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  1. 5x5 L&C test good. heh. Welcome to Silverlight!
  2. While I would love to see more and will take anything I can get, I am more concerned with game development than media. It seems like the new backer portal has not seen a dramatic rise in sponsorship since kickstarter. When we hit alpha or beta and have more interesting content that might increase support and playerbase with finished designs instead of placeholders, I would shift that opinion. For now, I hope they just work on the game.
  3. Our charter describes our corporate structure. The basic parts are our three divisions: Operations, Security, and Logistics. Management includes the coordinators of those divisions, the concilium of advisors, and the overall director of Silverlight Industries. Department heads, team leaders, and members fall within those divisions in various configurations based on the needs of that division and department. We are currently reviewing applicants for the positions of alpha coordinators to oversee teams during development. The visual reference I believe you are referring to has been taken down while we adapt the structure to the alpha team's needs.
  4. Calling all members! If you haven't stopped by our discord lately, now would be a great time. We are assembling alpha teams and selecting alpha coordinators to lead our organization into assisting the developers during testing and preparing the way for a successful launch.
  5. It should be noted that in games that do not have some mechanic such as DACs, gold/credit farmers still appear. They still create a market for someone to pay money to acquire in game goods. The existence of DAC act to reduce the profitability of those schemes and to some extent control p2w mechanics. The perfect solution would be for no one ever to pay money to acquire in game goods, since we must accept that there will be players willing to do so the question is how to mitigate the fallout from such actions. DAC, or their equivalent, do not increase such behavior only moderate it and allow the game developers to benefit from that system instead of independent gold farmers.
  6. The value of stability, of law, and of order are directly proportional to the cost of the risks and threats that exist in any closed system. Accepting this, I sincerely hope that piracy, crime, and conflict exist in great numbers. I have personally always understood the distinction between piracy and grief, though many grieve following piracy. Discovering the balance between law and lawlessness is the adventure of emergent systems. ...while you contemplate the need for fortified bunkers to face the threat of piracy or the need for epic weaponry to acquire juicy loots, please remember SLI is here to satisfy all comers.
  7. Welcome to all our our new members! I look forward to getting to know you all, better.
  8. Yes, quite a few members intend to do more than one thing. We tend to group players together by their intended primary occupation, but encourage them to help out wherever they are motivated. You're welcome to apply on the community portal and check out our discord for more details. Silverlight Industries was known as Silverlight Scientific before the exodus, an organization created by the UN to centralize research and coordinate between corporate interests. When the Nexus Corporation began to actively resist UN selection criteria, Silverlight assisted in adjusting the process to be more equitably distributed throughout the population. Individual employees might come from that Pre-Ark Scientific community, or been recruited on Alioth. That's up to the individual. We have created a somewhat loose corporate structure to adapt to information we receive from Alpha and Beta. Currently we have our Director and a pro tempore Consilium (similar to a board of directors) appointed. There are three Coordinators that will lead their divisions (Security, Operations, and Logistics), they will be selected around official release from applicants that have been active and shown singular commitment to Silverlight. Individual department heads will be appointed by their Division Coordinator with input from senior management. Departments include Programming, Research, Transport, Marketing, Resource Management, Fleet, Special Operations, and many others designed to adapt to conditions we discover through pre-release. We have positions available for everyone, for every job and playstyle DU caters to. Team leaders, management, thinkers, and doers can all find a home with Silverlight. Silverlight has an in house security division that will be responsible for protecting corporate assets and employees, but we also engage in diplomacy to establish treaties with governments and other organizations. As a member of the Cinderfall Syndicate, Silverlight enjoys all the benefits of belonging to the largest multi-organizational alliance in Dual Universe. Treaties for military escort and protection have already been established with effort continually building upon our inter-organizational cooperation.
  9. Maybe if NQ claimed some space around the ARK, they could showcase some community voted buildings from alpha or beta.
  10. Congratulations to NQ on a successful Kickstarter! Silverlight Management is hard at work laying out a roadmap for Alpha playtesting and examining systems to hit the ground running at full release. Now is a great time to join the premiere Dual Universe industrial corporation.
  11. Build a porch on your interdictor and let players stand there to shoot the pursued vessel until they blow out an engine, then board.
  12. Silverlight Industries is actively designing ships and stations to be built within Dual Universe while establishing a strong foundation of infrastructure to support all of humankind as we rebuild civilization! Come by and check us out. Our discord is live and offers a chance to get to know each other and prepare for the approaching Alpha together. Even if you aren't participating in Alpha, you can still join us and contribute to the design and planning process. We look forward to meeting all of you in game.
  13. I'm very excited to be contributing to Silverlight Industries and rebuilding the foundations of humanity.
  14. I share your doubts about the mentioned method of credit generation. The introduction of a single credit resource like gold is one solution, a good one. There are some other games I can think of that use consumable goods as currency. They have value not only for what you can buy, but what you can make or do with them. As a consumable resource players naturally use it up through the course of play. As the items become more common, players are more likely to use them, diminishing their commonality and adjusting inflation naturally. I think the credit, currency, or economy Dual Universe creates should be player controlled, not developer dependent. This is a complex issue. It may take a while to find the solution. I don't entirely believe the kickstarter quote you used was a final declaration, but rather an idea still being discussed. In any event, I eagerly await news on this topic.
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