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  1. It would be kind of nice to be able to activate a mode which would basically allow you to play only PVE to make this more interesting for those who do wish to PVP a cool design would be if you have the PVE option enabled and another player decides to PVP you essentially your property and you phase out of existence and a AI controlled clone of the property is spawned in its place and proceeds to fight and defend itself these would then de-spawn after a set time, It would probably be good to have a limit on how many times this could occur within a given time as well to prevent possible abuse although this could be setup through the loot system as well. The main purpose of this would be to reduce any limitations on players who don't want to participate in pvp be it resource wise or area exploration wise. A bonus to this system would be that it could create a fairly large variety of interesting PVE combat situation's for PVP players since it would allow for a increased number of ship design's and encounters due to not every player participating in PVP and so reducing the weapon's load-out on certain ships rather than arming everything to the teeth to avoid being PVP'd. For my part the game looks amazing and I am really looking forward to playing it however I have zero interest in PVP , I essentially want to be able to enjoy the game solo and build up and explore the universe.
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