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  1. @Warden I understand your point, how in game responsibilities can be tantamount to a job. I guess where I define the job vs fun time aspect is the motivation and purpose behind why I am doing something. Although I enjoy my job and like the people I work with, it is a job and I do it for income not fun. Now, I play games on my own terms, to enjoy myself and socialize. When it is no longer fun, I find a different game. The big factor in how this game will look on this scale depends on organizations. I do not intended to slave for some organization. I would be happy to pay a tax to
  2. I think having voice chat feature in game is a good thing. From a user standpoint, having a single application running will give me a better experience as opposed to using outside applications in tandem with the game. Group chat also provides me with a real time communication solution that doesn't distract from what I am doing in the game.
  3. Hello @Davis. I like the fact that you have added to this topic by sharing what you would like to see from the organization structure. I'm not sure if sandbox means anything in relation to how dev makes rules and limits on various aspects of gameplay or that sandbox necessitates that no limits will be imposed as a sandbox is just a structure that has limits (box) and is intended to provide an environment where many can enjoy themselves. I agree that a game should not be anything like a job. Quite frankly, I already work 60 hours a week, so not only do I want to enjoy myself, but
  4. What are you doing? I'm watching and learning.
  5. Behold the many slain by the two hands of the one. Consider how the blood will wash away from the skin, but the stain in the hear shall remain. Stand with them who are neither slain by the hand nor stained in the heart.
  6. The intellectual is a fool, who covers ignorance with elegant words. Hiding behind flawed logic and exalting corrupt reasoning is the masterful methods of one who is slave to ego. The worth of thought is not in its presentation, but the value of an idea is in its purpose and intention. Will we place underfoot all who stand before us, or will we elevate and encourage those whom we meet as we journey through life?
  7. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/ace-tech

    "Researching Possibilities and Testing Limits"

    Join Ace Tech if you have a passion for building dynamic constructs.  Make your passion your business, work independently and cooperatively,  get paid for the work you do and have fun building dynamic constructs.


  8. Now... Fuzzy Wazzy was a bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair, Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy was he?
  9. Yes. A Woodchuck would chuck as much wood as a Woodchuck could chuck if a Woodchuck could chuck wood.
  10. @Tordan lol, that answer is better than mine, and close too.
  11. @ShioriStein the civilization building aspects (specifically the building system) is what attracts me to this game. I know a lot of people are hungry for PvP, but mostly I want to build and test dynamic constructs, that will also be fun for PvP too.
  12. @ShioriStein yeah, you may be right, maybe people will get together and make a democracy or many (as it is a big universe). It's a comforting idea and would be awesome to see.
  13. @ShioriStein no, I'm not going to create any kind of gov type org. Maybe someone else will try, but I doubt to see a successful democracy ever in a game. What I mean by "a person cannot create a democracy" is that a democracy is a dynamic born from a large group of people. So an organization owner would have to surrender their organization to the members and yield all authority to an agreed upon system based on what tools are available to do this. Why would anyone do that? Where are the players who even value the ideals that would make it viable? And when I say "all organization
  14. @ShioriStein you have been fair and kind, thank you. I guess I was just needing to vent. Most people have been fair, so please do not misunderstand me.
  15. That's good. Hint, the answer is not a number. I'm sure someone knows this one. How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
  16. A person does not create a democracy. I guess it's pointless to suggest it for a game anyway. I'm just an outsider here I guess. I don't want to play Ark or Eve or whatever those are, I want to play DU. I don't want to play forum games or organization games. If I chose to be involved with an organization, if I submit my thoughts to forum, if I share my heart and soul, where is this community, where is the fun in any of this for me. I have been patronized, made fun of, accused, misunderstood, and bullied here, not to mention the political stuff with the organizations, all but put off
  17. Is not the default org favoring dictatorship? Even if one indents to create a democracy, currently there are no tools to do this. Additionally, any democracy would be a variation of a dictatorship because it would be designed by a single player or group that player choses to help. Finally, it is clear this concept of an org within games is the standard and fails to provide a true system of inclusiveness and equality within any org or in the game overall. So only the life, liberty and property as well as leadership, justice and security belong to the few and those they chose to provide it to.
  18. How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
  19. How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? Answer coming up later. This is the question
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