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  1. Welcome to the forums o/ here is a banana to help you on your way ?
  2. I'll get a brewery running as soon as that is part of the game
  3. I mostly play RPGs for the story, so mods won't do much for me sadly (I already played all of the ES games and Fallout 3&4, missed New Vegas, not sure about the story of it? what do you think?) And yeah Cyberpunk looks amazing, but it's not coming out any time soon... must survive until then
  4. ah, well I do play eve, about 2 hours a week to put on a skill to train and do one or two lvl3 agent missions lol
  5. thanks mate, got any MMOs to recommend? anything fun is worth a look at at least Hmmm didn't actually play it, might be worth giving it a try then, cheers ? Already finished them (and uhm... "experienced" Andromeda....yeah...) But thanks for giving giving me ideas, maybe I'll go back and play them sometime :D
  6. Greetings everyone, I joined last week on the spur of the moment. Loved the idea behind this game and decided I'd like to support it (didn't we all ;) ). I'd like to find a game to get immersed into, and with the scale and how much players can impact the game world, I have a good feeling about this game, let's hope it becomes as good as we hope it can be. A bit about myself, gaming has always been my favorite pastime activity. Used to play the violin but not enough hours in the day (or energy in my anymore) to invest in it anymore, work and family are going to take up most of my time, and with the little me time I will be have I enjoy spending it with a good game. Been looking for a good game to make a video log of sorts of, for when I'm old so I'd have something to show the grandchildren when the time comes (looong time from now, but I like long term investments). So in the mean time, I'd probably start with some single player games, probably some good RPG (any recommendations?) See you next time the servers are up!
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