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  1. I remember when I first heard about minecraft i watched a video of this guy tour his buddies underwater base, it was really cool. I hope we can build nice warm and cosy underwater bases, maybe even similar to bioshock's underwater city. What if we can lauch ships from the base, but huge moving platforms. I'm not too familiar with the voxal engine so I really have no clue, just a huge imagination. Just an idea
  2. I reckon it will pan out like real life. Early game would be full of cave men, not really having a clue what's going on. Then as time progresses the organisation and tech level will increase. Maybe factions or houses that then turn into governments and mercenary forces. Either way I want to be part of it! Josh
  3. Hey, Saw a video on YouTube of this game and it looks like the long awaited game I've been searching for. It reminds me of a more complex and mature version of Minecraft. I can't wait to see how this game develops and somehow get involved helping (I need to kick my CSGO addiction). I looked briefly at the F.A.Q but may have missed it, but is this game going to be sold within Steam or on its own from the website? I'm also looking for a group of people to play with if i manage to get a copy of the pre-alpha, if not I'll definitely donate on the kick starter. Josh
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