it bothers me that I can't test drive the game for a short period to determine if it hits that itch that attracted me in the first place. If I may offer a suggestion, if you are so inclined to not have a recurring 1 month subscription then perhaps consider offering a "once per account" 1 month trial subscription so people like myself can determine if the quarterly sub is worth it or not to us. I'm not asking for a freebie, merely suggesting a more enticing approach to bringing in more cautious consumers like myself. Until there is something like this or a solid monthly subscription I can't (currently) in good conscience buy into this service.
  3. Hey everyone, I backed this game off of Kickstarter ages ago and according to my profile I made a post here back in 2016. My life is calming down so I decided to check back in and am downloading the game currently for whenever the next test is. I do have a question, I see via Kickstarter that my pledge seems to have had some physical items that it says should have been mailed out back in December. I only just added my address, what is going to happen with this? Also what exactly is the game like. I am excited to test it, and reading some threads here have made me look forward to doing so. Thanks for any feedback or help. Sorry if this isn't the right place. Edit: I suppose another question I have, is why my Kickstarter rewards list is different stuff than when I look at the reward tier on the Kickstarter page.
  4. Does a player made resurrection node have a safe zone around it? If not it would be really dumb to use one.
  5. First, I would like to thank Novaquark for preparing the roadmap. I have been looking forward to seeing it. The sequence in which the features will be implemented seems very sensible. I have two questions about the features in the roadmap. 1. Social Features, which mentions grouping, is under Alpha 3 and Player Nations is under Beta. Does this mean player groups and player nations will be different kinds of entities in the game or will they still both be organizations with some features of organizations introduced later than others? 2. When will the RDMS be introduced? I did not see it mentioned specifically in the roadmap. Does this mean it will be implemented gradually as the other features require it?
  6. I was just curious to know if Hinges, wheels, or rotating devices will be a thing in DU. I am not currently a backer and I know there is a NDA. Though overlooking some of the footage from previous Nova quark videos on YouTube I have seen balloons, blade less fans, and other rocket devices. I just would like to know if DU will have at least hinges and rotating devices within the game itself. A prime example of what I am looking at is like the space engineers moving parts.
  7. Gentlemen a quick question about the RAM requirements. It says that you need a minimum of 16GB of RAM to be able to play the Pre-Alpha. I only have 8GB but I have a beast Graphics card and a very good CPU: intel i7 4400 and NVIDEA GTX 1070. If I launch the game and play it with 8GB of RAM will I run into any potential problems? Also will this requirement for 16GB of RAM drop in later stages of the games Development??? If you know the answers please tell me because I will be buying the Patron pack tomorrow!
  8. Gentlemen a quick question. Soon I will be creating a new organization and I was wondering how many by how many the logo needs to be? ?x? If you know please tell me so I can get my media team to work on the logo
  9. Hello Dual Universe community. I am new to this game since I only found out about its existance a few days ago but here I am xD My name is Scott and I am the owner of a multi-gaming community currently over 300 members big with over 100 average online every day. I want to create an organisation for my boys and actually one lady believe it or not. And I already have a theory but I want to know it for sure. Do you need to buy the supporter pack to be able to create an organization? If I post this in the wrong section, please tell me were to put these kind of questions next time so I can remove it and replace it, I am still finding my way around xD
  10. Hey, I recently discovered this amazing game: Now I want to buy an alpha key but can I really play only once a weeK?
  11. As the title suggests, there's no rule specifying we can't, so we can build in teams (e.g. builds representing an org's entry) Right? And if so, will the prize go to a sort of nominated 'leader' for that team, or will the rdms system be up and supporting org owned assets by the end? (That last thing is for if NQ responds)
  12. Only opinions. Do not give me facts nor cards. Only what you think would win in a Fight. A Joker or an Ace? Choose your side. I would Love to fight an ace me being a Joker. I feel as though it would be interesting to fight someone who is completely opposite of you. ~Joker P.S. Always looking for new friends feel free to message me!
  13. How did everyone's Halloween go? Mine went well. I hung out with some friends and we binge-watched some Netflix. Only problem is my stomach hurts from all the candy...
  14. Watching some of the game aspects today, I have asked myself: Is there any way to regenerate resources? Imagine if everyone starts at the same place (the Arkship). A few weeks or even days later, every single resource in the surroundings and maybe in the whole planet (such as different types of metal), would be completely gone, and there would not be any way for new players to start collecting resources by their own means. With the time, the planets, moons, and everything around, would empty. Maybe a solution for this is to make ridiculous quantities of resources so they do not run out in dozens of years, but still it would not be very aesthetic starting in a place where every single spot is full of holes. I can not stop to imagine those horrid minecraft servers in which some zones ground looked like complete destruction, since every single change in the terrain was saved and never reseted. I know I am missing some point in here, and maybe there is already a planned solution for this. In that case, I would love to know it, as well as any suggestion or comment on this. Thank you in advance, and regards.
  15. A forum is typically a place to discuss single topics, pose questions or make suggestions. This happens in a highly organized manner, which is perfect for keeping discussions in order, being able to archive them and giving a large portion of people the possibility to participate. However, there are downsides to it when it comes to user friendliness in various forms. Getting an answer usually takes time, topics that may interest you already exist but are no longer active or already archived and discussion can head in a directions you don’t feel like taking part in. For these reasons, the user Loondoe has created the Dual Universe Guide (DUG) Discord server. What exactly is that? Primarily, the DUG server aims to provide a 24/7 live-support platform for all players interested in any aspect of Dual Universe. This support is offered by many volunteering, friendly and well respected community members from all branches. Furthermore, the server intends to act as a compressed collection of informational sources and material. We publish community generated guidelines, articles, monthly handouts, records and history information, walkthroughs and more. Is this the right thing for me? Basically, the server is for everyone and everything distantly and closely related to Dual Universe. This is definitely what you are looking for if: you want to have questions about the game or features, the community portal, pledges or the forums and its community answered fast and easily you want to find or be provided with information and sources for the game’s features and plans quickly you want to find or found an organization and need advice you are looking for players or organizations to partner up or make business with you want to feature a website, server or project you created and open it to the public you need help or a solution for a problem you encountered you want to get informed about past or current events and business in the community you need help with anything else and need someone to talk to And how does it work? First, you’ll need to join the Discord server itself by clicking the link below: https://discord.gg/J4AVBy7 Once you’ve joined, you can just state your issue in one of the support channels to receive help from supporters. Alternatively, you can take a look at the other channels to look for information yourself. And that’s it. That’s how easy it is to receive help. For any further suggestion and question on the project itself, these will of course also be answered on the forums itself.
  16. I understand that in space you can design a ship like a can opener and it will fly. But if you build on planets will it have to be aerodynamic?
  17. Should Dual Universe be media as well? (Similar to Facebook, Twitter, ect. But OBVIOUSLY keep the game) Let's Discuss. Twerkmotor is probably going to bring out very good points so in advance: No u.
  18. So obviously gravity onboard ships/space stations is going to be handled somehow within this game. I want to know the specifics: Will gravity always be locked to the "Down" direction from the starting core? if not: Will there be "Gravity machines" of some kind that will allow us to give custom gravity to certain areas? Really I'm asking because I want to build large ships designed to essentially be cities, and for most designs I want to build, having gravity in a different direction to the rest of the ship would be incredibly useful. For example, a cube city. With unidirectional gravity, the city would be forced to be only inside and ontop of the cube. With multi-directional gravity, I could build outwards on all faces. Cyclindrical cities (like the Citadel in Mass Effect but with the gaps in between the arms filled). Jupiter station from Interstellar. I think you get the point. Anyone know? If not, can someone ask the devs if they get a chance? Or if this get popular enough, maybe a poll?
  19. hello every one. the thing that is on my mind right now is how big is one cube. most games have a variable size to them and i was just wondering how big is one this is so i can start dreaming of ships. this also helps people find out how long to make there ships and the units used to give how much room and tolerances that we can have while designing a capital ship or supersized chassis for maintenance and genera ware and tare repairs of our ships. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_historical_ship_types
  20. How realistic will living and moving things in the game, particularly humans, appear? The other day I happened upon Square Enix's new animation of Hatsune Miku, and the realistic-ness of it was absolutely incredible. I would have thought it to be an actual human had I not known better. Here's the animation: http://otakumode.com/news/545c796972b4c28015ab4eac/Hatsune-Miku-is-Practically-REAL-with-Square-Enix%E2%80%99s-Graphics-Technology!?lang=en
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