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    Batavia_Santana reacted to Bluestorm in LUA Scripting   
    It would be fun to create Challenge Houses where you pay to enter a base and try to get to the chest at the end, if you die on the way, your participation is added to the chest minus a percentage fee.
    If video feeds are available it could be recorded and made into a competition fun to watch and bet on.
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    Batavia_Santana reacted to SchrodingerCats in [FAQ] Anti-cheats and choosing EQU8   
    "Playing at the same time with two or more accounts is forbidden (having several accounts is fine as long as you only play with only one at a time)."

    Please reconsider this. People who want to multibox will not stop because you simply say their not allowed. It just raises the barrier to entry for people who want to. This game involves a lot of waiting around if it's for industry or slowboating and allowing people to do fun things on an alt allows them and others they play with to have more fun playing the game.
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    Batavia_Santana reacted to WildChild85 in [FAQ] Anti-cheats and choosing EQU8   
    Well NQ, to be honest, yes these steps you made are totally necessary, BUT the DLLs gave us features you still didn't gave us and that are absolutely required.
    These are for example:
    - external requests for receiving and sending data to our own apis (VERY IMPORTANT)
    - a json encoding/deconding that is not stupidly slow
    - communication between programming boards
    - and more
    The coder community in this game is big and needs more specialized features to make this game as great as it deserves to be. But if you restrict everything and give us nothing back, I don't know how long coders will stick to the game.
    I am actually quiet disappointed how coders get ignored and handled like 2nd class people.
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    Batavia_Santana reacted to MathDrou in [FAQ] Anti-cheats and choosing EQU8   
    +1 to all this!
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    Batavia_Santana reacted to blazemonger in My biggest worry about this game   
    Not sure what happened to you, but it must have been bad.. EVE has probably the most awesome and supportive community I know both in the game and outside as well.. If DU will be able to even come close it will be quite the achievement.
    .It's why we have HTFU..
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    Batavia_Santana reacted to Lethys in Timer on shields   
    Hi there
    as JC mentioned in
    at 55:16
    "There are ways to protect the players: there are safezones but also territories you can own to create relative safe strips of land and also there are protection bubbles which are expensive and hard to destroy, for those there is a timer of 48h in order for players to react"
    IMHO this shield ONLY
    - applies to immovable constructs (no ships!)
    - is some sort of construct itself (or a mod to a market for example)
    - is not related to the territory unit at all
    I have played eve. Alot. Too much. Hard timers like this one are just no fun - in DU it's even more complicated.
    So you have claimed your piece of land on an outer rim planet with a TU and have built a market there with a nice small shield to protect it from big bad pirates. But they know you are there and there is loot - so they come. Since your stargate may be destroyed/locked to others, they need to travel to you - which could take weeks. They bring 500 ships with them and when they arrive, they shoot once and ..... wait. 48h until that reinforcement timer runs out. Then they just kill that shield with their overwhelming firepower and take everything they want. So where was the point in building that shield again?
    If there is only a hard 48h timer on those shields:
    - The attackers will come in their primetime - never in yours. So for defense you will always have trouble finding enough people to defend, even with an org spread around the world
    - If they come with enough force, it doesn't matter much if there is a shield or not - favor of the blob
    - For the defender it's no fun because he just can watch being defeated and for the attackers it's no fun because it boils down to a boring waiting game
    So what better mechanics could you think of? What would be a fair deal with those shields that encourages emergent gameplay?
    You could just implement a maximum dps transfered to the shield - so it doesn't matter how many ships attack. You could harden the shields, instead of adding a timer. But done poorly it only boils down to: the attackers have to shoot for 48h on that shield - constantly - to take it down - that's just boring.
    I can think of two scenarios:
    - The stargate to your world is shut down or locked
    - The stargate is useable or the attackers are on the same world already
    The first scenario would be the most easy way to solve. Since you are alone there and you want it that way, you could just install huge antennas / radars / whatever to scan for ships which are inbound. Make a radar technician a thing and scan for ships - you have your time to react then.
    The second scenario is tricky.
    You would need some sort of timer, may it be obvious (hard 48h timer) or hidden (harden the shield / maximum dps), otherwise it would just not be balanced.
    I have no 100% working solution to this, because it's a very hard to balance mechanic in a game. I have something in mind and will throw some arguments, posting my idea later:
    - Spy/Hacker is used to bring down shield faster/completely
    - maximum dps
    - the more defenders/attackers -> the more hp the shield has
    - Hacker is used to deny the defenders a message that their shield is under attack
    - a special ship/construct/weapon is used to kill the shield at a faster rate/completely
    - adjustable timer
    So what to do?
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