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  1. Asdasdfadf Sorry, tilt. Good job or (assuming it was easy), good selection. Depending on where the city might actually end up you can also ironically switch the slogan or motto around with dark place and safe space. Token OwOkin expert, you may also comment at once!
  2. A Corp with RP elements and a bit of cliché? If I wasn't "taken" (help, they abducted me years ago and still force me to work for them!) I think I'd almost sign up! I love (and sometimes hate) that corporate buzzword bullsh... I mean buzzword bingo, too. Also, Kuritho strikes again. Beware that one, he supposedly is a secret grandmaster of the OwOkin or something.
  3. Get out, that don't make you qualify (imagine accent here)
  4. I dunno, Castanietzsche kinda has a point as I think about it. What you plaster into these forums can be found as those are indexed by search engines. What you post or label in-game cannot be found like that by IP managing folks who utilize search engines to find questionable cases (from their view) in the first place. We could question how proactive NQ is expected to enforce this and if they can even be held accountable if players avoid the usual names and references even ingame. Can NQ be blamed if someone builds the Enterprise, refers to it with a different name and draws no "clearweb" relations and if there was a rule about it, has no other player report it? There's a German saying that kind of fits here. "Wo kein Kläger, da kein Richter." Loosely translated it would mean where there is no complaining person, there is no judge. There would always be the risk of other people drawing connections somewhere and basically creating a trail people can follow, or NQ noticing something and deciding it would or could be an issue. And I'm not encouraging any sort of behavior here. The point is, realistically it's not like we have undercover corporate lawyers playing such games all day to spot player creation issues even in-game. So you can get away with some things, simple as that. Or it would probably be unrealistic to really sue someone because someone build some replica in some game.
  5. Thing with the last sentence is (and I would agree): In the context of the thread we all think of organizations copying existing themes fully and potentially "battling" corporate lawyers. Sure, it's easier (in a way) to create your own thing. But copyright itself remains a potential aspect for all as soon as they start using any sort of media work made by someone else. Even if that is not a corporate lawyer employed by Corp X. Could get you in trouble either way though. So I think copyright itself and contacting IP holders to get indefinite or timed, full or partial, permissions to use X is vital still. Did it in the past myself, here and there. Feels good and you are on the safe side. Especially smaller artists are lenient. And in some other cases you simply do not have to ask yourself because there might be some precedent or clause allowing you to use X with or without restrictions.
  6. So it seems a safe way is to obtain permission from the "IP holder" if there is no better or relatively safe way to justify something, or to safely assume usage is fine. Out of curiosity, did we have any cases where IP holders or managers contacted NQ and claimed an issue? I kind of remember there being one actual case with Star Wars (one of the Empire groups, but not sure if it was just done by NQ preemptively) and think I heard something about Star Trek. Having exact numbers helps us determine whether this was an actual issue already or to assess whether we are acting all preemptively because something could happen. It also helps to assess where (in what "IP") it happened. Apparently, Warhammer seems to be fine according to a recent post where someone called them to see what their stance is.
  7. Warden

    EVE Invasion

    Am I cool for saying I am also a former EvE player (but not even remotely a vet since I did not play it long)? "We are everywhere, hue hue hue!" In all seriousness, some things that EvE might encourage or might have encouraged are pretty much universal. While EvE often seems to offer the most spectacular examples (because the game naturally seems to support it), I think it might almost be unfair to at least indirectly give EvE players a potential bad label for things that happen in other games but maybe do not get even playboy articles about the wonderful in-game and out of game tales (see playboy article about the known user "vilerat" who died in the US Embassy attack). Other than that, perhaps time will tell what will happen. If DU becomes successful it might turn into a sandbox EvE with new wonderous tales that swap into the news. As long as it happens in the frame and scope of the game, it's "legit", whether affected people subjectively like or, most notably, dislike it.
  8. I mean when in doubt you could always try to locate and contact the managing company (or law firm?) and ask on the stance, if general clauses or laws when something (with modification or credit) would not be an issue anymore cannot be easily or fully applied. Sometimes all you need is clarity or permission. And some might easily grant it with no real strings attached I am assuming. Would depend in the end.
  9. Some or maybe many players could find it odd to see an organization thread with basically a FAQ right away without an introductory section about the organization. At least I had that feeling. I therefore suggest to add one that briefly describes what the "IC" is all about or that it is part of X so that the following information (what comes after) is logically connected or doesn't seem "off". Of course some of the info is but a click away or can quickly be looked up due to links and whatnot. But it would be either courtesy or simply convenience to add a small descriptive paragraph. What do you think?
  10. Can you elaborate on this a bit more? What potential "damage" to you see and how would it impact the game in a negative way? I would simply see a reshuffling of the cards as part of the game idea. Another rises where someone falls.
  11. The early bird catches the worm. While not all early birds will make it, those who do likely have the biggest advantages as they drive projects for years to come and establish themselves early on. Such as a notable city project as example, or the Aerospace expo. Or news-type projects. Will they be the only ones in that regard? They might be now, more or less, but likely no, others will come. But the early ones had all the time to establish themselves and make connections where others who join way later have to start from scratch. I personally think it is deserved. It's like natural selection in a certain way, at least loosely. Some struggle, some prosper. But any individual player has a choice. Compete, join, cooperate, fight, sabotage, support, hinder, whatever you can think of. --------------------------------- Something else I sometimes wonder about Regarding specific projects or niches that are already filled I'd actually wonder why some seemingly get the urge to compete instead of joining and supporting the specific project. If it's just an organization with a certain style, then okay, you can try to compete with a different style. But if it's a very specific project a general community benefits from, why try to invent the wheel anew? If I have a general or sub-community podcast thing, why make 5 more where you compete and likely hinder each other instead of focusing it all into 1 or 2 projects? Again, I mostly refer to something where the difference is minimal. Is it ego in the end? We all can't be leaders or calling the shots in the end. There could be justified reasons or differences, but often I've seen completely new groups and projects that are already covered by an established group of people or factions where I wonder: "Do you really expect to get far now?" I guess this also factors into the general question of "established orgs and projects" vs. "new orgs and projects". My kind suggestion I can give to people: Look, if what you look for already has been covered and if there is no notable difference in execution, do not try to always invent the wheel anew and join up with existing ideas instead of trying to compete as newbie - unless you truly think you can offer something different and unique. This also has practical effects: You may not get far alone or as "copy". Or you may eventually fail despite initial results, meaning you wasted time when it was possibly foreseeable. Okay, enough text for now. People should get what I mean. Long story short, competing is generally fine, but can sometimes be futile.
  12. An ... interesting topic. There's various aspects that come to mind though, at least in my mind right now. Let's start at the end: Let's assume an organization subforum would not have been an aspect, just like the organization registry on the community hub at https://community.dualthegame.com/ Would not stop existing groups to express an interest into Dual Universe and perhaps recruit for it (elsewhere). Aside from that I see no practical reason from the dev perspective to actively disable or avoid community sections. To them it would rather be counter-productive because avoiding that also avoids, in at least an abstract way, hinders establishing an active community. Organizations and community projects are a vital part of this. It would in that sense be a bit unrealistic. That is a fact of life, I'd argue. Many ideas and niches already filled and taken. One is usually never the first (unless you actually are). But one is also never the last. You can branch out if you do it right. Or perhaps I'd change your expectation? That some people are first, or not necessarily first but able to establish an idea or fill a niche, can hardly be avoided. Now you have various options. First I'd question why you are "under a lot of weight". If you wanted to do those things instead? Then yes, probably. It makes it tricky to compete with established entities, but it isn't impossible. But did you also ask yourself why you feel a need to compete in that area by yourself? If something you wanted to do is already subjectively "taken" and if you do not want to compete or feel it would be hard to do so, why not join with them? And let us not forget that nothing lasts forever. How many organizations that exist now or are even big will still be around at release? And how many of those will then still be around 5 years later? There will be a notable fluctuation, especially once this game attracts more people and is ready for release. Perhaps most of the existing orgs will be washed way or out-played by future orgs who will do it better. But in the end I see a Necromonger approach in a wider sense of "you keep what you kill", in addition to emergent gameplay: If you were first or successful, you likely deserve it. As someone with the same idea you can basically either try to compete, join or do something else. You do not always have to invent the wheel anew.
  13. I refer to the existing threads. Although, would posting in them now be considered necroposting? Dun, dun, duuuuunnnnn. *dramatic music plays now* Anyway, I'm heavily in favor of survival mechanics. But it's perhaps not marketed as your classic survival game. So I suggest survival light with less burdens if food has to be watched. So you don't have to eat as often, but eventually. Maybe once every 8 to (open ended) hours of actual game play. Despite being a fan of this, I could live with no food mechanic IF they keep or add natural hazards. Fuel alone is dandy n' all but extreme heat, cold and space (oxygen, put on helmet in space son) and then ideally radiation and toxic environments would be nice. Just my preference. If you can create a limited or moderate toxic environment yourself, even better. For science and testing and all. And to live out secret Helghast gas mask fantasies. Probably. Bare minimum would be oxygen for space, even if it's a huge integrated tank in the helmet you rarely have to fill.
  14. Interesting and seemingly useful group. My avian powers of decay suggest to me that you could, with high probability, be German(-speaking), in addition.
  15. Hello there, Interesting group with strong (I guess intentional) SW vibes mixed in with some Roman elements I am guessing , if not a copy. I'm not an expert on Mandalorians. Fun fact in mobile: when trying to write Mandalorians it corrects to Mandal organs. Anyway, surely the group would attract fans especially. But I was wondering why you decided to give this a dedicated thread (twice). I probably would not be the only one thinking ranks usually fit into an organization's main thread. I mean, there is a thread showing the ranks just a few entries prior and then your main thread one page prior at this time. You can edit posts. Not trying to be hobby forum mod, just wondering. If you split org info that would be usually covered in one, organizing things becomes trickier just as individual users trying to follow your group for news becomes tougher.
  16. I was informed about this shortly after E3 back then and the concept was appealing. A subjectively better Eve Online for me, since it will allow unique construction and focus on first person or rather a character, rather than me having to pilot a ship in third person while clicking around. My goals are to.... ... heh, nice try. Won't spill the beans here. Time will tell whether the goals shift and if they can be achieved.
  17. I must say that feature that you request(ed) seems unusual. At least I never heard of it. Ignore specific users so you (as logged in account) do not see their posts? Sure. Common. You making sure they don't see your posts? That's new in a way, I think. I probably never heard of it because it is not feasible to implement or guarantee. Or forgot about it due to this. Why? Because anyone can look at user profiles. I don't have to follow anyone to see what they do. "Following" just seems to be a convenience feature. Let's assume they add a function so I, as "blocked" user, cannot look at your profile or I don't see your posts anymore: I simply log out and watch it. You take away the ability for users to watch other profiles if they are not logged in? Alt account. You blacklist your posts to be seen for a certain IP (range)? VPN, etc. I think that illustrates how infeasible or hard it would be, even if it might be a useful feature for some. I illustrate all of this to basically come to the conclusion that once you post in such a public forum, anyone can see it and it is hard to prevent select users from seeing this - specific measures to do so can be avoided. Basically, we'll have to live with other people watching us on the internet. In public sections at least. I've seen worse than just someone looking at posts, if it's just that. To clarify, I completely understand that you might find it useful and I am not arguing "against" it as in "How could you suggest such a crap?!" Just saying how hard it would be to pull off. Perhaps it now is better to accept it than hope for some solution that may never come or fully work. If it's just someone watching what you post, that's that. Could see worse things personally. If there's more to it where specific forum rules might be infringed upon you can obviously consider reporting if there was, for example, prior beef involved, but you can never prevent people from seeing your posts and following you "either way" if they want to. Unless you don't post any more or change your account to throw them off. That's always an evasive option at the loss of your established abstract community rep with the prior account. Or perhaps in all my considerations, I simply oversaw a working and practical solution to this, then feel free to correct me, whoever knows of any. Or send it via PM to me or Dhara if it shouldn't be here in a public thread.
  18. Welcome to the community! I see you found the "LFO thread" already. It's good that people use it.
  19. Warden


    Oh, so I thought it was just the mods I used that make it crash a lot. That might explain a lot, I think ?
  20. Warden


    Mods do not necessarily impair or hinder the story, quite the contrary. Many mods add immersion or add to the story as they might add content or mechanics the devs would or could not cover. Just got to pick the right ones. As for New Vegas I'll post about it later when I can type on an actual keyboard.
  21. Warden


    The recent / modern Elder Scrolls (Skyrim) and Fallout (3, New Vegas, 4) come to mind. You can spend countless hours in them and with mods that are relatively easy to install and run, you can customize further and get even more bang for your buck. For mods for each respective game, check out "Nexusmods". All you need. There's likely many other good RPGs or games with RPG elements but that's what mostly comes to my mind right now, or rather, that's what I currently would play in that regard. Maybe the upcoming multi-player Fallout is also your cup of tea. Sadly, Cyberpunk 2077 is still (~2?) years away, but that's what I would play instantly now.
  22. Righto, I'll likely see you in the evening then, I am aiming to pop up by 6 or 5 perhaps, if not earlier.
  23. You wanna be there about four and a half hours? I'd be hard pressed since I go to GC. Due to delays I'll sadly be there around 12 PM, so that wouldn't leave me much room to look if we were to formally start "that early". How about 6PM? 5PM? Unless we just say "Come whenever you want or can", although I prefer to be there when it starts
  24. Out of curiosity, you are taking that trip for gamescom in general, rite? I'd tip my hat but also think you are crazy if all that was just for the evening event Regardless it should be a new nice trip. I kinda vividly remember your description of your San Francisco trip; Cologne central is like a walk in the park in comparison. Assuming I can make it without last minute interruptions or surprises I will see anyone at the Irish pub at about 7 PM or slightly earlier. Or at the main event at the latest. Kinda will be decided if I can make it till tomorrow morning or something.
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