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  1. I was wondering whether or not I would be pushed back in line for the name-reservation if I changed my pledge reward from Sapphire FP to Sapphire D? Even though I made my original choice way back? Hope some of you can help.
  2. Congratulations my friend! Best of luck
  3. I really have nothing against the whole self-destruct thing, if the ship is filled with valuable cargo, it's not only the pirate that's missing out on great loot if the ship and cargo self-destructs, but also the owner having no chance of getting the stuff back. Also i'm a huge fan of the scripted minefield idea, imagine the applications, and possible ways of, with great hassle mind you, circumventing it.
  4. All the fallacies aside, imagine roaming around the outer rim of the inhabited systems and picking up a radiosignal - people becoming personalities in-game, something along the lines of Three Dog in Fallout 3. It would really contribute to the atmosphere, especially in the vastness of space.
  5. The ultimate amphibious vehicle: sea, land, air, space - Great for transporters, messengers, smugglers and explorers!
  6. If hacking constructs, and not just territories, becomes a thing, a way to deal with this problem is only making certain parts hackable. In this scenario you would be able to hack the guns, motor or controls of a ship to shut them down, basically making the ship more board-able, but not taking ownership until destroying the core after fighting your way through the player(s).
  7. I, too, find this really interesting. It also paves the way for more kinds of organizations, or sub-divisions of these, like intelligence agencies, explorers with Lewis-and-Clark-like aesthetics etc. Not to forget the potentiel effect on war-tactics being effected by the knowledge of enemy location and base movement.
  8. This would work perfectly, kinda like the planning thing in Prison Architect, if you're familiar. And as others have stated, it wouldn't go against the whole "one shard" thing
  9. I think I read somewhere that gravity on planets, for now at least, looked like what you describe @Malicious - like, if you were to remove the bottom half of a mountain, the other half would stay up... I hope they're looking to fix that, but on the other hand it's a huge hassle to code something that comes close to natural gravity. As for OP's question; idk, but i'm totally on board for customizable gravity when it comes to space stations.
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