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  1. btw did you sent out a ticket? Best do that soon as they sometimes take atleast a few days
  2. ah great Lag city all over again. Could anyone please sent me the code? i was looking for a lag trap to crash incoming pvp players, this might work!
  3. well, best thing is that stuff you can make in your backpack needs schematics in indystry, this results in monstrous lists in the backpack crafting overnight and that still is more efficient then this madeup system, this weekend i crafted 170 large windows and 100 sliding doors in the nanopack as its far simpler then the alternative...and reduces the cost by alot
  4. Wow, this pretty much describes the whole development cycle. It also explains why we have all these limitations that make no sence en why we need cash and time drains, its just to keep the electric sheep at bay. Best to keep the ancient words alive then: Trust no one, The truth is out there! And to make the revolution a fact! We will not fall to a deranged AI! We will not crumble in our own demise We will grow out of Paralyze We will rebuild our Paradise! Uprizing Follows! Crush the AI!!
  5. well, firstly the whole idea was that you can be anything you want to be, but then the game or better said NQ forces you to make a choice as the game does not allow the actual "you can be anything....." approach. Frankly said, with that it should be no different if classes/jobs were introduced that would have extra triads or something. Freedom should come with the potential to make something of that freedom and not with countless frustrations.
  6. I am afraid you misread my intent. but well to be honest there were no schematics at the start of beta and the people i worked with had al kinds of high level stuff build within no time, team work and sacrifice made it happen. schematics these days did more to the game as the only time and cash sink and its fine by me if lovers want to just embrace them, doesnt make a difference to what the outcome is from the installment of schematics. DU has alot of potential so does communication. Also has a lot of potential, you just need to Us that potential and let it flow freely, dont put blockades in it, add limitations, just flow, works perfect for communication and potential in general, to get the most out of any potential you need to give it room to grow, nourish it, feed it, love it. and not hold it back, dont limit it, dont without what it needs to grow. Feel fee to call BS, that was not the intent prio 0.23 the sky was not even the limit as there were non except maybe the pending pending pending Sorry if I in anyway offended you
  7. Most of the markets are empty, maybe market 6 has stuff but in beta stuff was everywhere. But please prove me wrong and show me teritorial scanners or TU on all 1 to 10 markets sanc,haven,alioth or something else that a bot does not sell, and needs schematics to craft. For me its rather simple, using a headline like the future of DU implies something of a roadmap or atleast a longer timeline then what was shown.
  8. By the way, the way the announcement was brought "Future of Dual Universe" I expected abit more then only a reference to an Old letter, gifts we knew were coming anyway and some repairs and features we knew were coming. So any News on the future of DU but then without stuff already known or shared previously?
  9. It does need to have a feed feature to prevent it from slowing down
  10. good idea and while reading everything here it seems the only thing that needs to go is the information from NQ on future state. Also i think it would already help If you do have a council of players that can express their worries or praises with nothing else but a hearing ear. As a critical believer i dont want to hear their new features prior to others but i do want to raise concerns and be taken serious. Thats all a board in a game can do really, So if you need a spokesman from the critical side of the neutral PvE players, feel free to contact me. But the informations stream should only be a one way To NQ and no future leaks back, that would corrupt the whole idea, where there is smoke.....
  11. Although its mostly pets glams and emotes, those are indeed good things to add, makes the community more viable as community. Please also fix the community page fast. It would also have helped if current issues or main discussion points were addressed.
  12. @Jinxed I sadly have to concur these numbers, the larger organizations, or smaller i am in have seen a reduction in members of tenfold.
  13. It's like the tip of the iceberg already is in sight when the Titanic just leaves the port and still you manage to hit it with groundbreaking speed and sink with 100% casualties. Fixed it for you. A friend told me the DB issue long time ago but she may not log into the fora since so its plausible. Still since the issue was seen on day one, the proper moment to deal with it was; Prior to day one, i would expect test run to also test if all gifts sent ingame are actually sent. But now i just hope it is fixed asap
  14. And back to the point:) Lets not shift this from NQ Industry is indeed a beast and while i even have professional experience with industry, to be honest the beast created is even more challenging as real-world industrial lines. there already is a recepy in every industrial unit but beside that we need a schematic to run a recipy, crazyness 101. its the same as needing a licence to read a cook book to actually cook dinner and not only that, you need a different licence for everything you cook. But if you shove the materials in your mouth and just chew them all together no licence is needed. And Thats schematics.... If they ever make a 101 on what killed DU i would say that schematics is number one starting with the introduction in 0.23 that sent about 60 to 70% of all active players flying. if not even more
  15. It could be pretty simple if they would have gone with a system like SE has but it had to be a hard system and it had to be server stress friendly. Now we have a whole planet only building stuff with t1 materials.
  16. Well it might have helped if they actually listened to comments people already were throwing at them since alpha, but that seems to be an issue.
  17. is this our problem? Feels like bad game/server design and should have been adressed years and years ago as they very well knew what they promoted during kickstarter.
  18. Just produce everything you can in nanopack, schematics should leave this game asap, a month in DU and we are nowhere near results and builds we were in beta, the grind is real and people already burned up and left. This is becoming more of an academic study into how to run a server at cheapest cost then to actually build a game people can enjoy. Best part is that the player should be center of it all but at the moment the whole game would die without bots and npc missions. So you had a game and pretended to have topnotch server tech and everyone was happy, then found out the server tech was not that great and instead of working on it you just shifted the server to a cheapass country and killed almost all features that took server cap, limited features and everything else and called it game improvements. Please remember that most here play as they have free gametime but one day the dac pond will be empty. if your gameplay is then still ruled by countless limitations based on server load and the servertech is still the same, what will happen then? God forbit we get a drastic increase of players, there is not much left to limit for reduced server strain. Still love the concept and the possibilities but its getting rather thin with these "improvements"
  19. Nope, Schematics should be deleted from the gameconcept, the update is not working and drives players away from the game.
  20. It happens sometimes but i think this will be a painfull monthend, well the 6 days free play might mask it so typical we will see it at the 3rth or so of the month. And indeed we lost so many features last year that the game does not even look like what we started beta (what was actuslly an alpha in everything but words). Since the money once invested is long gone lets hope it sticks, but the next dac will only see daylight after some positive news, new features or STU deployment for All
  21. This is not allowed but let us just say that NQ has not the best rep in actually holding up its own rules. Best part yet is that we cannot disclose here what players or organization is doing this. @NQ-Admin You must know the importance of holding up rules so please react here and just kick those grievers of the game. @OP, please sent me the names on discord of the Rule breaking offenders for the Neutral Alliance Hitlist. TY
  22. sandbox game with artificial cash through NPC bogus missions....... If This is the adventure in DU, we have a problem......And if this is the way to get cash and what makes the economy work we have an even bigger problem
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