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  1. This is not working anymore. It would be great if someone would put the new path to the same outcome.
  2. so you don't know the game but you have a dictionary. ok got ya thanks for coming in.
  3. This is not chess. I would sit down to a game of chess with you any time and show you how it differs. Do you know what the horsey is?
  4. I want this game to be the go to game. I like it. I know all your PVP attack anyone that asks a question about non pvp. I have been here a long time too. I am not young I have been gaming since they were invented. I will join a large org. and find the spot I like to play. pvp is not a turn off for me. even though it already has players camping just outside safe zones looking for small ships that cross the line. why is that? are the players that do that scared to fight a ship that can fire back? I have been trying to get friends and players from every game i play to join us here. the first and many times the last question they ask me is Is it all PVP when i say yes they get turned off and start saying how its always the same thing. new players are targeted by long time players. I think a game that only goes one way will only ever have one side of the dollar. Dollars pay for the Game it grows or dies with dollars bottom line. so attack my view if you can't see it. but both ways make it easy for me to get people to join us.
  5. in the real world that I live in 100 million people vote and about half go one way and the other half go the other way. so only half are happy with the outcome. I don't want half the gamers to join. i want them all. so a way to please both sides make more money for the game owners. just good business.
  6. yea and in real life attacking unarmed ships gets you listed as a terrorist and hunted down. but in pvp video games it's a requirement.
  7. and people are waiting in space to blow up your ship and kill your toon and make you start all over with nothing welcome to gank world
  8. PvP is great for people that love it. Not everyone likes it. Can we have it both ways? armed ships vs cargo ships. Or is it just going to be a game for one class of player. I would like to see a option to be free of ganks. because some people in this world can not be happy unless they are ganking others. and some people would like to have a time sink that has some reward for time spent that is not ripped away the first time they go outside.
  9. 10 hours in today and i can't get anything done. this game was not going to have lag even with hundreds of people in the same box. I don't think thats working I got hours of lag and i am out in middle of the world alone. crafting has stopped all together. harvesting ore just as bad . any idea when the big problems will get a fix?
  10. it's down they said in game it will be a few hours
  11. discordauth:xsK8Kj20jhOTeH4e0vBM0S8HHF1J0lEAsr8H7TB-irs=

  12. discordauth:_H-regsWRIPJNDUC3bWSPLnItOMr1vkE0Vma1ETzHqQ=

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