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Found 16 results

  1. Welcome all! The Morning Brew show with Landmark Explorer aka Geo; schedule is: Twitch M-F 10 - 1 EST on Twitch.tv LandmarkExplorer https://www.twitch.tv/landmarkexplorer Or check out our stream on YouTube M - F 10am EST - 1pm EST. : https://www.youtube.com/LandmarkXplorer "Let's talk DU" Special guest interviews are done occasionally Fridays 10 - 12 EST on TheMorningBrew. Advance notice will be given when an interview is scheduled. Twitch.tv TheMorningBrewShow https://www.twitch.tv/themorningbrewshow
  2. Introduction The primary mindset behind our conception is to promote and establish strong bonds through unity and order. Triumvirate functions like a Brotherhood. We teach and learn to cooperate in a Tri-force fashion instead of isolated singular units. Symbolism The three colored triangles stand for individual Faction members and the triarchy among our ranks. Their position inside the circle is a reflection of the teamwork required, to support each other. The circle represents the Faction's Unity as a whole. Everyone in line within will find support and sanctuary. Last but not least, the central white triangle reflects the fruits of everyone's labor through unity and cooperation. Recruitment We are looking for people that strive for teamwork and dedication. If you want to be a part of your own small crew then Triumvirate is the right place for you. Here, all new recruits are divided and organized into three manned squads in relation to their aspirations. Form an application through the Community Portal or join our Discord Server and pm @Armedwithwings directly. Choose your Specialization All work within Triumvirate is divided into three specializations. Members are encouraged to dedicate themselves to work that's related exclusively on their respected profession. Architecture Designer Builders and Architects of all kinds. Members part of this profession specialize in everything construct related. From structure designs to room decoration they are responsible for providing the Faction's living and working facilities. Excavation Specialist People in charge of Ore Prospecting and Resource mining are part of the Excavators. Through their hard work we create the essentials to operate our Faction. They are the heart and lungs of Triumvirate as without them nothing would be possible. Ship Engineer Created for ship designers and haulers alike. The Mechanized Division is in charge of maintaining crafts and run resupply missions. Constantly on the move, there is always something to be done. Faction Structure First Echelon - Triumvirate Company Squad Members - Supervisors ────────────────── Second Echelon - Triumvirate Officer Party Commanding Officers - Administrators ────────────────── Third Echelon - Triumvirate Central Command Chiefs of Staff - Legionnaires ────────────────── Senate - Triumvirate High Command Legates - Triumvirs ────────────────── Tri-Squad Members Tri-squads are tasked to cooperate united at all times towards a single goal. Triumvirate Brotherhood detachments share the same workspace,living quarters and remain unchangable for their remaining enlistment period. They are charged one vessel and perform duties as a single entity, never divided. Each Tri-squad will be assigned an elected Supervisor. Among other duties, they will be tasked of keeping their squad present at all times and conveying orders from their superiors. ─────────────────── Commanding Officers A Commanding Officer will be overseeing one Tri-squad and assign their daily work schedule determined, by either through "job boards"or Administrational orders. The job of a Commanding Officer is to keep a detailed log of his squad's completed assignments and report them to the "Administrator". ───────────────────────── Administrators Administrators are individuals in charge of the Faction's needs by coordinating the Brotherhood's workforce/military. Their tasks among others include holding responsibility for two Commanding Officers,regularly updating their designated Platoon's job board and formulating their activity reports. They receive their orders from either the Chiefs of Staff or the Legionnaires. ─────────────────────────────────────────────── Chiefs of Staff Command of each legion lies in the hands of two Chiefs of Staff along with their Legionnaire. Being the cream of the crop of Triumvirate,these highly skilled individuals hold tremendous authority and equal responsibility. Through their Ranks, a Legionnaire is elected in power though the legion's favor. ──────────────────────────────────────────────── Legates Generals/Senate along with the Faction Leader are the ones who make the plans to shape the Brotherhood's future. Behind any major decision,a council is organized to determine the best course of action. Each General/Senate party will be held responsible for a Major Faction Asset. ──────────────────────────────────── Triumvirs The central leadership role of Triumvirate is in the hands of the Faction Leader and two prestigious legates called Triumvirs. These influencial parties can be elected in power through the Senate only once every year
  3. Have you ever wanted to find a specific type of org and spent hours hunting, to no avail. Well fret no more with DUYP (Dual Universe Yellow Pages) we strive to organize all the organizations in well organized categories, so that you may find exactly who and what you are looking for. Community Page: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/du-yellow-pages-tm Discord: https://discord.gg/VvvVXM2
  4. Im pretty sure this has been talked about before but I couldn't find it but I just have one question: Since the economy is totally controlled by the players could anything like the Crisis of 2008 or the the Great depression happen? Not for the same exact reasons of course but could something like it happen on an intergalactic scale?
  5. Good piece with no immediate surprising news but definitely some interesting stuff 'between the lines'.. Nice read! https://medium.com/@jcbaillie/the-oasis-from-ready-player-one-will-soon-be-a-reality-870121af659e
  6. Hello, my name is NRSchertz, from SilverLight Industries. A few of us members have started a radio channel. The whole thing is in it's infancy, but we are working hard to make it better and better. Today marks the first of many communications achievements from SLI! Please, check out the website here! http://silverlightradio.dx.am/ Again, the site is in a very new stage, and the current layout is a placeholder for a new design. Thank you for your patience! Expect a message at 12:00 PM EST on Monday, 12/4/17 on Silver Light Radio, by the way!
  7. Silver Light Radio will be offline for a day to a week, due to extensive updates being done. The finished project will look way better than the current state of SLR's website. If everything goes as planned, live radio shows will be started as well. I will be keeping everyone updated on the project. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  8. Update: 8/3/17 I added a "No Text" option and a "3-monitor size" option as well! Added GREEN version. Added RED version. CHECK OUT THIS AWESOME WALLPAPER I MADE FOR FUN! Go ahead and download it and stuff. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xPywE Here's a preview (very low res). Let me know what you think and if I can improve it in anyway, thanks peeps.
  9. orginal[ Hallo Leute, Ich finde die Entwickler sollten nicht Gott spielen, denn dann spühren Sie nicht die Auswirkungen ihrer Regeln. Daher halte ich es für sinnvoll wenn NQ im Spiel eine Organisation stellt die den selben Regeln unterworfen ist wie alle Spieler. Als erste Verwaltungseinheit besitzt die "Arkship-Org" (ich nenne Sie jetzt einfach mal so) das Arkship selbst und ein paar Hexagonfelder unter der Kuppel. Natürlich kann Sie Mitglieder aufnehmen und auch Legate bestimmen. Damit sind die Entwickler Teil des Spiels und es entstehen keine Brüche in der Konsistens (Alpha-Test zeigt es). ]orginal google-englisch[ Hi Guys, I find the developers should not play god, because then do not spill the effects of their rules. Therefore I consider it useful for NQ in the game an organization which is subject to the same rules as all players. As the first administrative unit, the "Arkship-Org" (I just call you now) have the Arkship itself and a few hexagon fields under the dome. Of course, you can include members and also appoint legates. Thus the developers are part of the game and there are no breaks in the consistens (alpha test shows it). ]google-englisch mfG Die Waldfee
  10. Hey Guys and Gals. I really want to know what you guys/gals do to cope with stress. I've been having a rough time (haven't we all?) and just wanted to know how you fellas dealt with it. My life has sorta spiraled out of control (not in a necessarily bad nor good way) and just wanted some possible techniques. Please take the discussion with a light-heart and both be serious. (And please do note that the poll is public so if you don't want to answer, you don't have to.) As always, this is the suicide prevention line: 1-800-273-8255
  11. Welcome to my writing room! Here I'll be posting random snippets of DU related fan fiction. Some will be pre Novark, some will be in ideas in my head of possible future events. These will most likely be written late at night and I will miss some mistakes as I try to fix them in the morning. Some of these stories will be continued (and I will leave a google doc link at the end of the snippet as well as in this main post) and others will remain as snippets. If you see a snippet and you'd like to continue from it, just pm me and I ask, I should be completly fine with it as long as I'm not continuing it and I get some credit. Have fun reading! List of Current Snippets Battle of Emberstone -- Continued The Fate of a Titan -- Not Continued Calamity -- Not Continued
  12. So now that we have the option to upgrade our pledges I have some questions that hopefully will help a lot of people and of course myself. 1) What is the time duration during which we can upgrade our pledges? 2) Lets say hypothetically we can upgrade our kickstarter pledges till 1st of Jan 2017, where we get the kickstarter rewards, if we upgrade after that will we get the normal rewards instead of the kickstarter rewards? 3) How many upgrades can be done? Can we upgrade from level to level? like first we upgrade from Iron to Bronze to Silver etc? I am not sure if anybody has asked these questions before so if they did please link the post in the comments section thank you
  13. Excuse me if a topic like this has popper up before. So the Nanoformer will be our lifeline, mining and harvesting resources we need. What I want to know is how modular it will or should be? I'm hoping we can upgrade our tool in a myriad of different ways to get the best set up and mine our resources the fastest. Another idea is other tools. For example you have Starbound, and the Matter Manipulator which is what seems to be a lot like the Nanoformer. But Starbound also had the different tools (picks, axes, and the like) that were straight upgrades to the MM but had durability. Do you want to see something like this in DU? Or would you prefer just the Nanoformer.
  14. DU Kickstarter is now live link https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1949863330/dual-universe-civilization-building-sci-fi-mmorpg
  15. Excuse me if a topic like this has popper up before. So the Nanoformer will be our lifeline, mining and harvesting resources we need. What I want to know is how modular it will or should be? I'm hoping we can upgrade our tool in a myriad of different ways to get the best set up and mine our resources the fastest. Another idea is other tools. For example you have Starbound, and the Matter Manipulator which is what seems to be a lot like the Nanoformer. But Starbound also had the different tools (picks, axes, and the like) that were straight upgrades to the MM but had durability. Do you want to see something like this in DU? Or would you prefer just the Sorry about the double post! On phone and using data so it's a bit glitchy. Not sure how to delete this one so just ignore this thread and use the other one.
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