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  1. good point, the reward section is vastly void. we need less limitations but probably we can argue all year about what we need. best we agree we need new server tech so all limitations needed on current server tech can be scrapped.
  2. Or we all just dont DU it and just play on the planets and screw missions as they are now. NPC missions to keep a game, scrap that, an economy alive? Nope they were always exploided by a small group and post release that is still going on, does NQ know it? Yes, do they care? Nope
  3. Nobody likes hours of afk flights.......no idea who thought players liked that. Maybe some developer has a busdriver ambition on route 66?
  4. so in short they patented stuff that is also used in SE and empyrion?
  5. Since we play DU Limited what is your opinion on this news? Need more limits or are limits already driving you away?
  6. Frankly i make a hole lot of stuff but i am not setting it on the market as i just dont want to feed PvP players since they are the only group NQ seems to listen too, probably because social media..
  7. Frankly the "Ready player one" vision is the best thing NQ could come up with to safe the metaverse, built large portals on districts to jump between gameconcepts, DU being one of them and for all i care, SIMS or, a battleroyal clone another or a Hello Kitty mmo, but Something to keep this vision alive. And if i can come up with it why can't they?
  8. well since this i am not going to trust any company soon that askes a nice amount of cash in a pre-trial to a subscription game, I am done, best just return to star conflict, at least there i know what i get
  9. People who love the game come and post negative comments. I am one of them. Hope is extended disappointment, so better have none This game made me from sending ideas and full active fun community member into cynical [filtered]. Well done NQ There is so much DU could have done better or can do better and fact that the whole roadmap for the coming decade has dances pets and a recycler on it does not go well scrap 0.23, bring planets back and we will see. If not, at the last dac most of us are gone and all they get from us is a Tshirt saying: Thanks for the free playtime although it cost 280 euro's hope the server load i created was more expensive!
  10. Frankly, PvE does need NPC, but not those we have now, there should be in the exploring part, the crashed ship part, even the drop on your tile part. But for that to happen there will be a whole overhaul needed. You can think indeed about npc to npc battles over the planet and the shot ships drop in atmos, but that is totally viable and easy to mod in SE, in DU its not an option probably at this moment. And dont forget you first need a healthy PVE environment before you can get a healthy PvP environment, NQ does not believe in that or misses that knowledge but you can see that clearly in all other mmo. There cannot be a healthy pvp without a healthy PvE, Unless there is No PvE but then in general safezones are erected and frankly thats the same as PvE.
  11. if you scrap the adjecency bonus the calculation is correct
  12. Stab in the back from NQ for all PvE players and miners, thats all this is. But that just fits their regular improvement program. As pve player you best only use gifted dac and then take a moment off
  13. So in short, the bots had to go to keep people playing stupid time consuming missions. And thats also why i need to invest around 4 million on schematics just to get some lights in my build. This setup is just build for failure. Somehow they got the idea that if we just drag people they will subscribe more months. Well, there still is no reward and thus no rason to subscribe, even better if you just stop all these time consuming things like the npc missions and just actually play you will see what is there to do ingame with others.......nothing. Because building stuff is not just a grind but an ubergrind these days almost nobody does it. there are no reasons also for large buildings next to glammour, a bed but you cannot sleep in it or have a function on it and the same for the rest of the glamour stuff. I am building my HQ building and within 2 days i had all of it done but it needa about 70 lights and that will take me about a month to get with all restrictions, and yes i am not going to do stupid missions or feed the failing system so its a oneman job and that plainly shows the issue with DU at this moment. A TL armenture i can buy at a local store for 10 euros costs about 300k in DU and its almost impossible to make without a grand network. It is easier for me to build a perfect space vessel in a week (actually i did it in 1 day) but impossible to build 70 lights..........
  14. well as long as they think 2.5 million on schematics only to get some lights is viable this game is doomed
  15. Short said, with the latest wipe DU already became a downwatered SE with a large plus, one server for all. if we get regular wipes it is nothing more then Vanilla SE without mods....and who plays without mods, Nobody
  16. they should kill schematics and probably with that the npc-missions then all counter actions and actions are gone and free crafting and cheap stuff should be back. Probably this does however need reappearing surface ores. It is alot easier said then done but now only one part of the total was scrapped leading to undesired results and less balance. It would however be good to have some form of missions in DU but at the moment they are meaningless and contribute to nothing. A good mission system should have a reward and progress, lets say a spaceport is actually build on the progress of alot of missions or something similar. now its just free cash for time invested.
  17. If this is true then they just cancelled their own jobs. The moment insiders dictate game loops in general its a dead end, we saw that before
  18. Funny thing to add is that mining Is one of the pillars and thus can be seen as a main route to follow ingame, but apparently when players do that to efficiently its a no-go
  19. Lol,. i just reached my Likes quota, didnt even know there was one
  20. True, but because it was possible the whole universe was full of life. The only thing missing was sinkhole for all those relative easy elements to be needed again and again, something like planetary warfare
  21. DU would not be dying/is not dying but there have been developments that should be in alpha state but not on a released game. but all the features scrapped, things changed, wipe and all others just reminds us of the actual state this game is in.
  22. Sorry but the current state of this game just shows this survey is correct.
  23. Best not to pay for any account but use dacs you have and just accept that this form of PVP is just all we can get without the server being loaded to heavy. I am still curious how they think fleets will work
  24. Well to be short, it seems th Pending
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