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  1. This post is sofar from reality that i cannot even start to comment this, but apparently you dont know about the cast and time sinks that are also in place and that the now scrapped mechanism was the only thing still keeping industry viable.
  2. @Knight-Sevy Just LoL NQ just turned the already overjoy grind into a killer grind because to many people play DU. Having all these players around is bad for server load and some are now forced to wieber the server. The points you mention are solid and true but what you miss is that NQ already had countermeasures in place like overly abundant tax and time sinks. When a ship gets soo loaded with water, it does not help to scrap the use of buckets to empty it, Then it will sink. We will see cashback request soon, specially since patron sponsor and contributor packages are under european digital market law.
  3. Well re-reading the letter did not give me more trust as all it said about features, scrap that, the direct future was recycling. All other stuff, and i dont include glam or gifts as those are not the future but a kickstarter promiss so it should not even be named in a future notice, was said to take massive time and people working on it. in my line of work that means "has been delayed indefinitely". So all i got out of linked posts and leters was a recycling unit, and stated, it only recycles Some parts......so probably nobody will even use it.
  4. well, simply said. the whole STU drama made some players go byebye as their trust that was not overly high got a litle bit lower.
  5. Well lets see the ne3xt monthly player numbers and how the community likes changes on items that are not an exploit. That said, scrap missions which are really exploited
  6. Playing this sionce alpha this is kinda the general NQ improvement strategy. What you forget is that the term Improvement is not clarified. NQ never uses improvement if a feature or game thingy is actually changed to make player experience better, Improvement is only used when talking about cost effectiveness, server load, game stability, scrapping features etc. In DU improvements Never produce a better gaming experience, 0.23 was their Best industry improvement. Adding Talents was an improvement untill people noticed that the max talent was close to the previous "normal"and thus everything got downscaled and talents were needed to get back to previous levels. Improved mining gave us mining units but before we had those i hauled in kilotons of ore per day on sanctuary alone, now abit less but thats an improvement? to whom. In general we get limitations and improvements and all those do is scrap features or minimize them.
  7. Deprovements [Mining Unit Tutorial] During the Mining Unit calibration, the player can no longer lock themselves using the ESC key. [Mining Unit] Added mining and calibration time restrictions preventing Players from picking them up as intended and move them while active or recently calibrated or started when zero ore is remaining on the territory. We missed the opportunity to make ore more scarce so fixed it while introducing another time-sink on high demand from the players, just like the purple voxels! [Mining Unit] Implemented better Any feedback. Updated the ingame credits. Fixed it
  8. So now we see features being downgraded once more for the good of? players? Who the F knows why this upgrade actually was promoted? is the game not dying fast enough or something?
  9. teraform limits and build limits are different. thats what you see here. but it is always great to see new limitations in a game promoted as there are no limits to what you can do. .......
  10. yeah, great upgrade of the game, another limitation added as they saw a previously called feature now an exploid. Sorry but in this thinkpatern everything can become an exploid. why dont we scrap all missions from today on as they clearly are exploided already since beta and knowingly.
  11. agree, the direction DU is going is only going to lead to selfdestruction. systems based on taxes and timesinks as game features are dead but they dont know it yet. The reason time sinks (instances) work in a regular MMO Are the rewards. What rewards are there on DU timesink? pay taxes? another time sink? maybe some talents 2500 or quanta 20k, but that is just throw away toilet paper worth. No rewards per time unit spend, no reward per Quantasink, I stopped doing the tutorials because the rewards are so meaningless, I earn more by not logging for a day. Someone in NQ missed the concept reward. Any game, Any, drives on rewards or leaderboards. But then again those leaderboards also contain rewards. So we are back to rewards. What rewards are there in DU? None, only time and quanta sinks
  12. Frankly I am more worried that the known issues are pretty static on all updates, how many patches are needed before a known issue is a feature? But new players are probably helped more with renewable surface ores as with the bots. Didnt we want a player driven economy?
  13. A bug that takes forever, and to add to that surface ores are not renewed so new players cannot even Get ores if they want too as a bunch of it is already gone, some of us grinded through whole systems/moons/planets/hexes/etc. If the problem is quanta, then what bots will help, but after that there still is no free ore and almost nothing really good for sale at good prices. adding ores on a cycle will give new blood atleast ores to play with.
  14. They could also learn from Final fantasy 14. Good point here @Jinxed
  15. Why not add NPC bases around all mooons and planets with a fixed abandonement and fixed destruction so there is a small timeframe for explorers to actually find a npc base and wait till scavange
  16. So in short, If DU gets the market share NQ hopes, we get a wipe. If we build long enough: we get a wipe. If the server tech is getting more crappy: we get a wipe. If the company providing the servers has a bad day or a raise in pricing: we get a wipe. Feels more like SE evere week, but then again, SE has less limitations, and no monthly subs. i build a 3 km large dynamic city there fully armed and fully industrialized. Did the server owner like it? God no, but i was able to atleast build it . Is du ever wants to compete and get more peops in we should see a stop to limitations and bigger builds, just for the mere reason the server tech gets upgraded. And That should be the first Priority
  17. And to OP, to bring the fun back is rather easy, it is just like you say, DU is a build game, Build up civilization. And all else comes from that so anything added should be in that line. NQ is only limiting features and adding placeholders while scrapping old features, like the commun ity page that was very actively followed by many. If you want to bring fun back you only need one thing, a mentality adjustment within NQ. In stead of making stuff and server tech better the solution within NQ is to limit and scrap features. When they take the buildup direction instead of the limit direction, we are there.
  18. hmmm thats new, found any of the previous cave systems?
  19. You are very correct. I dont think new people even know of the massive cave systems there are/were in the planets. Not sure if they still exist to be honest. Good points! Well going to explore the existance of the cave systems this week, ill drill to the core again, will be fun!
  20. You will not like the answer. Use your dac or cash in, else no playtime
  21. one of the reasons is the market system where you cannot see at once what is for sale per market. Second is that its too expensive to make stuff to actually put it on the market. third is lack of ores that matter for real stuff to craft and last is the lack of actual players since you need a critical mass to have a growing economy
  22. well, since we can shoot through a complete asteroid and not damage that but kill a ship, pvp is kinda a laugh
  23. Do docked ship shields also block incoming fire on the ship docked to?
  24. just a simple poll, dont expect anything from it but I am just curious. And since i still have no clue how NQ based the utmost importance of purple voxels, a Poll seems legit.
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