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  1. There were layers of problems that prevented either feature from working reliably and JC had time enough to address it before his departure. Even with significant churn at each major update many still had worsening performance and/or enjoyment with each iteration. The reduction in dev manpower became plainly obvious shortly after launch. So no, just adding those features would not have "saved" DU.
  2. I do recall seeing something about NQ working on a UE5 project. Perhaps that could be DU2? As for the NQ's will to end DU, I suspect that it is only being kept online to recoup as much as possible for the investors. The mesh exporting tool gives a glimmer of hope that DU2 may be able to import the constructs but hope and NQ are an unstable combination thus far. Obviously I am still interested, but my enthusiasm is near-zero.
  3. Don't re-read the ToS or community rules.
  4. At this point crowd funded games appear to be almost exclusively grift. There needs to be an aggressive middle party that has some authority over the project or there's too much money sitting on the table without anyone watching where it goes. I am not opposed to the general concept of crowd funding but the current iterations are broken with regard to game development. IMO, a crowd funded hostile corporate takeover of a studio has a better chance of completing a project and less financial risk to boot. A hand picked exec team for a newly created studio would be ideal rather than handing money to a black box with a studio name already attached.
  5. Not just AAA sub prices, but a price increase at launch. There are a few devs that I have had brief positive interactions with but my overall experience leaves a bad taste in my mouth for NQ. I held more hope for DU than NQ earned and I ignored warning signs I should not have so I accept my part of the blame. I even got my hopes up when I saw an unread icon in the patch notes section, hoping for even the tiniest bug fix to be tossed in. If the goal was disenchantment, disillusionment, or demoralizing then congrats. You win.
  6. Not even a hint of giving thought to another patch... backers complain of not getting physical rewards... and the mesh exporter feels like a "save what you can" tool before shutting it down forever.
  7. The feature name suggests that the entire mesh would be exported, to include interior walls at the least. The example images also imply that components will be included in the mesh. Not sure if the stair stepping in the speeder is due to the scale of the ship or settings in the print.
  8. If only this had happened a year ago... I miss playing with DU's voxel engine but not nearly enough to justify the sub. I don't miss the chores.
  9. DU may have been designed as an MMO but I question that it ever lived up to the Massively part of that acronym. There are more full population, invite-only minecraft servers than DU players using the steam client.
  10. I have been watching for signs of hope but the forums have all but died. At this rate I doubt I will achieve the forum post count goal I set for myself years ago without spamming or being a Steve Martin level of Jerk. TBH, I am surprised NQ still keeps the lights on for this game.
  11. "This is a nice build. It'd be a shame if ya missed a weekly tax and monthly protection payment."
  12. And I thought EU law on such things was supposed to be relatively strict?
  13. It would need a central creative figure and a board trusted by at least 1/3rd of the player base to even be worth considering. Getting a few of the streamers involved couldn't hurt. Anything other than an organized effort is outright a waste. The VC would only be aware of the community if there were a massive snail mail campaign by the majority of the community. And your last sentence above is one of the big reasons why I opted to stop playing before my subs expired. I am relatively certain that the people who actually care about DU have zero influence over the VC. A genuine buyout campaign would be newsworthy. I made the suggestion lightly because it couldn't hurt to discuss it but I don't think anything will come of it.
  14. I'm interested. On an ever slightly related note, what would you imagine a player run buyout to cost? Since NQ isn't developing it they may be keeping it alive to sell, right?
  15. The whole time I was having flashbacks of fan "save our show" campaigns that generally flop. The only thing that brought back old shows were reboots, and it is even more rare for those to be hits than first run shows. I won't say it can't work but I wouldn't wager a single molecule on it having an impact.
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