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  1. I'd like to attend the Alioth Aerospace Expo

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  8. Not a sound idea, there would be no stopping people from just staying in pve mode and making them and their stuff indestructible. Like EVE and real life, only risk can bring reward.
  9. -Founder and Supporter pack rewards are exclusively for people who back the game before it is released and have barely anything in them. Yes, the Sanctuary TUs and the DACs do have inherent value, but only a relatively small amount would be distributed to the backers compared to what the in-game economy would probably have in a couple of months after release. - Supporter packs are exclusively for early backers and will not be available once the game releases - All items within the supporter pack are intended to be a "thank you" for backing, and are designed to provide an incentive to support the game -There will be no pay to win, and no cosmetics, the only thing that will exist is virtual game time coupons that can be bought with IRL money and sold in-game for in-game money, or vise-versa, if you have enough in-game money you can buy one and use it to pay for a month's subscription. If you have any other questions feel free to ask
  10. well not really, they are actually similar in a bunch of different ways.
  11. I suggest 16gb due to the fact that you probably will be running other applications as well as dual universe at the same time.
  12. Last I checked you never trusted us, or really anyone aside from you and your org. And Red apologized for his honest mistake, there is no reason to hold a grudge about that anymore.
  13. 1. There was nothing fake in Red's post, he just stated what came out of the program, which in itself outputs probabilities 2. Spinning negative propaganda about TVR is pretty close to the bottom of the priority list in the DUA 3. You can control the number of alts in your org, because you run the org and you have to accept member applications 4. The fact that you think Red's program is meant to target you specifically is quite self-centric. He published this just a moment ago: LINK. Feel free to go look through it to make sure it is non-biased. And the next time you try to say that Red is stating false information about you and your orgs, maybe you should try talking to him first. Have a nice day.
  14. I don't even know how to respond to this
  15. Normally (every time to my knowledge), the alpha and beta stages are not to "try" the game before the official release. These phases are instead supposed to allow more people and their own unique ways of playing the game to help discover bugs and imbalances in the game, hence the term "beta tester" and "alpha tester".
  16. Yeah, but at least this guy has an actual forum account and is actively contributing to the community. And I don't think anyone is jealous of faux accounts. Also, the people who care are the people who want legitimate organizations that don't create fake accounts to look bigger and better than others. Just saying.
  17. I think the main problem here is the suspicion that these members are faked in order to make BOO look bigger and more powerful to an outsider.
  18. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But you yourself said that this would be in the style of rust and would grant the players who rented the systems special rights and rules, having people who did not buy it control the "administrative rights" through a vote would get nothing administrative done and would waste time. Also, in my scenario, BobCorp's members consisted of only bob and his friends, so they still would have voted yes. (I do apologize for the double pasting so I put in some lines in case it happens again) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  19. Alright, lets start this off, This is not a good idea, "Why?" you may ask, and I shall explain it to you. The renting of universe space will be extremely harmful to the game for multiple reasons. First, lets start with a hypothetical. The egotistical rich mommy's boy Bob decides to start an organization, lets call it "BobCorp" for the time being. One day, Michael from the much larger "Mike Inc." decides that he wants declare war on BobCorp. Bob, being Bob, decides that he is not having it and goes to NovaQuark and "rents" his system. Now as you said in a previous post: The bit that I am focusing on is this bit: ...administered by players who actually pay for this service, with their own rules and restrictions. So, Bob, after buying his system, decides to exercise his ADMINISTRATIVE RIGHTS, and bans all of Mike Incs members from his system, now Mike and his minions cannot attack bob's system and bob continues on being a carebear. Mike responds buy enclosing all of Bob's territory like a warmongering amoeba. Bob, after seeing this becomes FURIOUS AND SPILLS HIS SPECIAL HOT CHOCOLATE THAT HIS MUMMY MADE HIM. He goes back to NovaQuark and rents out ALL of Mike Inc's systems and bans everyone except for him and some of his sniveling friends and they go through Mike Inc's systems, pillaging and looting everything while all mike can do is watch as his months worth of work burn in front of him, afterwards, Bob, having taken everything and destroyed all of Mike's work, waits for the month to end and cancels his renting of Mike's systems, because he is happy having his one system, and for his safety bans everyone except for him and his cronies from entering. THE END. See how your plan could be used in the most ultimate form of Pay to Win? Cheers! rmhenn
  20. Seems to be a lot of discussion here about code, but I haven't seen any discussion about C#. I'm no code expert with any degrees but I would like to know if it would be possible to use C# as well as LUA to code scripts in the game(also due to its similarity with C++). also, considering it is quite similar to java it would be quite easy for people who know java to learn C#(that's how I learned it). Just posting my thoughts though.
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