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Found 9 results

  1. I've become quite familiar with repairing my fleet. This is due to internet disconnections and issues with my pc. I believe the current process can be very unfair to players like me, who for no fault of their own, are faced with numerous repairs. I've noticed that even a small to moderate 'bump' will kill the avatar and damage the ship extensively, requiring up to 1000 exotic scrap units. to repair in a reasonable time I'd suggest that the level required for death and extensive damage be raised to, say, 80%. Further more, the deletion of scrap carried on the Avatar or in the Ship's containers, is quite harsh when the minor damage occurs, this includes deletion of any pure ingots or ores used to nanocraft scraps (also including deletion of other carried inventory). I would also like to suggest the introduction of a level 2/super/epic/professional Repair Tool. One that can undertake repairs in one step instead of the current two, and, repair much quicker than the current tool. Such a tool could be purchased from the system or crafted, but with a heavy price to reflect it's superior qualities. Having this would reduce the 'grind' of repairing an extensively damaged large M or L ship, allowing the player to continue meeting their game goals for the session, rather than 'grinding' for 2 hours doing repairs - especially after an internet disconnection etc., which they had no control over.
  2. Organization Name: Eyes & Ears - Search and Rescue Website: eyesandearsrescue.org Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/ETk5ubw Mission: "Achieve the preservation of life when found in dire straights" Allegiance: Neutral, with a slight lawful bend Gameplay: Semi-casual, yet can be active at a moment’s notice Roleplay: Freely allowed Currently Recruiting: All Positions When you're out in the void of space, alone and unsure and in need of help, who do you turn to? Many would say "your organization", and that is very much correct. Most organizations are like family units, all of its members looking out for each other. Family can be fickle though. Do you have the biggest organization of them all? You're only one person and bound to get overlooked. Is your organization made of thieves and pickpockets? They'll come after you when it suits them best. Does your organization cover a vast swath of stars? They'll come after you, once they get out of their own territory. Is your organization tirelessly working on greater and better things? They'll get to you, right after their current job is finished. These organizations, great as they might be, may not lack the familial tightness that holds a family together. If a child wanders, its mother will instinctively pursue, but if a member of an organization finds themselves stranded in space, will their organization put everything on hold and pursue them? Enter Eyes and Ears - Search and Rescue. Our sole devotion is to bring lost Noveans back to civilization. If our purpose hasn't yet been betrayed, we are in the broadest of terms, a rescue organization. Why Rescue? While Resurrection Nodes can return you to familiar territory and Blueprints might be handy to reconstruct your lost ship, we can all probably agree that some things just aren’t worth loosing. Maybe you put a lot of time into your ship and can't afford to rebuild it? Perhaps that ship is made of or carries a lot of resources which may or may not be particularly rare? Did you acquire your ship through questionable means while knowing that you would most certainly lose it if you abandoned it? Were you on a supply run and made a risky jump knowing your fuel was low? Was a vital element damaged in flight and now you are as spaceworthy as an asteroid? Does an item in your personal inventory make a forced respawn too much of a risk to chance loosing? These are the problems we aim to solve. Who we are looking for We have a variety of positions need filling by a variety of different people. From people who are active in discord that can act as dispatchers, to pilots experienced in commanding various craft, spreadsheet workers who can keep our data organized. We are also looking for organizations who would like to affiliate with us. If you provide some sort of service that you think would be useful to our organization and those that we serve, please send me a private message. How our affiliates will work is by getting a direct referral from us to everyone we provide our services to in exchange for our customers receiving a discount on your services. Our affiliates will also work with us since we will come to them first with our own needs (of which there may be many) in exchange for a discount on their service given our direct connection. All the details on these positions and more can be found on our websites hiring page. Speaking of website You can find it at eyesandearsrescue.org Originally almost 3,000 words, I've moved much of my post that would have gone here onto my organizations' website so as to keep this post a bit tidier. This post is more so meant to give a brief introduction rather than a full and complete overview. If you would like to join You can find us here on the community page. Eyes and Ears Community Page Join our Discord here. Eyes and Ears Discord If you have questions I implore you to please ask them. Not only will it help others who view this thread, but it will help others who view my F.A.Q page in the future. The only dumb question is a question never asked. If you need to contact me directly You can either private message me here on the forums, or ping me on the Unofficial DU Community Discord @DarkHorizon.
  3. Hi guys, When you build the ship, you want tot have windows, lights, all those wires and wire-corners, right? BUTT!!1111!!1 But if you crash, most of the elements will be broken, and require repair. I have 250 elements on my M-ship, I am not talking about L-ship....... I have to walk around and fix every 50 hp point, 200 point, etc, elements, and it takes big part of my life, JUST to CLICK and fix red element, then click fix yellow, and wait of the fix.... What do you do? - You just don't place that much of elements?! Right? ----> we are loosing the esthetics, we are loosing part of the game without elements. I have this problem. It is not a bug. But I wand a feature request. My suggestion: to have a Construction >> Right Mouse button >> Command "Repair", which may repair your ship for you, spending time, which you do whatever you want. My Suggestion: Admin, make the glass and other small elements not breakable ? Your ideas?
  4. The Above image is a snippet from a post on the .23 patch regarding Perma-destruction of elements and Weapon limitation of core size. Below I go over some of the problems with these two aspects of the 0.23 patch and outline potential ways to make it better and more enjoyable. Element Perma-destruction: Problems: Creates excessive risk and inclines less people to travel out into space Inability to trade "used" elements... even though you can buy/sell used cars, games, GFX cards, laptops ect. in real life. Forces people to carry excess weight on their ships by having whole replacement elements. Severely hinders PVP since there is virtually no reward or fully developed, profitable, fun and engaging salvage mechanics Suggested ways to fix it: Due to excessive risk, instead of just the counter to an element make perma-destruction occur in this fashion When an element takes damage, have it's efficiency decrease by the percentage of health removed from the element. Simply put, if an engine, wing, adjuster, air/space break ect. has 90/100 hp then it will function at 90% efficiency. When an element is destroyed and restored it will function at 90% efficiency even if it's at 100% health. Every subsequent destruction/restoration of an element will result in the element operating at an addition 10% loss in efficiency When restoring the efficiency or running maintenance on an element that has been destroyed say 4 times (making it 60% efficient) create a UI that will require the person to use X number of parts that it took to create the element. This X number of required parts is reduced based on the maintainer talents applied when fixing the efficiency (yes that means new talents to train for a maintainer/grease monkey). The maintainer can use a portion of the parts required to restore a portion of the elements efficiency, because not all of the time will you be able to fully restore a weapon or engine and will need to stop at a market to buy more parts to fully repair the engine. The Inability to trade "used" elements that feature a low max efficiency should still be tradable on the markets and not limited to just bartering. This aspect cuts out the PvPers who want to sell salvaged parts on the market and also cuts out a whole market from those who like to buy/sell items new or used. Forcing people to carry whole replacement elements (even a core) is not an optimal stance. Or, I should say that it should not be the ONLY choice a pilot or crew have to repair/restore/maintain the elements on their ship. Allowing people to use parts to restore the efficiency of an element will help virtually everyone since perma destruction will no longer exist and it will remove the risk factor for everyone to be able to jump back on and enjoy the game. In addition, the perma-destruction of an element will only exist if a person/crew is unable to restore the efficiency of an element. Because at the end of the day, if they can't restore the efficiency of an element then when it's max efficiency, after getting destroyed 5 - 9 times, goes down, then the element is nearly useless to begin with. This brings back the reward aspect of the risk of PVP. When two ships go at it, in the game's current state, they both stand to gain nothing and lose more than just ammo and voxel and elements... and time. Giving people the ability to repair and then restore an elements efficiency will encourage PVPers to get back out there more and plunder the booty. Weapon limitation for core-sizes: Problems: Too overzealous of an approach and clearly focused on just the excessive borg cube issue which lead to no one building legitimate ships in PVP Still didn't stop people from building Borg cubes destroyed a lot of builds where some ships could feasibly support a weapon that was 1 size higher than it's core size. Suggested ways to fix it: Allow for cores to use a weapon size 1 size up. By doing this it will make XS and S core ships feasible in combat once again. Medium size ships will be able to contend with Large cores. and Medium core ships will actually be afraid if it is taken on by multiple Small core ships. However, Medium core ships will still be able to hold their own in a fire fight. Balance the numbers better. Right now the initial numbers for the T2 -T5 items seem unjustifiable. Meaning, there's no justified reason to go for T3 or T4 cannons when T2 does the job just fine. The current "why" behind chasing after higher end items does not line up with the reasoning for gathering up all the needed materials to produce them. (Disclaimer: Yes, I understand that MMOs of this kind always have a balancing act going on when it comes to content so you're probably already aware the need for better balancing)... I'll update soon with proof of concept.
  5. hi had a small probably neat idea wanted to pass along for repair times and the complaints. Instead of repair times do teirs of difficulty example 10 times damaged normal repair costs from scrap after 10 times damaged go to teir 2 where it costs 1.25 times the scrap then teir 3 as 1.5 then 1.75 then 2 x and so on making it more expensive but still usable you could do an overhaul mechanic as well for when it reaches teir 3 have a cost to overhaul the element to teir one what do you think? [12:47 PM] it makes them more realistic in the sense of basic mechanics just like your car replace basic parts until you really need to do an overhaul to bring it back into new condition [12:48 PM] also it would be cool and the players would probably like this as well add in a talent set for overhaul and such possibly introducing a whole new possible service people could offer as well [12:50 PM] also would had an idea for inertia box aid for the ship building matrix but ill hold until you want it I sent this to several of your devs wanted to garner some attention to it if i could also possibly the bottom idea would greatly aid just basic ship building so instead of numbers for drift there would be a 4 part screen rep. a 3d matrix in four panels so players could see exactly what the drift is would lower a lot of complaints i see in this game. i really really really like this game and im not whining i think you guys are doing a great job but sometimes people focus on the wrong solution and forget that there are other methods and you can balance them ie example a space territory unit or attatch a build territory large to a warp beacon or make small meadium and large warp drives that can only be placed on those sizes or possibly down size the large fuel tank for the rockets just a pinch. lots of defferent things but let me know if the first idea up there would be of interest as is now awesome game but becoming not playable even for the rich and i dont want that i like this game.
  6. HI Team Situation: You are a member of a ship crew, mid battle, you know that parts of the engine and wing are shot to hell and about to fail. But you are inside the ship and unable to repair an item through the hull of a ship. Going for a space walk to repair them risks you being flung of into space as the ship is still under fire and manoeuvring heavily. Are you about to become the spoils of war? Solution - Part 1: From your arm console you select the repair option and then select the ships 'Repair Blueprint'. You zoom into the throbbing red part of the blueprint, click on it, and the blueprint, knowing your current position in the ship, guides your arm and repair tool targeting sensors to triangulate and make the repairs to the selected area/part - no matter what physically lays between you, and the part that needs repair. Now your repair tools range will be determined by: your characters repair range skill as well as whatever upgrades/enhancements are actually on your repair tool. Any bonuses that the RT gives you, described below. The above is combined with..... Solution - Part 2: Ships can be complex beasts, and as a designated Ship Repair Technician, you may not have all the materials needed to repair the ship on you. Here we introduce the "Repairs Tank", or RT for short. When a ship repair technician enters a ship, assuming the ships RDMS system has them as repair crew, they must link to the ships The Repairs Tank, RT, for this system to work. (Would be a horrible realisation to make in the midst of battle that you still needed to do it..... oh what fun! ) Naturally the ships owner should ensure that essential materials to repair the ship are in the RT for the system to work as expected. The ships RDMS might also allow ship repair technicians to add materials into the RT. The ships owner also needs to mate the RT with the ships Repair Blueprint. This mating becomes the key to repairs as it ensures that material in the RT can ONLY be used to repair that particular ships blueprint. (This mating might also be done at the ships construction stage - not sure about this as its a decision that NQ would have to make) As mentioned in Part 1, the RT may also have some 'repair field enhancement' that allows it to improve a repair tools focusing field and hence boost range, or speed, or both. The level of an RT may also determine how many concurrent users it can support - this might be related to the size of an RT. Small, medium, large and holy crap! This would allow for various enhancements/tech levels on an RT, potentially making the difference between repairing an engine before it blows, and the death of a ship. This ships equipped with an RT may be a harder ship to destroy, assuming the ship repair technicians are on their game. So what do you guys think? Are the Repair Blueprints and Repairs Tanks ideas a good addition to game play within DU? NQ, is this something worth working on? Cheers
  7. Nanites unit for repair and construction (action similar to the events in the Space Engineering). Required for auto repair and construction. It requires a lot of energy
  8. Good evening! I've been searching for a discussion regarding the repair mechanics of DU, and have come up short. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it. If that discussion doesn't exist, what do you guys think about ship-to-ship repairs? I know JC said in his recent interview something to the effect of "players might have to keep their ftl drive repaired to allow for escape if needed...". Local repairs by players on the actual element would be great but i also think, for example, a ship discharging energy from their construct to help another keep their shields up adds another layer to fleet combat. Thanks!
  9. So I have been wanting to bring this up for a while. (well like the week I have known about the game) but I wanted to see what I could find on the topic already but so far no luck. So heres my opinion on some things we should have and I would like to hear what has been discussed already on the topic. I am curious what type of defensive systems we will have for ships. Shields: I will automatically assume there will be shields of some sort, but what kind. Will there be independent modules for capacity and charging (like starmade). This is useful since it allows you to customize the ship more. For a fighter it is useful to have fast recharge but lower capacity, since any decent hit from a large ship will likely wipe it out being smaller. But recharging from the small shots from other fighters and flak cannons is useful. Where a lot of capital ships will want large capacities to soak up massive hits. Will there be logistics systems, such as remote shield rechargers to assist the capital ships tank? What about directional shielding. I always like the idea of having multiple shield emitters covering your ships. When fighting head on you can route power to forward shields and cut back on the rear shields. To make it simple it could either be 6 quadrants, top, bottom, left, right, front, rear or 8 quadrants like a sphere cut into 8 pieces. Repair systems: I will assume that various materials will have different armor values, making the shell of your ship tougher if you choose to. But what about repairing damage? In something with PVP ships will always take on some damage, and for large ships sometimes small bits of damage are hard to track down. I know the nanoformer is said to have the ability to repair damage, but what about a larger scale automated system. I think having a shipyard with dual function would be nice. First would be to construct a ship from a BP, you put in resources it slowly builds a ship. The second would be to repair a ship from a damaged state back to the BP state. This could just take the resources required and energy or a nano repair item as well as I will discuss next. What about an active repair system for battles. We know we have nano technology, why not utilize this to its true potential. They could be actively repairing your ship as it takes damage. Maybe it would utilize a special control system for them that would contain the blueprint and always try to repair to that state. A lot of games will incorporate some sort of automated repair system like this, Eve included. However in a game where resources dictate everything, I dont like that it just takes energy. If parts of your ship were blown up you need to replace those resources. So it could have a storage system of basic materials used to repair the ship. If it doesnt have the material needed the control console flashes a warning and just moves on and repairs what it can. Furthermore, if we are using nanobots, they have to come from somewhere. The nanobots could be an item we manufacture elsewhere and store them ont he ship to be used when needed. The tier or even number of control units could dictate the number of nanobots it could control and in turn how fast it can repair. I wouldn't expect all of the nanobots to be consumed every time they repair something, but they would slowly break and deteriorate. This could be factored in by a % loss, so if it takes 10,000 bots to repair something you loose 5%. This would allow for multiple levels of bots with various durability, control cost, and work speed. If you start to run low on bots the repair speed slows down until you dont have any left. (And yes as far as we know the nanoformer we have on our arm never deteroriates and needs replenishment, but I think this is a good thing so you can always start from nothing again. And it could be explained that Earth knew how to make much better nanobots than we can now. ) I really think there needs to be repair systems to cover these scenarios. A stationary shipyard that works faster and can even assemble from scratch, as well as a system to automatically repair when you are out and traveling. Especially since not everyone will have a shipyard as they will be primary targets to cripple an enemy force. And as it is shown by other voxel spaceship games, repairing large builds by hand is a pain, and often leads to missed damage you cannot see to locate.
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