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  1. @Warden I understand your point, how in game responsibilities can be tantamount to a job. I guess where I define the job vs fun time aspect is the motivation and purpose behind why I am doing something. Although I enjoy my job and like the people I work with, it is a job and I do it for income not fun. Now, I play games on my own terms, to enjoy myself and socialize. When it is no longer fun, I find a different game. The big factor in how this game will look on this scale depends on organizations. I do not intended to slave for some organization. I would be happy to pay a tax to be part of an organization that promotes player freedom and provides various functions such as justice, military and leadership. In such a case, my involvement would have to also be voluntary, otherwise I could focus on building my own business and enjoy gaming with others. In any case, I guess my ultimate point in this thread has nothing to do with this specifically. The game should not be like a job, so we where discussing how organization structures and features could help make the game as a whole more enjoyable as well other tools and features we hope to see from dev in regards to organizations.
  2. I think having voice chat feature in game is a good thing. From a user standpoint, having a single application running will give me a better experience as opposed to using outside applications in tandem with the game. Group chat also provides me with a real time communication solution that doesn't distract from what I am doing in the game.
  3. Hello @Davis. I like the fact that you have added to this topic by sharing what you would like to see from the organization structure. I'm not sure if sandbox means anything in relation to how dev makes rules and limits on various aspects of gameplay or that sandbox necessitates that no limits will be imposed as a sandbox is just a structure that has limits (box) and is intended to provide an environment where many can enjoy themselves. I agree that a game should not be anything like a job. Quite frankly, I already work 60 hours a week, so not only do I want to enjoy myself, but I also want to get the most out of the time I spend in game. I hope people will help to form a free society and that the organization structure supports full democratic autonomy as well as supply a through set of tools and options for players to do this. I'm not against any organization structure or any organizations that are currently being proposed by players, however, I have not found any that seek to achieve the lofty goals of democracy based on citizenship (ie players chose leaders and e plaribus unum) and so forth. Additionally, I would like to see options not only to employ a full democracy but also a way to set up functions that are automated (like election cycles) and provides a checks and balances design based on powers, limits and accountability for leaders. Anyway, I hope dev give us all everything (within reason) to employ any organization system or type as well as subsequent functions and autonomy (based on setup and design of organization). <that's a sandbox>
  4. What are you doing? I'm watching and learning.
  5. Behold the many slain by the two hands of the one. Consider how the blood will wash away from the skin, but the stain in the hear shall remain. Stand with them who are neither slain by the hand nor stained in the heart.
  6. The intellectual is a fool, who covers ignorance with elegant words. Hiding behind flawed logic and exalting corrupt reasoning is the masterful methods of one who is slave to ego. The worth of thought is not in its presentation, but the value of an idea is in its purpose and intention. Will we place underfoot all who stand before us, or will we elevate and encourage those whom we meet as we journey through life?
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  8. Now... Fuzzy Wazzy was a bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair, Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy was he?
  9. Yes. A Woodchuck would chuck as much wood as a Woodchuck could chuck if a Woodchuck could chuck wood.
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