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  1. If I remember correctly I don't think SC and ED or set up to handle a massive number of players , ships , combat , etc. like EVE and DU and if that's correct you will never see record numbers of people gathering to do those things in games !
  2. Well that's like the double edged sword and what's stopping a group of enemy's from using the same tactic. It still early and things can change in game but right now what's stopping enemy's from dropping prefabricated bases near all your cities and bases over night ? Its why some like me probably would suggested something like a small sphere of influence which would not stop people from building near you but keep a enemy from being able to put up a fortress base next to you over night . Land sphere of influences can be use for many tactical or economical needs without being over powered but I will save that for another time! =)
  3. #1. check yes #2. check yes #3. check yes #4. Final Answer : Its a secrete ! lmao Of course I am excited !
  4. I also have Empyrion and Space Engineers plus Kerbal Space Program and Osiris: New Dawn and a few others I really enjoy playing Sci-Fi games and lately it seems like its just getting better! If I had the time and money I would probably have my own YouTube show and make a few games of my own ! =) But my family life for now doesn't give me enough time to try that out but I do enjoy being a Alpha and Beta tester and in the old days you could even get paid to play ! Right now DU is the game I am into but if you have the time and maybe Steam just hit Sci-Fi and a lot of games will pop up just remember to do a little research before you buy , check out the reviews and the game play and keep in mind what you like and it should help you decide easily ! If anyone is interested in maybe testing out other Sci-Fi genera games here is one me and my friends or trying and remember to do your homework on ANY game be for you buy ! =)
  5. Possible but very unlikely : have you thought of how many TU that would take and they would have be owned by one corporation !
  6. Probable just a place holder but I think most people or concerned about game play and being fun over cosmetic's ? They are trying to accomplish a lot by just have everyone on one server but I'm sure once they have the main factors of the game working right they will tweak the game in other areas like cosmetics.
  7. Just to answer your question quickly comes down to how well the programing is to make this work but basically you are using something that is more like a proximity or flak / fragmentation warhead designed to explode near the target and not hit it to causing the maximum radius of damage near a target .
  8. Guide weapons can be jammed and laser travel time will be fast and use large amounts of energy but I'm old fashion and a wall of high velocity kinetic penetrators / bullets =) will still work nicely and cant be jammed !
  9. Due to family , work and other things going on I will probably only get to play on weekends and I'm sure I am not the only one ! I will probably try to fine someone how has more game time and can mine for me ! So this is another thing that's great about the DAC system because I would probably have to spend 1 day of mining to get the materials I need and I will only realistically have 2 day a week for game play . =(
  10. I was also thinking if it would be possible for me to own land and maybe rent parts of it out using the right and management system : say if I put 4 large building or hangers and rented them out to other players with there own code to ender there building or room ? Lavish apartments for rent are maybe a space port with hangers for rent or maybe both ? =)
  11. Great to point out but I'm very curious to see if DU will have a decoy and countermeasure type system and if they do I'm sure these manned stations will be a great addition to the game play mechanics for spacecraft battles and more .
  12. Yea this crossed my mind also and I'm not going to talk about what I plan on testing out but it could be as simple as making a lot of dumb kamikaze drones and telling them to go from point A to point B and yes I know you have to be near it for your scripting to work but I think I know a alternate way of programing them but I will hold off for now.
  13. Combat Medic : reminds me of the days of playing one on SWG not only did they have good attack and heal abilities but you could also drag a ally body away from the front line and turret fire so you could have more time to revive them easier!
  14. wow now that's good stuff to see and I cant wait to see what they do next !
  15. Hopefully all weapons will do the same amount of damage compared to others in its class but it would be nice to change the appearance but you also don't want someone to have a overpowered weapon and a edge over other players !
  16. Even if most people have good intentions in the end I see heavy automation going down something like this : need more ill just build more automation units I don't really need help just more automation. As I said be for that seems like a solo player game to me and not what NQ is going for in a player interactive and immerse mmo game.
  17. Sounds like a great idea but not to sure on how it would work ? Personally I would love a app that would let me check on sales while I'm at work ! =)
  18. Main is Commerce and everything connected to it ! =)
  19. LOL is this still going on even after NQ has stated it will be very limited on what drones and AI can do in the game they even have LORE / STORY on why its not used, and then they stated they want a player interactive and immerse mmo game. It seems like some people don't want to be craftsmen and do the work themselves they would rather have a drone or AI pump out thousands or more units like there own personal factory or mine tones of ore while they sleep which seems more like a solo game to me and not very players interactive or immerse. If you had a near terminator experience would you still use AI's ? =) Reminds me of the guy that wanted to piolet and be able to fire all the weapons of the death star by himself at one time but see nothing wrong with that ? =)
  20. @ShioriStein I am just using that as a suggestion where the sphere of influence is no more than one hex over from the hex / land you own . To make it a little clearer a sphere of influence will be something you could switch on or off but when it is on it's a form of protection or buff and will consume more resources / currency or maybe both depending on the type of system they would wanted to use. The sphere of influence could do many things depending on your imagination or you could have different types of sphere of influences but for now lets just talk about protection because that is a main concern for many player. You don't want to wake up the next morning to find out that a foe has placed a fortress right next to your city or base of operation. The sphere of influence still doesn't keep this from happening but makes it a lot harder for opponents to do by simple tactics of making the near by land more expensive or slowing down the building time on near hex's etc. I have ben big in the past on strategic games and a sphere of influence is not a bad idea in a game that has different types of tactics and a sphere of influence could be used for many purposes : Defense , Offence , Commerce. You could also think of a sphere of influence as a land game buff that only extends one hex out from the land you own with out making it over powered. Also as I stated this sphere of influence / land game buff does not come for free but you can turn it off and put it back on any time you want!
  21. GunDeva

    Public Event

    PvE is not boring like Takao said. It really comes down to your play style and what you want to do in that world. A lot of PvP players feel like you do but a lot of PvE players don't care for PvP because they feel its a complete gank and grief fest. Traditionally most MMO's have PvP and PvE and in my experience PvE servers of the same game usually have larger populations. Dual Universe is trying something new and have a little something for everyone on one serve so things like people getting upset about the possibility of a small safe zone on planets when you compare the scope of the planets and the solar systems seems like a silly argument. You will have people that all they want to do is build thing which will help the economy and enrich the construction in DU. Don't worry PvP players there will be plenty of action for you because if you have ben following the Dev Diary's you know most people will not be able to stay in that safe zone for too long : land is very expensive there and you cant mine resources !
  22. GunDeva

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    ShioriStein Yea that's almost 100% dead on : yes everyone will be helpful in the beginning but as the resources start to run out and we need to expand and also find those rare resources greed will start to settle in and we will probably watch some of the largest organizations fight to be king of the hill / most dominant group in the galaxy ! =) but I think it will take some time to generate wealth and gather resource for a major war so we should be good for like a year but we will see smaller battle going on form time to time . =)
  23. To supermega that sounds great idea and it look like there maybe thing in play all ready to make it happen ? =)
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