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  1. Seems to me this huge concern by many can be converted into a huge opportunity for a strong organization. Call yourselves Kneecappers and Knuckledraggers Inc. Let all the peaceful builders know your services are available for hire. Use their money to hire and outfit the best PvPers. If some troll messes up your client's stuff, you pledge to find the troll and mess up his stuff a whole lot worse, and you reimburse your client for the damages. If you're proven effective, all the casuals will want to hire you, and all the best roughnecks will want to work for you. Rolepay as insurance, mafia, private security, cops, whatever you like. It's all the same.
  2. As a long time flight simmer, and as a dedicated Kerbal player for almost as long as the game has been available, I am very very interested in this. Love to learn every detail about atmospheric flight and orbital mechanics in DU. I was under the impression that we were going to be flying with a typically oversimplified arcade-type flight model both in and out of atmosphere, and honestly... that was the only thing about DU that I was disappointed in. Just how much depth is there to flight physics? How simplified is it?
  3. I work from home, and play games while on duty... so I'm going to keep exactly the same schedule. Only difference is I'll return to paying attention to DU again.
  4. Strigidae, or some other owl-related name. I'm mainly interested in designing and building cool stuff. Sure, flying around and exploring sounds fun... but I've always wanted a MMO that would let me design and create the vessels for other more action oriented players to fly.
  5. I like the notion of it taking a few months to get a practical spaceship, if starting from scratch. Rather than being indicative of a grind, I choose to believe this timescale means DU will have a truly unprecedented level of detail and granularity for dedicated builders/crafters/industrialists to sink their teeth into. The notion of the first players having a very different experience from those who follow later on is also attractive. Since DU has no pre-packaged factions and nations, we'll be actively creating the game's lore; the early history of the world will be written by us.
  6. Oh man, Pardus... Thought I was the only one in the history of the internet who remembered that one! Was beginning to wonder if I imagined the whole thing. Gimme a Scorp with x2 BSAs, x2 Viral Glands, Huge shield and x6 Pardus armor... hold full of bots, drugs, and 5600 APs ready to burn. Good times. Another totally different game had fantastic weapons customization: Aurora. http://aurora2.pentarch.org/ Not only can you choose between kinetic weapons, energy/beam weapons, and missiles, but each one of those options has multiple layers of design and customization. It's a near perfect build your own gun system; more detailed even than From the Depths. Of course, Aurora is 2D and has no graphics to speak of... oh well.
  7. Having pre-made meshes for weapons and other small bits doesn't necessarily preclude a system to build and/or modify your own equipment. You could have a system of putting the different pre-made parts together in different configurations, granting different stats and looks, while still using voxels for the overall ship.
  8. Don't feel bad! Please post more. Speaking as a new guy who is very interested in learning everything possible about this game, but also never tweets and/or books face, your posts are great! Here's hoping the soon promised new community website whatsit will have all the dev posts without requiring me to look at multiple outside sources.
  9. Enjoyed the devblog outlining the reasoning behind the subscription + option to pay ingame. Sounds like you guys are making good plans.
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