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  1. Considering they went free to increase the playerbase, I'd say it stands.
  2. To be honest, EVE is only still going because it went (sort of) free. And the more recent reviews are far more scathing than when I was still playing about 5 years ago.
  3. Like you CoreVamore, I am in Australia so the TZ is a thing as well. Also limitation on when I can actually commit time to an organisation. That's really what I mean about orders...you must be at such place at such time...if I can't, then...??? My comments are from my perspective...what I can get from the game, and that is fair enough as there is a real life money contribution here. I want to be able to spend what time I can being productive, and not have that blasted away in mindless ganking - I appreciate the need for PvP - especially in a game like DU where it really is about frontier building, so it really does make sense. It is the mindlessness of some not all players seeking PvP that can ruin the experience. Everything I have seen makes me keen to be a part of this...and I would like to Pledge as a Contributor. I know that some if not many here would have already been in the Pre-Alpha testing and I am just looking for the experiences and feel for what the game will be like; I know that it is still largely in development and that player contributions to game play are being listened to. I thank you all - well most - for your positive comments and I think a lot of my fears of a toxic player base taking hold of DU have been largely alleviated.
  4. That's another problem I have - I don't take orders easily...being in a "big organisation" would be I'd have to do just that... I know that a lot of what I am saying - if not all - is about the kind of experience I am looking for - it is not dissing DU, just a few concerns having played Eve and experienced just how "nice" the player base is...I am hoping that the devs can close some of the game-play exploits that can lead to a toxic experience. And by that, I don't mean get rid of PvP, I just hope there is no way for a Goonswarm type gaming of the system! And that ganking doesn't turn out to be the cause célèbre of the forums!!
  5. I never said PvP is toxic...I said the player experience in Eve is toxic, and I don't want that in a game I play...
  6. Thanks for that. I do realise that PvP is a part of the game, and completely understand the mechanics and reasoning behind it...to paraphrase Marvel Comics "With great resources come great risks". My concerns lie in the directions of the kind of game DU will become: will it devolve into just being an Eve 2.0 where a established players can "game the system" and make the experience toxic? Or will there be greater rewards for greater co-operation but still with the thrill of risk, not the certainty of total annihilation? I really did hope that this would be "the game" for me, but because of the amount of actual real-time I will be able to spend on it, and the vast areas where a player will be open to attack when they're off-line, I don't think I will be able to devote the amount of effort required to give it the chance it needs. Thanks for all your input...
  7. Hi all, I have been looking recently about how PVP will work, and that, apart from starting areas and safe moon areas, the rest of the universe will be open PvP. I have held back from backing the game for the reason that this model may well turn Dual Universe into a similarly toxic arena as Eve Online. Does anyone have more info abut how this will all work, or can point me in the direction of resources on the net so that I can get a better handle on this? I think that DU has the potential to be the kind of game I am looking for, and would really like to back, and a PvP element is of course fine, but I am concerned about the possibility of open slather, and the best resource areas being prone to getting ganked. Cheers, RA
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