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  1. Do you have a discord for VCorp by chance?

    I represent a union of independent and neutral trade organizations and we would like to invite Volcanov Corporation as a partner of the Covalent Collective if you are interested you can contact me via discord: [Lukas Vangard]#1996

  2. Have you ever wanted to find a specific type of org and spent hours hunting, to no avail. Well fret no more with DUYP (Dual Universe Yellow Pages) we strive to organize all the organizations in well organized categories, so that you may find exactly who and what you are looking for. Community Page: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/du-yellow-pages-tm Discord: https://discord.gg/VvvVXM2
  3. discordauth:DBBHxhtyi8Av2Iep9W_jT5rbmKIB2SqYvPoM5kQG4UQ=

  4. thanks for pointing that out for me made revision
  5. Ive already Looked up the lore bible and made revisions to my story to fit it
  6. Dallas, Texas cause that's where I live, Beer is involved cause my "brothers" and I are service members in the US Army and we love drinking And I thought Novaquark name Alioth after an actual planet in our galaxy
  7. Vangard Industries Is proud to participate in the AAX
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