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Found 16 results

  1. Hi Noveans, Has anyone had their Dual Universe Kickstarter rewards? I'm a Ruby Founder Pack (Early Bird) backer but yet have not seen or heard anything about the rewards we should be receiving I thought since 2018 I might have received this by now..!! Regards Kliiqit
  2. Dear players, the company completely ignored kickstarter sponsors for 1 euro: Quotes the answer: "As I said previously, your silver pledge does not grant you access to the Alpha 1, because it has been made on the website, and not during the Kickstarter campaign. As a website backer, you'll be granted access to the Alpha 2, however Alpha 1 is reserved to the Kickstarter pledges, which do not include the symbolic donations Best regards, Gary Novaquark" In the kickstarter project I supported 1 euro and then I paid extra money to the silver account after funding the game. It's a total ignoring of the player; because that means equating it with people from Alpha 2
  3. So now that we have the option to upgrade our pledges I have some questions that hopefully will help a lot of people and of course myself. 1) What is the time duration during which we can upgrade our pledges? 2) Lets say hypothetically we can upgrade our kickstarter pledges till 1st of Jan 2017, where we get the kickstarter rewards, if we upgrade after that will we get the normal rewards instead of the kickstarter rewards? 3) How many upgrades can be done? Can we upgrade from level to level? like first we upgrade from Iron to Bronze to Silver etc? I am not sure if anybody has asked these questions before so if they did please link the post in the comments section thank you
  4. At the moment, there is 26 hours left to the kickstarter and we have great chances to reach 8000 backers. Also, we might reach 550k euros, that would be cool and I think we'll have a surprise if we do . So I hope that there will be a boost in backers and funding, it would be really great for the game and the pledgers. Anyway, don't stop encouraging the KS and we will soon see the outcome of this great funding campaign .
  5. We NEED to make sure more people notice and see the kickstarter. We need to share it, spread it and talk about it wherever possible. There is only 16-15 days left and we need 140k more. (This is when I last checked, so it might be less needed whenever you read this) I don't mean we should neccecarily pledge more. (I myself pledged Silver, early bird). we just need to get it to more people so more people that CAN pledge and WOULD be interested in the community notices it.
  6. I was wondering whether or not I would be pushed back in line for the name-reservation if I changed my pledge reward from Sapphire FP to Sapphire D? Even though I made my original choice way back? Hope some of you can help.
  7. I was wondering whether or not i get pushed back in line when it comes to name-reservation if I change my pledge reward from Sapphire Founder to Sapphire Digital? Hope some of you or NQ can help ease my mind.
  8. Hi, I just wanted to get opinions about the stretch goals and social goals of the Kickstarter. We just hit 500k and it just keeps going up. I think we might have a chance to reach the 600k or get close to it. I also think and hope we'll reach the 8000 backers to see what this special kickstarter surprise is about. I personally think the 650k stretch goal will not be reached but it would've been reached with a bit more time. In any case, I'm really happy that the game was founded and it reached it's initial goal. You tell me what you think about all that !
  9. as the topic says, I ask because if we could bring them over easier we could have them asking the questions a lot of them are asking here as apposed to the page.
  10. Hey, What about a closed-beta and alpha keys give-away on the official dual universe facebook page. The interested would just like and share as for every giveaway on fb, with the link for the KS and a new video. Is there is a topic that have talked about that already?
  11. I want to donate, I really do. I've loved everything I've seen so far. However, as a community we've been burned before by countless other games that have done similar things, announced themselves early with great prospects and then taken our money and given us tripe. What you could do that would make me believe in you enough to donate and open my heart to you would be this: !---Get the community involved---! Seeing everything you've done so far, all of it has been dev showcases. 0% of it has been from a player who isn't part of your company, and that worries me. Other than one video where a dev played and an outside man talked, its all been dev work. I want to see what people can really do, build, find. So more specifically, what would really get me going is if you gave several big youtubers free reign over a certain aspect of your game, give them a planet or moon in which to gather resources, build a house, a base, a village, and a ship or two. Even more specifically, I suggest SkyLordLuke (a supremely talented StarMade ship creator, he is by far your best bet at showing off how powerful your ship creation mechanics can be) and Scott Manley (as he is a fairly intelligent Astrogamer who will be able to provide decent footage and input). If not for anything else, if they did make a video about Dual Universe the kickstarter popularity would increase dramatically. If your ship creation tools are as good as you say they are, SkylordLuke will make you the best ships possible and make it look easy - and if you can get Scott Manley interested, you can get me interested. Simple as that. I appreciate your current transparency a great deal, but what you're holding back is simply too much of a worry for me to get myself invested in this game. *EDIT*: The recent open house event has given the community the ability to confirm what has been shown to us, and as such everyone I've talked to that attended the event seemed to have only good things to say about the development team and what they experienced there. This is the sort of thing I was looking for, thank you NQ.
  12. I hope everyone who can will back the Kickstarter at least the lowest tier ($13 USD). We all need to put our money where our mouth is
  13. Greetings all! Just making a request to enable an option for those that can't use a creditcard for the kickstarter to be able to participate. I always use paypal and was devastated when i realised KS wouldn't allow me to get my ruby pack because they don't accept paypal. I'm sure there are many others like me who don't use creditcards. My suggestion would be to open an online pledge store for an extended period after the kickstarter with the same backing packages. Firstly this would allow more people to pay through other methods such as paypal. Secondly people could upgrade their existing pledge, should they choose so and lastly those that missed KS would have a chance to back this great game. ~TheLastMinotaur~
  14. This is my first post of many to come and I wanted to be the first? Maybe to congratulate for hitting the half way mark on the kickstarter! I took this picture the second it happen though jump around a bit after. I also made a small video for my community though feel free to check it out. I'm still new but plan on making more videos in the future.
  15. I found this game through Star Citizen thanks to Chris Roberts, looks very cool, hope CR brings you more backers.
  16. DU Kickstarter is now live link https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1949863330/dual-universe-civilization-building-sci-fi-mmorpg
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