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Found 22 results

  1. INFINITY CORPORATION ABOUT Infinity Corporation is a combat strategy and research organization specializing in offensive and defensive design, tactics, and AI. We are funded and supported by a real-world technology corporation in the U.S. RECRUITMENT We are currently looking for LUA coders, engineers, and pilots of all skill level, play style, and availability. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/infinity-corporation DISCORD https://discord.gg/4qgpaJc WEBSITE http://www.infinitycorporation.org/
  2. First off, I just want to say that I hope this comes off as a coherent and easy to understand thread. In this, my goal is to try brainstorm with you guys how NPC pirates might be implemented. I'll put forth my ideas first, of course, but feel free to put your own suggestions and also what you disagree on below. I'm not certain if this has been suggested before, and if it has, sorry... Hopefully, if so, I've at least added something new to the mix. Let's start with the why. I'll be upfront, I don't have a whole lot of experience with pirates or combat in general. But, I'll take an
  3. I do understand you want this game to be player run but what if Corporations/Players could be in-charge of there own NPC's. Like a Robot/Drone/Clone army that could be destroyed by opposing players for resources that they hold or contain. The NPC's could only act as scripted by players and more complicated commands would need a player to tell the army or just one NPC what to do.
  4. This is a series of stories I have written about artificial intelligences (AIs). Originally I posted each one in a separate topic, but I have gathered them together so I can list them in order. (Thanks to @Kurock for suggesting this.) This story is about the early developers of sentient artificial intelligence. First Choice These stories happen during the rebellion against AIs in 2145. 1. MaybeNextWeek.pdf 2. TheBackdoor.pdf 3. BerryPicking.pdf 4. TheDialog.pdf 5. LastDance.pdf
  5. This story takes place on the Coast, while Spex and Aimie are "berry picking". TheDialog.pdf This story is part of the AI Series.
  6. This my third story taking place during the AI rebellion of 2145. It happens shortly after the lockdown in The Backdoor is lifted. BerryPicking.pdf This story is part of the AI Series.
  7. This story follows the events in Maybe Next Week as the opposition to AIs grows fiercer. TheBackdoor.pdf This story is part of the AI Series.
  8. I know this idea might seem pointless since players will do everything anyways and people have propably already asked thus, but I want to still talk about it. Now I know think you can program scripts into ships and stations but I still wanna dream a day where I can command my own droid army that can control ships, stations and veichels. Now how would this work? Well why not add mini blocks so the doid can be in corridors or ships, a droid core where u can program ur droid to maybe attack when sees enemy or run to other droids if there are too manny enemies and also joints so i
  9. This story began as an entry for Novawrimo2017. I started it, but it did not seem right, so I abandoned it for a while. Eventually, I had a new idea for it and then it all fell into place. By then it was much too late for the contest, but I wanted to share it anyway. I invite you to join me in an investigation of the relationship between a man and his AI in the fateful year of 2145. MaybeNextWeek.pdf This story is part of the AI Series.
  10. TheFlyingCat

    AI units

    Wouldnt it be great if you can build you own army of robots? Ai grunts who could to tasks like mining, building things according to a construction plan, represent the army of a large organisation, etc. These units would be controlled by some kind of datacenter were you give them orders. They would be active as long the owner or a designated operator of an organisation is online and also only in an area of one planet or something like this. Pls send feedback
  11. Hi DU Community, I can envision the possibility of large corporations investing in the development of merchant AI (bots) using LUA scripting to interface with the various trade markets, perform analysis and make real-time automated buy/sell decisions based on a set of pre-defined objectives (minimize risk, maximize ROI, etc..) have we received any insight into what type of database architecture will be supporting the DU economy, is it going to be possible via API's or in-game interfaces for players to perform analysis and make informed data-driven decisions or will this type of th
  12. So I was reading this ... https://devblog.dualthegame.com/2016/11/16/official-lore-bible/#more-1000 I wonder how far we might be able to go in building something that can connect LUA scripting to Aphelia? Also ... could I as a "rogue" break the law and start building AI with LUA to control fleets of drones to do things like gather resources or automate production chains? It would be interesting to tie this in to the game lore too, in such a way that we could shape the game in to a state where "there are worse things than humans on this new world". I have some ide
  13. Drones and Gameplay Yes drones probably one of the most discussed topic with a lot dreams. I've been thinking a lot about how those things could be integrated in a sandbox game for a longtime now not just with Dual Universe. I want drones which are in theory capable of everything the player is able to do with his equipment. (DU equivalent: his constructs) It would be up to the programming skills of the smart people to develop good software which would also be a good trading good. Awesome AI software + awesome construct = awesome drone The problem with that is it will be most like
  14. Im curious about how the AI and Custom programs will works as i think i heard that they are going to be locally saved meaning you cant make a miner for well you offline this seems like a big down side. so i was wondering if there would be a way to create in game computers or something along those lines that runs a (Custom)program in a loop every few seconds (note: these SHOULD cost a lot to make and larger ones could run much more much faster) on top of making mines and other such AI this would allow for automatic defenses. if anyone has any info on if you can actually save programs
  15. what if you could make a self replicating robot that could mine fight and travel to other worlds it could take over plants it would be like a plague
  16. a giant space creature that roams the stars and eats ships and/or planets you know somthing that you need to team up to fight
  17. (EDIT 30.05.17: Further development on the original proposal is suspended, as there were no players willing to join this kind of organization... But for reference I will not remove anything said in the original post) (EDIT 28.12.17: After joining ODY, I'd still like to promote the core idea of this proposal. My new goal is to create separate standalone open-source-projects which are loosely inspired by AI, just without the whole organization idea. Players will be able to repurpose these programs for their own use. I only wish for my programs to assist players in their everyday DU activities.
  18. Programmable unit AI for creating and managing groups of drones, direct or remote control of different ship components (rotors, pistons, etc) or the station by an intuitive interface like in the scrap mechanic. There is an advanced mode for a simple scripting language to detailed setting the behavior of drones and various elements up to the writing of a primitive operating system for a ship with drones. Any drones can be grouped and linked to another drone for ease of management. Even the largest ships can be drones under the player or the whole team control. Also small drones should exist for
  19. SilverLight Industries Founded as SilverLight Research by the United Nations in 2055 as a way to pool the research capabilities of many smaller companies into something that could assist with developing advanced Arkship technology, they were one of the few companies and organizations that could possibly compete with the globally powerful Nexus Corporation on a technological basis. Eventually, SilverLight expanded to include many other industries such as extraterrestrial mining and Arkship construction, assisting the U.N.’s Ark program through multiple facets of the project. However, the co
  20. Alright so Dual Universe is going to have an underlying secret according to their kickstarter, those who fund at the Kyrium level ($7809) will aid in developing of "Development of a DU Secret". Now of course everything that follows here is just speculation. JC is an expert in the latest Robotics and AI, I believe that there will be an AI in the game which may have its own objectives. This AI would likely be unlike anything we have in any other game, and might even learn for itself to make its own decisions. When the game is released, don't trust the AI anymore than you have to. Her
  21. Hello , I'd like to be able to create, design and program things or why not trade it with the comunity to get rich ! Those would be some kind of products, programed systems, like automatic defense of a fort, city, base. Or even admin acces, Doors control, restrictions, and maybe ability to HACK terminals that were programmed by other players in order to bypass security, to control the program and reverse the situation. By designing I also mean the UI shape would be something you could create or trade, So each faction could own its own "personality". And maybe something more than th
  22. So in the lore we see two different kinds of AI. The AI that commands the Arkship and a personal AI. I assume that these are different kinds with the Ark AI being more akin to an A[g]I or Artificial General Intelligence though not fully one and the personal AI being more of the Interface your suit uses to give you information on whats in your Kadpak and possibly news from other players and such along with any other general information that the player may need. That first part basically outlines what I think the person AI should be. Not a full AI but the suit interface with different functi
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