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  1. Yep, just discovered this. And that it moves around. Would be neat to get a burn up near the sun achievement. Oh well, guess I'll just fly into the deep space for a few months...
  2. I returned with nothing and built a flying ship within a week of a few hours here and there. Not happy that I need to buy space fuel from the markets, but everything else was nano-craftable. Of course for a small ship (and I have experience building small ships which made it easier). If I wanted to haul ore (which I don't), then would need the market for the larger components (but with the $150K per day, even that is not a big deal). As a causal solo player, the only thing to do with to play around with various small ship designs and LUA scripts (assuming I want to avoid mining). At
  3. I'm sure we all seen those bases which are just stacks of elements like a warehouse.
  4. My "guess" the issue is due to paging during graphic rendering which would pause waiting for a disk i/o to complete. All that client side database I/O is pushing out working code/data from memory , forcing it to be swapped back in during rendering (an app can be tuned to make this less of an issue). As an experiment, disabling the swap drives would be interesting. Faster disk i/o and/or more memory would reduce the issue (if my guess is correct). Under Windows, bring up the "Task Manager" and click the "Performance" tab for live performance information...
  5. Install Visual Studio Code (its free, multi-platform), select extensions and search on "LUA". Numerous hits.
  6. In the real world, we have prototype aircraft that runs on batteries that can be charged off of solar panels. In the future, not so much... Would be nice if hover/turbine based engines could run off of battery elements.
  7. In my opinion, the type of player that spends their time killing respawns on the beach won't be on DU. I believe "most" PvP will be structured events between organizations with the little guys ignored (unless they start something first). Org1 declares war on Org2 and they fight until they call a ceasefire.
  8. discordauth:DvhMKRHRigDOXbOWiQA0SaRjvZD5bYV1e-HVcB0m2KU=

  9. Maybe there is no need to mine in the first place, maybe mining is a rare thing done by a few? For example, one does not start with a miner in Eve Online or ever need to mine. Even a games like Avorion and Empyrion only requires mining for a few hours and then mining can be ignored. Not like the game is called "Dual Miner" <g>
  10. I was searching for something with aspects of Space Engineers, Avorion, and Empyrion and discovered DU.
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