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  1. SerErris


    Isnt this the idea forum? Yes I see that NQ did state something. But we are playing with ideas, which all have it pros and cons. The argument that NQ stated it is not planned is not an arguement as a pro or con. It is good to mention it, as the current state of game design, but thats it.
  2. SerErris

    Mobile Bases?

    I understand that it is this at the moment. That is why we bring up the discussion - maybe in a later stage that might be different for Asteroids ... Moons ... not sure - planets shall be not moveable.
  3. Hi HuschHusch ... Das ist das Logo vom original Elite ED fand ich immer großartig insbesonder mit dem Oculus Rift. Aber abseits vom großartig finden habe ich es auf der anderen Seite wenig gespielt. Irgendwie komisch. Elite hat mich extrem geprägt (das alte original), das habe ich quasi auf jedem Computer wieder neu gespielt. Es war einfach zur damaligen Zeit sensationell und ich habe es zuerst auf dem CPC464 gespielt. Dann noch auf Amiga und PC Ich renne immer noch dem Gefühl von Elite hinterher, das Elite Dangerous zwar etwas erzeugen konnte, aber nicht an das Gefühl vom Original herankam. Naja - Elite zusammen mit Minecraft .. das wird schon was werden
  4. Indeed an antigrav generator could be used to even lift of objects by turning the antigrav to negativ values. That would also be very good for the environment around the starting ship. No blast from rockets (or anything else) to the ground. If you look at the rocket blast zones as of todays launch platforms .. you will understand what I mean Currently not planned here - but in general implemented with the limitation to 1000m
  5. yes generating. But I also looked into the consumption. And I specifically do not limit it to computers and other stuff eating up electric energy, but also star ship drives working based on energy (e.g. ion drives or hyper modern black hole drives :-) ).
  6. In cubic measurement that would meen: 1. structure voxels: 25cm x 25cm x 25cm = 15625 cm³ or 15l or ~4.1 Galons. It is also 0,0156 m³ or 0.55 ft³ 2. planet voxel = 1 m³ or 35.31 ft³ So yes it is roughly 0.5 ft³ but 0,67 sq ft in a plane.
  7. Very important question is: where do we get energy from. Currently engery = fuel. But a solar panel will not create fuel. Refineries will create fuel out of some input material. So yes Solar panels - esp. for Dyson Sphere However also: different engines based on pure energy not on fuel.
  8. Hmm ... I consider the base requirements of any human being as fulfilled ... I do not see any value in doing it. The maximum I would consider is that the base of your living is costing you money every month. But that would then run you bankrupt and you can consider the monthly fee for the game as exactly that. So I also fall into the department of "I do not want to do things in games like eat or drink" for no other reason than to create an economy around it. For having a food industry, you can simply create a food sink (like space stations) that have food demand and then someone will start a farming career to make their living. Having everyone to eat is in my eyes not getting any addition to the gameplay. Creating artificial penalties for not eating or drinking is just a self justification why you have to eat in the first place. In real world you have to eat otherwise you die. It is for many many people just that and is driving a lot of their day to day routine. In first world is of cause needed to eat - however the focus is shifted and the question of eating is more like - do I shop something today, or do I eat out. That is all the concern we have and it is for many people in this worlds something they would even left out, if they could. The point of Maslov is exactly, that if you do not have to care about food anymore, you will turn your focus on the next step. So I do not think to much on food in real live - i definately do not want to click on "eat" button in a game for no benefit.
  9. SerErris

    Mobile Bases?

    Hmm.. maybe it should be possible to place a dynamic core on a asteroid and make it moveable? Not sure if that would be possible, but there is a difference of diging out some caves and putting some drives to it, than creating a asteroid around a ship. However - maybe a thing for later on - and the workaround outlined will be good enough in the beginning.
  10. SerErris


    There is a difference of a fully automated mining vessel to the "tool". I consider the vessel like a ship, that has a mining tool build in. So it can mine whatever. The interesting part would come to LUA: How to scan How to find How to dig into to get to the material And then mine. This is an very interesting challenge I would love to dig into to create such a miner. I agree that otherwise we would have issues to create real large things. LUA is actually perfect for this things and the limit is just how good you are in programming it. Even if it is a brute force miner (go one step front, mine, go on step front mine) or (going in rectangles - mine), that would be better but having to mine everything manual, will never do the job for things like dyson sphere - or transforming a planet into a ring .. I am not sure if that will be possible anyhow, but the sky is the limit in our thinking. The downside of this is: Macro Miners and selling credits for real money etc. And that is what I would not like of it. So most likely that is also the reason why they do not want to have automated mining versions in place. Cheers Ser
  11. The list is there, I have seen it. But my statement does not change. The list is a unsorted list of individual ideas (not even features) in varrying depth. That is not at all a minimum viable product description. What SuperMega wrote is more like it, but I believe that is also coming with some more details things we do not know how much they are complete to those generic points. So all in all - without knowing the details MVP we cannot even assume how far they are down the road to get this done. So all speculations are that - speculations. Grab a cup of tea was the only point I wanted to make.
  12. I think that this concept does only and exclusively work for such a thing like medical or humanitarian support. It breaks on anything like trade. Think of a trader that wants not to interfere with the fighting and he is not connected to any side of the war. So he thinks he can run freely to the worlds at war and sell stuff. That is automatically involving him into the war, cause his goal is to make profit in it and thereby automatically supporting one faction by delivering goods. If the other faction is able to, it wants to stop any support with goods to the enemy. The faction will consider it as a "legal" under the terms of war to kill the trader and at best get the ship with the goods for themselves. At minimum they will consider it a success to blow up the ship and the goods as the enemy did not get their hands on. To be a little bit more out of the public view they could consider hiring pirates to do this job for them. They can create a living out of that and the goal of cutting the enemy off of external resources is still beeing met. All above sounds familar to you? I just copied what history of war tough us. TL;DR: It can only work with thinks like red cross or refugees. Anything else is not neutral, cause you getting dragged into it.
  13. Sounds a little bit like BitCoin
  14. Without knowing what they actually do in this game - it is most likely doing what it is doing in any game. 3d graphics has a lot of computing on the world and transforming, translating it. If you have an idea on the math required to display it, then you know what I am talking about. You need to do a lot of vector math, where these functions are specialized on. Esp vector multiplicatins are otherwise slow and painful and can be done much faster. A lot of that work is done by the GFX card, which is even better at this. However some of the things need to be done by the CPU in the main code and therefore still require the functions. If you do not really know what I am talking about, I would recommend reading a paper for linear algreba and 3d graphics. http://math.hws.edu/graphicsbook/c3/s5.html Or watch this video ... (very simplyfied but still true)
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