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  2. This is a good question. Resource management will be up to the community, I also believe that the major organizations are not going to just abandon the starting planet. It will be a major recruitment hub and a good place to show people how to get the most out of the game. Like DevisDevine says it could take an enormous amount of time to deplete the resources. I feel like the areas close to the starting zone will likely be mined and then turned into headquarter areas for the major organizations. Most organizations though are going to focus on getting out into space, and exploring other planets. It's possible that we may never use all the resources on the starting planet.
  3. Welcome to the DU Forums Scarecrowbro! I find that a good place to start with the forums is Cybrex's Frequently Asked Questions topic https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/1122-dual-universe-faqsources/
  4. Like Code24 said, It would make sense that we can cover most of the engine while leaving the exhaust exposed. I have a feeling though that it wont really matter and you'll be able to cover the entire engine.
  5. Back from a long nap

  6. I think having agriculture and woodcutting is a good idea. I think food is a good idea. Not the "if you don't eat, you die" kind of food. More of the "if you eat, you get a buff or bonus temporarily" type. I don't think this game needs survival aspects, but anything that adds extra play styles or jobs to the game is something I like.
  7. So it looks like someone dropped a turd in the Hot Tub. I'll be staying out until it goes away.

  8. Just gonna take a quick nap.

  9. Having fun? I'm having fun.

  10. After rereading the article, we won't know how space bubble territories actually work until they release a Devblog on it. I was also previously under the impression that space was not going to be 1 kilometer from the ground, but reading the phrase "partitioning the sphere completely" shows my impression was incorrect. So I say to my previous statement, "nevermind"
  11. Just make sure to build them less than 1 kilometer off the ground because territory control won't help you protect it any higher than that. DevBlog: Territory Control https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/296-devblog-territory-control/?hl=territory
  12. "Good news!! It's a suppository." -Professor Farnsworth

  13. No mistakes here I've played Eve, not much, but enough to know that, in my opinion, it is a point-n-click bore-fest. Some of the concepts in that game are good, but I look at only one thing when I play a game; is it fun? My answer to Eve on this question is Nope. Yes, Eve is complex, but to me it is uninspiring. Watching 3 videos from Novaquark about DU has my mind spinning about the possibilities. Maybe in 5 or 6 years DU may have large overarching Powerblocks, but the resources in this game are theoretically infinite, the ability to go somewhere else and build amazing things is kind of what this game is about. In this game, I'd like to think that eventually you can escape the politics,if they bother you too much and if you're adventurous.
  14. Super freaking excited right now! I know it's a tech demo, but I hope mining isn't going to be that easy.
  15. Yes in real life you can't really escape wage slavery easily, but that's one of many, many reasons for playing a game. In Game, unless the entire planet is claimed there will be places to go to make your own way. I don't absolutely have to rely on anyone else for anything, sure it may be faster as a team, but it would need to be a mutually beneficial team. At least for those of us that start playing in the beginning. People that start playing later may end up working for shit pay on the starting planet, until they find a way off to another planet.
  16. If this would be implemented, I would take whatever penalty there was for suicide to not be a slave. If I couldn't attempt to kill my captor then I would suicide. Being a slave in a game would be about as fun as bolting my sack to concrete. I don't play games that aren't fun; for very long anyway. I'm good with the illusion of choice. I'll mine, just pay me. Shit.
  17. I think this time-based skill system works for the concept of this game. It encourages playing with other people who are specializing in skills you may not want to prioritize.
  18. "Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something" - Plato

  19. @GalloInfligo, I was unable to find anything backing up my thought on this, I also was not able to find anything backing up your thought. Do you have links so that I can see as well?
  20. I imagine that the probe would be quite difficult to make and may take close to as long building our initial ships, since it would need to have the materials to construct a stargate on board.
  21. Meru on all minds

  22. Allow me to retract a previous statement. I included Arkification zones in the list of things I consider a good ideas, but I do not feel that way. I prefer player created shields and defenses. Entire planets that were Arkified, it would still present the problem of indestructible production, even more so than to just have a production plant arkified. I only stated that the Virtual Building, Ark Safezone, Arkification zones, and territories are things that the developers have spoken about, not that they said would be for sure implemented I agree that supply line disruption would be their either way, so yes, it doesn't really "redefine" warfare. My statement about this is assuming that there is arkification tokens in game, it hasn't been ruled out so I look at it as a possibility. When we are saying that all of the military bases, industrial centers, and civilian areas are all indestructible, we make an assumption about how large of an area could be Arkified in the first place. it is possible that the production area, bases, and mines are in different areas and that not all of them are Arkified.
  23. I don't think it would ruin the concept of 'war', it would certainly redefine it. Assuming that your enemy has found an Arkification token and made source invulnerable, they would still have to transport or move to the location of the conflict. You may not be able to destroy the base, but you can certainly destroy the line and attack them in transit. This could force the conflict to an area of your choosing instead of at your home. I think the mentality of "Wolves" and "Sheep" is doesn't really help PVP and PVE community relations. It denotes a definitive predator vs prey mentality and while I think that it does accurately define how the some of the people in the communities feel about each other, it should be something we strive to move away from. I believe that PVP and PVE is really a matter of Risk and Excitement. When I have played PVP there is a huge thrill involved in the hunting or fighting someone who is as skilled as you, and with that comes the high risk of loss. For me PVP or high excitement high risk game-play while fun occasionally, is not really worth the higher risk. When I play in PVE, there is excitement in challenging the environment, and in other games it can be fun to fight large boss enemies and hordes of enemies that may be set to match your skill level, but there is less risk because these enemies operate on a set logic. Their strategies are limited. In other games being able to unleash your creativity and build amazing things is exciting. I look at it like this: In Minecraft there are 2 main modes, survival and creative. On single player these are both PVE. Creative mode is really fun, the possibilities are endless.You can experiment with different designs and setups and its great, but after you've created something awesome in creative mode, it's fun and challenging to bring these creations into Survival mode. You can still build amazing things in survival mode, but now you need to stay alive so that you don't lose your resources. Now there is small risk, and that makes creating, to me, more rewarding and exciting. I think the Virtual Building, Ark Safezone, Arkification zones, and Territories are a good idea and that we really don't need any more protection than that, these are all things that the Developers have said even though I personally prefer to have player built shields with varying degrees of effectiveness in stead of Arkification Zones. For PVE their will usually be some kind of risk. (with creative mode minecraft being the only exception I can think of.)
  24. It's a great day to bake cookies in your car, and grill on the pavement.

  25. I'm a pve player, I enjoy building kickass defense and waiting for pvp players to wreck themselves on my defense, while I continue building what I want. @SledgeHammer you make an excellent point, that is the only thing that can be frustrating. I cannot adjust my defense if I'm not home while somebody is attacking me 5 to 6 times a night just to get through my defense. I was hoping that for smaller factions they may consider some form of invulnerability for the area if All the of the faction members are offline. Not away from the base, only offline.
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