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  1. Both Javascript and Lua are Prototype-based Object Oriented languages.... the difference between them is as slim can be.... Even their most defining feature is the same, functions as first-class values. I don't see any reason to why people would argue one is better than the other, it is just syntactic sugar pretty much.
  2. Groogy

    Water ?

    Proper fluid dynamics would be cool but I am surprised they are even just going with something simple like Minecraft style water. That's quite impressive especially considering for a pre-alpha.
  3. As long as that password is also unique across sites, your email isn't compromised and as long as you are not exposed to some phishing technique or whatever. Length in this case only matters in case if someone is trying to brute force. The 2 step verification on Steam saved me just recently which was surprising for me since I also trusted in my long really scrambled password.
  4. I would also like to know since I would love to take Monday off and just play 48 hours straight but I have to deal with the projects deadlines etc before hand. So the sooner we can know more details on uptime etc. the better
  5. Have we actually had any words on that programming will be limited based on skill? That it will be a skill itself as well or are people just assuming since most else is going to be?
  6. Yeah and grinding would be the act of increasing the characters's skill. I mean would they be locking away certain functions behind a skill level gate or something? Then the question becomes "how do you increase the programming skill"? Or are we talking past each other here?
  7. Just curious if that would be the case, how would you "grind" that skill to unlock more stuff?
  8. LurkNautili you seem to be arguing for just the sake of arguing. For one there are benchmarks showing Lua and JS implementations faster than Java because they for one isn't as heavy weight or use a VM but they just as the key to Java's speed relies on JIT compilation now days. Second what do you actually think rasterisation is? It is literally the translation of vectors/vertices into points on a screen. The whole application of transformations to convert world space to screen space and then to native unit space is the first part of that entire step. Do you mean that the scan of the vertices into fragments is not possible in Lua or something? It's not some magic voodoo that can not be achieved by us mortal humans or something. There isn't much more point in talking about this, you seem to be really determined in that I am wrong and I don't have the energy to convince you otherwise. Either way if the API only supports rendering some data on a specific position, I'll probably implement a software renderer to render a logo on a screen in 3D as a good first project to learn how working with code in the game is going to work out.
  9. You can actively apply any transformation you need on anything. I.e you just translate what you would normally write in a shader to be in that code directly, it's not that big of a change. It's going to be slower sure but I doubt people were expecting to make the next Battlefield game inside of Dual Universe. if you want 3D graphics, having a software renderer is good enough for most tasks I can imagine someone doing inside of a game. Lua or not, Keep in mind the default implementation of MESA on Linux is a software renderer and it works decently enough that bunch of people use it for everyday stuff. Pretty sure Lua is not really going to be a bottleneck as it being one of the top ranking languages in performance(depending on what implementation they use of course). In this case I believe it is more going to be that you are going to be competing for processing power with the actual DU game itself since the scripts will be running locally. (It might not be a modern AAA game, but I could run Warcraft 3 on the software renderer Implementation through Wine)
  10. No I am saying if you have access to the raw data of an SVG file and you can provide that to a render function that is all you need. Having a "render(filename)" would be inherently inefficient and in praxis only allow you to render one thing at a time which means at most what you can do is render a logo. Most likely I would assume a bare minimum of being able to load a file yourself and tell something to render it at a specific location. If you have a data structure referencing SVG data, all we need to do is nag on the developers to give us access to the underlying data of that to be able to do pretty much anything we want. That would be way easier to persuade the devs (and safer for client host) to provide than raw OpenGL access. Of course custom draw operations would be nice as well but I am just assuming "least amount of effort" from devs since I am just looking at the pre-alpha edit: actually thinking of it, we could reproduce 3D by implementing a software renderer by just using a single 1x1 square svg file provided we can ourselves define where it should be placed. As a sort of worst case scenario if we barely get anything. It would suck but at least something?
  11. Well for one we have access to Lua which can do math, and a transformation matrix or projection matrix is just a simple construct of numbers lumped together. Lua would be perfectly okay with handling that, Lua is actually quite good in performance on math for being an interpreted language. An animation is the same no matter from what angle, you just apply the transformation onto the vertices of the SVG and it would work, it all depends on the level of access to the data the Lua API gives.
  12. We actually have log files that can become several GB bytes large at my job. Mostly the log files for detecting out of sync between clients as those log files will get pretty much all data being processed dumped into it. Though I would say log files becoming that big is a rarity, not a norm. I doubt that is the case here, probably just voxel data so the server and client don't have to constantly sync the data.
  13. According to the SVG format spec you can store animations inside the file. Haven't worked much with SVG's but I bet it's in a similar vein as with most 3d mesh formats? Not exactly skeleton rigging but probably more like simple mesh transformation over time.
  14. Not what I meant, just that there isn't much point to reinvent the wheel. And hey the first 3D games were done using vector graphics so SVG is enough.
  15. Yeah didn't one of the dev diaries mention ramming as being off the table because of, you know otherwise you would just put some thrusters on an asteroid and ram it in to whatever you want to kill?
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