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    cnemus reacted to Ardour in The Void Republic Acknowledgement   
    ​Acknowledgement and Apology
    Hello everyone, I am making this post to ackowledge that I was in the wrong from the start. I want to appoligize for my past comments and behavior towards the community. It all started with the spam issue, and everything errupted from there. I am sorry how I did not take the advice as I should have. We have made many mistakes, and I sincerely am sorry for how everything has turned out because of these mistakes. For example, we messaged too many users to help promote our organization. Also, we did not take the advice given with the amount of respect it deserved. Yes, we failed to generate good relations with many organizations. I am extremely sorry-
        And would like to say I am now working on my attitude towards the community. I will show more effort into taking advice. I will learn from the mistakes I have made in the past, and show all the effort I can to fix our damage. We have done a lot wrong, and have treated the community in ways that are not okay. As you can tell a lot of mistakes have been made. That is now in the past, as I will do everything I can to improve our relations, and not repeat the mistakes.
        As I will try my very best, I am asking everyone to also be a bit more peaceful towards us. Start fresh, and speak about the future. If we can all make an effort to fix the past mistakes and start fresh, I see an amazing future. Also, I have taken all of the advice in the past into consideration now. I am using it to help fix this reputation.
    I am sincerely sorry for everything that has happened. And am sorry how the relations played out in return.
    Let's try our best to be more open, and give me one last chance. Yes, I should earn my relations back, but also don't make it so tough that it is not worth it..
    ​Thank you all for the advice, as I will try my best to improve everything. I will change in attitude and work hard to remain in peace.
    Shout out to:
    - The Solar Empire -
    - Cinderfall Cindicate -
    - Terran Union -
    - DUA -
    - ODY -
    - BOO -
    - Alpha academy -
    - The Aether -
    - VMS -
    - Chuckling Casket -
    - CI -
    - Thanks, - The Ruler, - mmtheboss - The Void Republic -
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    cnemus reacted to Pang_Dread in The game econemy   
    They just posted a few days ago an answer to the currency and economy question:
    BTW, they never really said NPC as in actual NPC characters we interact with. more like bots or programs that auto add things to the ingame markets.
    and also the same source on player made currency:
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    cnemus got a reaction from Violet in The Most Valuable Property in the Galaxy: Safe Zones   
    Maybe if NQ claimed some space around the ARK, they could showcase some community voted buildings from alpha or beta.
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    cnemus reacted to Anasasi in SilverLight Industries {Now Hiring}   
    Congratulations on hitting 100 members, SLI.
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    cnemus reacted to Dinkledash in SilverLight Industries {Now Hiring}   
    Do we have an org chart with department heads and such?  And while we all have jobs we want to do, I have a feeling we'll all be mostly engaged in prospecting, mining and construction in the beginning inside the safe zone.  After we get our basic facilities built and design some ships, we'll need to have security forces for when we move outside the shield to get to the good resources.  Is our intent to have organic security or will we typically engage our more militaristic affiliates' personnel in those areas?
    And as far as the roleplaying aspect goes, since we're building our orgs up pre-alpha and all, does that mean that we already recruited and decided on our focus before we went into deep freeze?  Otherwise we're just waking up and someone says "Silverlight Industries!"  And 100 people say "Hell yeah!"
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    cnemus reacted to GalloInfligo in The Great DAC Compromise Poll [Please Read Before Voting]   
    Im tired of hearing about emergent gameplay concerning DACs, if you want emergent gameplay, how do you justify DACs existance in the game world? Its a real thing to sell,trade that gives you game time to play. Your emergent play should only care about real game items that you use. All of your arguments to promote the stealing of someone elses game play time are completely ridiculous.
    I honestly hope they do not go to this play style, and if you guys drop over i wish ypu well in eve where you can do this.
    I am sick of seeing this community attack the new members, and i am also sick of you all thinking that your idea is the only way this game should work. Guess what, a lot of people dont want to steal a 12 year olds month of game play, and we think it should be protected from scum bags trying to steal it.
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    cnemus reacted to Kongou in The Great DAC Compromise Poll [Please Read Before Voting]   
    It doesnt do as much good as it sounds for them to be a loot-able item.

    I'm going to go against this
    Unlike in eve, there are no NPC stations to sit them in. theyll exist somwhere in game at all times available to be taken.
    Everyone makes this sound like it'll destroy the game if you can't steal DAC's from people. I'm not convinced stealing DAC's is useful for the game as a whole. Its simply an interesting mechanic for them, but its not really fair in either direction. DAC's themselves arent particularly fair and making them lootable is just another injustice.
    Either way is percieved as something not fair. If people with money can buy DACs not fair. If people can't steal DACs somehow also not fair.
    I respect NQ's decision to make them non lootable.
    Why would anyone ever move a DAC, even if its a physical item just use a tag mark it as yours and you are the only one with the right to pick it up, leave it in the Novark field area, and leave. Realized there is technically one safe area.
    I'm not about strong arming NQ to make decisions or using perceived leverage against them I hope they stick to making choices they believe are logical and not bending because the community clammors for something that is opinion.
    Great games have been wrecked in both directions, communities asking for questionable mechanics, and devlopers turning their back to community opinion.
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    cnemus reacted to Shynras in Regarding economy, currency and NPCs   
    As you may know:
    In short, the economy start with 0 credits. NPCs at the start of the game will give us credits for raw materials, up to a certain point, where those NPCs will be removed. Then there'll be a limited amount of credits, that will make the economy. 
    - After some time, some people may stop playing, abandoning a character with credits in it. 
    - Some people may accumulate a huge amount of credits, without spending them. In that case the economy run with much less credits. If credits are more rare, prices for stuff are lower, and at a certain point, those rich guys may use all their credits buy all the stuff they can, at a lower price than usual. At that point there'll be again a large influx of credits in the economy, that will rise the prices up again, so those people will make profit out of this phenomenon. Sorry if I couldn't explain this better, but my english is limited.
    -Adding again NPCs in the future (or even at the beginning), is something that comes from the devs. I feel is too much of an intrusion in a game made by players. It defines the economy too much.
    The first problem regard the natural loss of credits over time: a guy that stops playing, another that changes account, or wathever. This may be fixed by adding again NPCs temporarily to resupply credits up to the original amount.
    The second is a problem caused by the static amount of credits in game, and the one-off random resupply, decided by devs. 
    The third pretty much explain itself. 
    In other games we usually have NPCs, that create credits, what are called gold-sinks, to remove them. This usually mantains a stable economy, if done properly. It is artificially balanced. 
    In a game like DU ofc this can't work, since there are not even NPCs that gives quests or something like that. The devs idea may be a solution, but a little basic and with problems imho. So what's the solution?
    Create a rare resource that we can craft credits with. Example:
    -Gold is a rare resource. You can craft, with a recipe, an X amount of credits with a single ingot. 
    -Gold is a resource needed to craft a fundamental element, like the construct cores. It will always be important and have a value in game.
    -The price to buy an ingot of gold from other players will never be less than X credits, but higher, simply because you can just craft yourself X credits from an ingot. Let's say an ingot is worth Y credits. Y > X always. 
    -This kills inflation. When there's a ton of credits in the economy, the price of all resources go up naturally, gold included. This means that is not convenient for people to craft credits with the recipe, because they would get only X amount of credits, that is a lot less than Y, so a fewer people will "create" credits, letting the natural loss of credits reduce the inflation naturally.  Viceversa, if there's not enough currency in the system, Y is a lot closer to X, so people are more incentivized by using the recipe, and new crafted credits will flow into the economy. Wait, there's something wierd....If Y>X always, why would someone ever think about using the recipe to craft credits? Because of two reasons: Trade fees and wait time: If you sell stuff, you're probably using a market element, maybe in a city, maybe in a station, and you'll have to pay taxes on your trades to the owner. When the difference between X and Y is small enough, crafting credits is more convenient than selling gold.  "Wait time" instead is referred to you having to wait for a buyer, instead of having credits instantly by crafting them; consider that with high inflation there are more buyers (more money in circle, people are more incentivized on buying stuff despite mining/crafting by their own), so the wait time is smaller, so isn't a problem and you would sell gold instead of crafting credits, while with low inflation, you may have to wait quite a bit to find a buyer, because there is less currency in the economy than normal, so you're more incentivized to craft credits. Everything works perfectly and balance itself naturally. Sorry if it's a bit confused, I hope you understood.
    -No need for NPCs, no need to balance the economy artificially, by force, adding or removing credits. 
    -If someone accumulates a huge amount of credits over time, the economy is not going to be affected, so that people can't play with the economy, creating instability. Not that easily at least.
    -People are not going to be chained to the arkship forever, where the NPCs are. You can craft credits anywhere supposed you have the gold.
    -Incentivize mining, pirating, and stuff like that. Gold has a value just because you can make credits out of it, and every other resources will have a balanced price relative to the gold rarity, and their usefulness. 
    -The fixed amount of credits in game depends on the amount of active players, that defines the amount of trades. With the system I propose, this gets automatically balanced. Because less/more players means less/more mining, other than less/more trades. So credits will always be proportional to the amount of trades, and the amount of players.
    -Credits resupply/removal needs to be applied gradually, constantly over time, not by a one-time temporary reintroduction of NPCs. The economy is stable, you don't see large influx of credits over a certain period of time. Prices are more stable.
    - And more
    EDIT: If the natural loss of currency throught loss of accounts, isn't enough to balance the amount of credits crafted by gold, in other words, the inflation, forging back gold from credits is a solution. You'd loose something throught the crafting process (you would get only 80% gold back, or you'd consume energy to craft or a third material required by the recipe) to balance the continuous switch gold to credits to gold, that players could abuse to transport gold without worrying about mass.
    What do you think? 
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