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Found 39 results

  1. Here's the third and final edition of our ship profiles for the time being. This one is for The Hyperion Class. Enjoy!
  2. I hope you all enjoy the profile for one of our ships: The Sentinal Class! I hope get a new profile out every week for the next few weeks so stay tuned for more.
  3. Greetings from the forum troll, I have a small question. Is there any chance there will be an out of game ship builder or designer, possibly before the game hits Alpha? Thanks
  4. Here's the second of the 3 ship profiles for GLSQ: The Raydr Class. Enjoy!
  5. WELCOME !!! To our official opening ! LNX - Industries Funded by a veteran star ship engineer, has the objective of provide the best star ships for the most important company ever !!! YOURS ! Our differential is to provide versatile and ideal ships to suit any of our customers needs, join safety and functionality at side of great design and powerful systems. We will also have in the future an engineer academy to train and prepare great professionals to allocate as crew member multidisciplinary crews. Ah? what do i have behind the curtains ? Its just a surprise but i will let it for after our opening cocktail, speaking of that, drinks and foot as courtesy is already back table. ! See yah soon - Lynkx
  6. So we have seen the planned system of having the game sub-divide a region of space based on the number of players, and this makes a lot of sense for planets and space stations, but how would this work for moving ships with large numbers of people on them? What happens if a ship gets sub-divided into multiple regions? We know the regions update slower with each other, so I imagine this could pose problems with a ship that is trying to maneuver. I'm not sure what the cut-off point is for the server to sub-divide a region of space, but I'm just going to pick and arbitrary number here for the sake of argument that the system will try to keep around 100 players per server region. It's more than reasonable that there could be ships that have more than 100 people on them, especially a year or two post-launch. Imagine a large Capital ship: the ship is going to need a crew of people to fly it, people to make emergency repairs during combat and probably a team of people to repel boarders and run the guns. And if the ship is carrying fighters then those ships will have pilots and maintenance crews, plus people to move cargo around. Add in an infantry group or non-combat personnel and the ship could easily get over 100 people. So how would the ship function if it was running on two separate machines in the server cluster?
  7. Questions about Scripts & Actions: If you can mess around with scripts then could you Make a ship you created fly by itself on a path? I would love to make my city feel more alive and lived in when no one is around by having random ships fly around the parameter of the city or fly through it or something like that. Is this possible?
  8. Hey so I want to apologize in case someone else has already brought this up or if information about this has already been said as I am rather new to learning about this game and such, however it would be absolutely brilliant in my opinion to have customizable cockpits. In the gameplay I have seen, there has been and insane amount of freedom you have to build your ship and the environment around you, but one thing I noticed is that the cockpits for ships seem to be pre-set, or at least a list of ones you can choose from. Now I could be wrong in saying that, but pretending I'm right, to me it would be amazing if there was more options for our cockpit. Our entire ship, and thus what we spend a great deal of the game in, and what very well might become a part of us, is completely build around our cockpit. We want to make it look appealing and sexy and of course the best space ship in the entire galaxy, but to do that would be impossible with an out of place cockpit. If we could have a great range of designs for them, not limited to the basic one as seen in the trailer. Such as flying saucer dome-like area that allow for 360 degree views just by moving your mouse, to perhaps not even symmetric ones such as the millennium falcon. There could be ones of every shape and size and perhaps even have customizable dimensions and such for the user to decide upon themselves. Even one that's just a glass ball barely held in place could make for an interesting concept. If this has already been thought of, then also one quick thing to add is that the inside of the cockpit is just as, if not more important than the outside. It's where the player will spend all the time piloting the ship (obviously) and it will be alot of what the player sees. To really immerse them I think it would be great to be able to choose where certain items were to go in the cockpit such as the gas and levers and random buttons and such to fly it, as well as gauges and meters and status screens. It would really make the player feel like it was his ship. Perhaps even have sort of like a mechwarrior feel to it where you can look around your cockpit freely as well as seeing yourself use the controls to your ship, even to the extent of getting out of your chair and walking around your ship if thats a possibility. I'm sorry for the such the long post but I feel like this would really add to the game. My apologies.
  9. I had an idea for what happens after you abandon ship? I thought this trough and have a solid solution! When you are on your ship there would be something called ''vacuum decay'' wich is very slow and ''atmospheric decay'' wich is a little bit faster. Wich means your ship is on maintenance, for example: ION Thruster emits radiation-Creates a type of rust--- Scrubs rust away---------All clear! Does Not do anything--- Has to do full repair! Control Panel has short circuit --- Repairs it ------- We are good! Does nothing--- The panel has a 0.3 chance of corrupting other parts. Now that we have a sense of how it COULD work, lets get to WHEN it happens! On board there is no decay exept for maintenance that is. once off-board a timer sets for 2 real life days until one of the decaying starts to happen. the first say of decay is slow. once the 24 hour period is over, the decay rate starts accelerating. this is not only for scenario purpouses but its pracital for the server too! this means lost ships will disapear over time, or for other players to find perhaps. NOW How to counter decay : #1 Stay close to your vessel, nearby players that have the craft rendered will slow down the decay. #2 If you have to go somewhere quick! dont leave your capital ship on an atmospheric planet! this decay is MUCH faster! #3 Make something called a ''Decay Bot'' this little droid will keep your ship ALIVE , as long as he has fuel/power, once that runs out he is doomed (just like the vessel) , UNLESS You program him to keep himself alive by putting fuel/batteries in a crate and program him to go there once running low. (this could lead up to interesting scenarios) PROS -Awesome scenarios (finding fully operational ships in space becouse of the ''Decay Bot) -another layer of immersion -jobs for people (Janitors for your ship) -makes you think about caring for your ship CONS -Could take time to completely balance -Another chore for keeping everythinf running Thats all for my idea [i hope it wont get flooded with other good ideas!] [COMMS] *CMDR FROG OUT*
  10. Hi guys, I have been wondering about a problem that might arise regarding multiple Players occupying a large Ship/Station. Now, as far as we have been informed, players that are far away from you will be updated less frequently. My question is, how are Players going to behave in a Large movining object. In some games (like Space Engineers) this causes the player to experience rubber banding and lag spikes , generally walking normally in a moving ship is quite hard to achieve in multiplayer. For example - Some ships might be as big as 2-3 KM in lenght , containing hundreds of players. How will the game handle the position update for everyone, without causing the above stated issues. I would really love to get your feedback/opinion on this, hopefully some of the Devs can have a look at the post. Sorry if the case has been discussed already and thanks in advance. Kind regards, Yamamoto
  11. Greetings! This will likely be a long post with lots of interconnected lists, so bear with me.. Ship Weapon design/customization system Most sifi games simply give the player access to a selection of existing weapons, designed by the devs. Each weapon has base stats that can sometimes be customized with upgrades, but for the most part this simplistic approach leads to the emergence of a very confined meta of loadouts that work. The concept I will describe is aimed at making ship-mounted weapons modular, so that players can design and test weapons based on the need at hand and the resources available. The idea is to maximize the diversity of play styles and make encountering unique or niche weapon systems a common occurrence. Additionally, it will add a degree of R&D, where players can test and refine their systems and even invent entirely new methods of war. A player could, conceivably, make a career of designing weapons tech, for a price. To describe how this could be done, I will try to represent the idea visually. A weapon is made up of several modular parts arranged in a hierarchy, and the parts are chosen according to the desired outcome. Each part is contingent on the part above it on the hierarchy, and controls a major attribute of the weapon. The hierarchy could be as follows: Body Core Receiver Barrel Body - The frame of the weapon that is fitted to the ship's hardpoint, or weapon slot. This decides the class or size of the weapon: it's hitpoints, maximum weight, volume, and power consumption. Also controls the weapon's gimbaling range, if any. Core - The guts of the weapon, mounted within the Body. This decides the basic type of weapon that will be produced. For example, a Kinetic Core will produce some kind of projectile weapon, be it a railgun, Gauss gun, chemically propelled gun, etc.. A laser core will produce some kind of directed energy weapon, be it a pulse or beam laser. The core affects the weapon's base stats like power consumption. Receiver - Midsection of the weapon. This module determines what subtype of weapon that will be produced, and allows for things like multiple barrels. For example, a Kinetic Core fitted with a Gatling receiver will have access to certain barrels and thus ammo types, while a Plasma core fitted with a Mortar-style receiver will have access to others. This affects things like rate of fire, temperature, and damage output. Barrel - The business end of the weapon. This is involved with the fine tuning of the weapon. For example, a Rail barrel of a given length and power rating will affect the muzzle velocity and charge rate of the weapon. Different types of focusing barrels for laser weapons could effect range and heat buildup. Lets run through a hypothetical R&D session by an aspiring weapons designer who is trying to build the perfect weapon for a contract. He/she gathers some materials and opens the weapon R&D window, and is presented with a selection of parts that can fit the hardpoint in question: Body - Manufacturer 1: 3T, 0 degree Gimbal, 24 max power input, 10 Internal space. Manufacturer 2: 2.2T, 5 degree Gimbal, 17 max power, 18 internal space. Manufacturer 3: 1.8T, 180 degree turreted, 9 max power, 12 internal space. etc.. Our tech decides on the second option, the heavy body with the 5 degree gimbal and ample power. Core - Kinetic Core. Base power draw: 3. Plasma Core. Base draw: 5. Missile Core. Base draw: 0.5. Laser Core. Base draw: 8. The player decides they need something with a good balance of range and armor penetration, and they are starting to get an idea of what they want. They choose the Kinetic Core. Based on that choice, they have these options for compatible receivers. Receiver - Cannon receivers: 1 barrel, 2 barrel repeating, 4-8 barrel gatling. Rail receiver. Gauss receiver. The player wants range, so he chooses a Rail receiver, turning the weapon into a basic railgun and affecting it's base stats. Based on this, the player has the following choices. Barrel - 45 mm barrel. 72 mm. 85 mm. 102 mm. The barrel decides what ammo types the weapon will have access to, and will every stat from rate of fire to heat generation. The player chooses the 85mm barrel, and has thus designed a simple railgun with a moderate charge time, excellent range, and low heat generation. More options and customization would obviously be needed, this is simply an example of the concept. TL;DR: Making ship mounted weapons modular and allowing players to design them will add depth and immersion in the same way that leaving the economy open to be player driven adds depth and complexity to industry. Please leave feedback if you have some, I would like to see if we can evolve this idea, and see where it takes us.
  12. As seen in other games such as space engineers, there are multiple types of propulsion. These range from atmospheric (electric jets) to hydrogen (gas fuel) and ion (energy only). This being a game largely about getting up and out to space, what thrust types are there and would we need fuel for each of these thrusts and will there be some form of aerodynamics like drag and lift/ wings. Improvised thrust is also there such as using artificial gravity and artificial mass to create a self-propelled mechanism. Thoughts?
  13. CosmicDragon

    Ship Roles

    Will, when building will there be limits on how many specializations you ship can have. Could I build a ship which has the ability to fill all roles in fleet doctrine, the composition of the fleet, perfectly? I am not sure that some of the roles I am thinking of will be in DU but raw DPS surely will and even there you have the different sub-types, such as energy weapon based, or projectile weapon platforms, they should have different damage models, which if we look at other fiction, have different levels of effectiveness vs. defenses. Ok, so DPS sub types aren't an ideal example, but I don't know of any other role of ship that is confirmed. A general fantasy parallel would be a maxed out wizard who also is a max level cleric. P.S I hope this is understandable, I feel like its pretty rambling.
  14. Hi! Now for the classic new member idea of dubious worth or point! So here goes: So: Custom Control Panels What do I mean? A standard control panel/screen that you see in so many sci-fi command centers or star ship bridges but customisable. What is displayed and intractable can be moved around, added and removed ect How? a tile based drag and drop system Drag in buttons that activate scripts ect Be able to write parts eg "Weapons Systems" at the top or "Activate turrets" next to a button that activates a script that does just that. Be able to adjust values (like you can variables in scripts), I'm thinking throttle or engine power ect Drag in "screens" that can play camera views (if added) Why? Think of all the scripts and other things going on in the ship. How are you going to run/control those parts/scripts? There is no way fixed/"standard" control panels would cut it in such a deep and editable game that we have been promised. While this method may seem the obvious choice to many I just want to explain why I wanted to mention it: Space Engineers massive failure in this department So with Space Engineers its great: you can add many parts and every part has settings and variables (rotor speed as an example) But changing this on the fly? At first you had to follow these steps: go to any tiny number pad around the ship or cockpit enter into the control panel scroll through hundreds of parts (thousands for larger ships) Change what you wanted eg rotor direction to open your hanger door or what not. Then they brought in buttons and toolbars... now you can select things for each part to do and put them on a toolbar for later use or assign one to a button. Great? not really, here are some major flaws No name on the buttons (later they added hovering cursor over reveals a name hovering in mid air. I mean really?) Just an ugly toolbar at the bottom of the screen, really not immersive Assigned them to buttons? Well now you have a huge button block with four buttons that takes up a whole block. Then they added screens. Hurray! you might think but alas: 1 standard black screen (that again takes up and entire block) Need a mod to get it to update in real time Cannot link to cameras that are on your ship Can only really label big things like doors or containers (in a standard size/font/color) as everything else (buttons ect) are too small Oh and did I mention their cockpit screens do NOTHING!?!?!?!?! So... I hope you can forgive my anti SE rant but this is a cautionary tale of what was a really poor/lazy system that i am sure this game can improve on! Don't think this is an important feature however? Imagine what you can do with it? You a fighter? Set it up so you have a large radar display on your right next to your power level display just where you always wanted it. You a trader? have a live screen displaying current market prices around the systems right there beside your radar to look at as you glide into land. You a ship captain? Have a multiple display screen showing radar, energy levels, weapon conditions You a city owner? have massive custom display showing information about the city for new comers? How about street maps or direction signs? You in control of a huge spaceport and want to show off? How about have live displays giving directions to empty spots where you can land? And once they have landed and disembarked present them with a well presented screen asking them to select what they want done to their ship. Do they want to have it taken into deep storage with that awesome rail system you created? Do they want repair bots sent? Do they want to refuel/rearm? Did they enjoy their service ? Oh and did i mention scrips to control the displays? Click here to bring up the ship stats display, Click here to bring up the trading market.... So hey, thanks for getting this far. While some of you may think this is obvious I hope you can see why I thought it worth mentioning!
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