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  1. Morning NQ I’ve not had a huge amount of time to test any of the new patch, but from what I see I think it’s a good springboard of things to come. To follow on from Tordon earlier I hate to say but have to agree, for someone who has made the bulk of my quanta from building ships from alpha I’ve always said it would be nice to turn the hand off so it was optional I do actually like the vfx but while building to have it optional would be excellent. Also just a few suggestions to throw out there, I would love to see some sort of light emitter in the build area that could be made darker/brighter so i didn’t need to light it via various massive lights to see what’s going on that would be cool. Also with the missions screen, looks ok but would like to see it a little less crammed, it would be good to be able to read the full text without the use for sliders it’s all a bit small text wise and jammed in , also maybe a section for mission bonuses maybe for delivery within a certain time frame or for the amount delivered etc I’ll dip in more over the coming days Keep up the good work NQ.
  2. I also like these changes i think they are a step in the right direction, would like to see in the future some sort of tool that would be buildable/learn in the tech tree for hacking doors etc to get into other peoples vessels if pirating in space, but i appreciate something like that would be a long way off. Also really love the docking mechanic as i actually cant stand the manuver tool in general, however i'm actually with one of the earlier posters, i would personally have liked some sort of docking pad that you craft/sell/buy and us builders add to our builds as an element, maybe for just medium and large ships for example and maybe even an XL pad for say space stations i prefer the idea of strafing and landing and docking actually onto the ship/station rather than being stuck to the side for more immersive gameplay, all though i welcome these changes as a good step nice one NQ.
  3. I mean tbh automated mining instantly gives you my vote! love the idea of new players being given a leg up as well i think that's a very positive step to help people on their DU journey starter setups etc i think is an excellent idea . Now as for space pvp if that post is suggesting that space is say sectors or whatever and in each one the materials have a range of rarity and a reason to hold said sectors or nebulas i think that is gonna be excellent i love that idea. And please keep this general comms coming i for one am enjoying it keep it up NQ.
  4. Willie waving is officially my fav comment ever made on this forum haha @GraXXoR
  5. Do you know what Blazemonger I don’t generally agree with you i feel that you bash this game far too often, but for once (and I rarely post here)I feel in this post you have the balance between criticism and being constructive spot on here fair play ..
  6. Interesting never knew detection zones had an effect on it , regarding crashing no I don’t crash a lot xD but I’ve noticed it since the patch I’ve also added some new detection zones to a ship I’ll try removing them and see if it has any effect and report it back here, also new wallet log doesn’t seem to hold its info for very long not sure if that is intended or a bug
  7. While I’m having some lunch a few I’m very aware of , number 1 is adjusters not firing on startup of ships/dynamic constructs also the landing gear up and down animation bug has been around for a while , also a recent issue for me not sure how wide spread this is at all but manuever tool crashes my game to desktop pretty much 100 percent of the time seems to be more when the pc is under load but for me pretty much 100 percent repeatable. Oh and also transparent screens not showing its content.
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  12. Hi there, i need moderator approval please many thanks.
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