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  1. Hello all, Unfortunately, I have to say something negative first. Many of our org gave you extensive feedback during the alpha and even towards the end of the alpha, myself included. The core feedback was to make the game harder! At beta release, the exact opposite happened. And then the thing rolled ...but in the wrong direction.... 😢 What I can say about this is don't just listen to the ATV, and don't just listen to the forum writers. ---> Listen to the very detailed feedback you get and have gotten in bug reports from all players. There are so many good suggestions when/after a bug/problem is described and sent to you guys! Now, what I can suggest on the comment of patch 0.23: First, good that you listened to the community (even though I was happy with the patch, I guess a large number of player was not). As for the markets: -You forced -all players into the markets with the last patch. For me, as a player interested in trading, I started trading at the markets. But for many it wasn't a good big (forced)change.... -If you start looking intensively at markets now. Please don't look very closely now or in the next few weeks, because more than half of the active players are raiding their containments/stores and dumping them on the market to get some quick cash, completely ignoring crafting costs!! This does not reflect normal market behavior or prices. -If you want a player-driven market, let the community build it and don't try to interact too much. At the end of alpha testing, we were close to getting a player-driven market. <-> Then the bots came (with all the items and not well thought out prices) without any need/announcement, unfortunately. -just a hint at the end: the market bot orders, which were set to buy ores for 25/50 per liter, are at some points completely empty Test server: -very glad you listened to the great feedback - very good change and keep it up so no one has an advantage when a new patch goes live! -also i suggest to publish patch notes regularly, maybe in advance but pleeeease for the test server and the official server separately and in time Change schemes or other prices: -Please keep in mind that not only one formula makes the perfect price. Go into the game, watch players and ask players who work with the given things ingame and calculate exactly and check EVERY item&scheme manually if this seems to be a good price. (some examples in ticket#40743) Upcoming changes: -Please don't unmindfully convert schematics into too low quanta effort. In my opinion, schematic costs are good/acceptable at the moment, except for the very high tiers.... Acquiring billions of quanta is more than far away. I know and i was definitely at that point in alpha, that the late-game items were too easy to get. But billions just to get the schematic is a bit much. -The item life changes were awesome to get markets going - so please dont stepback and destroy the idea of having to replace an item after x repairs. Maybe the core thing is a bit too hard for many, but after 3 full element demolitions it is acceptable to replace it with another. - Maybe implement a warning when an element has only 1 life left aaaaand please exclude decorations completely 😌 We are all waiting for the mission system Hope you guys have a good solution what works properly in DU. We are looking forward to giving missions/assignments to the players by ourselves. But keep in mind that there has to be a 100% certain outcome of what you can expect when you accept a mission. Now I think I have written enough for now. Thank you for your hard work and open-mindedness to suggestions and stay healthy! I wish you all a Merry Christmas in advance! 🎅 Many greetings Alias ps: sorry for my bad english, but i hope you can understand most of it:)
  2. maybe i win - if my last post gets authentificated
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