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  1. yea i first thought of a star wars type trail of light but that would ruin the view of space with so many light trails
  2. no i didnt mean chemtrails lol it was a misunderstanding i suggested for the game that engines that run on different fuels release certain type of smokes so we can spot ships also it would look badass as hell if there are trails it would look awesome flying in formation either way great educational post
  3. Ive thought about how players can identify ships in a vast dark space and i was browsing some forums and saw this idea engines will release trails of smoke(could be some chemical cloud) in space or non-atmo planet/moons this would make cargo trucking more safer as you can see if there are trails of smoke/chemical-gas around the area ps. if you want you can even make it cosmetic as in players buy different colors for their trails of smoke and their could be a stealth part which you can make/buy to add to your engine so it releases no trails
  4. yes honestly this is one of the top 10 stuff that would improve the game imo
  5. yea that would encourage players to store their money before they go on a space pirating adventure
  6. also this would be a great money drain to help out the economy
  7. we have seen this happen multiple times where you are about to defeat a player and he either intentionally kills his character or respawns to avoid loss and since du is an online mmo it will require different methods i suggest these i will update if there are better ideas -a certain percentage of quanta is taken from the player , not a certain amount but percentage so richer players cant just pay 1000 quanta and respawn easily but for less fortunate players it would be difficult so i suggest 3-6% of a players quanta to be taken if he wishes to respawn or purposefully destroys his character - a time penalty where you have to wait for 30min - 1 hour depending on the circumstances what do you guys think and is this possible
  8. i hope you succeed cant wait to travel with hundreds of players get ready for my constant nagging of 'are we there yet ' ?
  9. so exciting cant wait yea it will really transform the game thank you
  10. cant wait to supply the good citizens of Tranquility with high grade ores also which do you belive is better 1) tranquilty is a massive space station or a massive city on a planet
  11. Adapting SpatialOS into dual universe would be amazing i dont know much about dual universe's game engine since nda but i believe SpatialOS could solve the planetary orbit , imergant weather patterns (snow storms , sand storms also thunder and lightning) also many demanding updates can be handled by SpatialOS maybe allowing full on combat this can also lower development time too
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