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    Akanixon reacted to Iorail in New Docking mechanic   
    There seem to be a lot of confusion on how docking works now due to recent changes, so I will explain how to do it and the conditions necessary for it to work:
    We will call the bigger ship Parent, the smaller core Child.
    -Core has to be at least one size smaller.
    -You can’t use the maneuvering tool at all to guide the Child to dock it into the Parent anymore. Using the maneuvering tool will cause your Child ship to “fall off”, most likely blowing your Parent ship and killing you. It has to be flown in after you potion it with the maneuvering tool.
    -You have to physically fly and land your Child ship onto the Parent ship,
    -Elements from the Child ship can’t be touching your Parent ship, with the exception of landing gear or voxels. The Child ship will not dock even if you fly it and landed, this includes the core.
    -When using landing gear, this has to be positioned all the way at the bottom of the build box. (New, from Ligator)
    -The Child ship can’t be heavier than the Parent ship, I would stay at least 10t under.
    -Make absolutely sure that you land your Child ship completely (speed is at 0 and the landing gear is touching, all of it, or your voxels are completely touching the Parent)
    -You can use a remote control to fly it to your Parent ship and docked it on top, no sides or underneath (Thanks Emptiness)
    This is all we have discovered so far, in case I missed something, I will update this post. If any other changes happen, we may have to rewrite this again. Enjoy everyone!
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    Akanixon reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in [FAQ] Anti-cheats and choosing EQU8   
    Why adopt an anti-cheat system?
    It’s no secret: Cheating is prevalent in many multiplayer games. It’s an even bigger problem in a Single-Shard metaverse with PvP, like Dual Universe. Therefore, we needed to put several safety measures in place to ensure a fair game for all players. Our client anti-cheat implementation is one of these measures. The main goal of the EQU8 anti-cheat system we adopted is to prevent modification of the game client as a lot of cheats rely on these modifications in order to access hidden data, automate actions, or display extra information to the cheater. For example, a "wall hack" usually reads the other players positions in the game memory and overlays these on the game’s interface. The anti-cheat system has other roles too, but we don't want to enter into too technical details here. We’re no anti-cheat experts, especially client-side. On the other hand, EQU8 has a dedicated team working on it full time. They also gather experience from other games, so it makes sense to use their solution, which is already up and running, as well as their experience and availability to help us in that regard.  
    Why using a client side solution instead of securing the Server ?
    Client-side security is usually considered a bad thing, as the computer is controlled by the player. Indeed. In an ideal world, all controls and all security measures should be server-side. 
    However, there are two good reasons to also use a client-side anticheat:
    There are controls which are difficult to implement server-side, and which we don’t have any clever solution yet, nor the time to work on for now. For example, loading the game physics for all players at the same time, and ensuring no one is passing through walls, is nearly impossible to do in real-time. In security, there is also a notion called “in depth defense”. It acknowledges a system can never be 100% secured and thus requires several layers of security. If one fails, the second prevents further escalation.  
    We know a client-side anticheat cannot be 100% bullet-proof. However, it does increase the technical requirements of any client-side attack. The better the anticheat solution is, the more skills and time are required… up to the point where the effort is not worth the gain.  This means two things: less active cheats in the game, and more time for us to identify those who fall between the cracks. Of course, it does not mean we are leaving our Server unprotected; Another reason why we delegated the client-side anticheat to an external partner is that it leaves us more time to work on the Server. And just to be clear, what we’re saying is not a challenge to attract any sort of attack here 😆
    Why EQU8?
    It’s less intrusive than other, similar third-party solutions, and aims to respect players' privacy.
    For example, EQU8 only gathers information when the game is running (and few personal data altogether). They also insisted to not get any personal data from us (like players emails or username); we only send an anonymous player identifier. You can check their FAQ at https://equ8.com/faq, and their privacy policy at https://equ8.com/assets/privacy.pdf for more details. It has low performance impact (actually, it’s almost imperceivable) and good reputation regarding false positives and potential crashes. The EQU8 team is very responsive and engaged. This is a big strength of theirs, and we greatly appreciate their unconditional support! The solution is very flexible and configurable, which is important because Dual Universe is a complex game that often requires specific tuning. Oh, and the most important: it detects cheaters efficiently. 🧐  
    Launcher changes
    The anti-cheat needs to install a Windows service on its first run to work properly. This requires administrator privileges, which is why the launcher requests them. This service only runs with the game. If the game is stopped, so does the service. Please also keep in mind that stopping the service on purpose triggers a kick, as it’s interpreted as a cheating attempt. The launcher currently requests administrator privileges on each launch. This is a bug which will be fixed soon. With the introduction of the anticheat, the client will refuse to start if run directly from the binary (Dual.exe). This is expected and is a technical constraint. You need to start the game from the launcher every time.  
    What is authorized or forbidden
    Modifying the game files is forbidden, (except for the "Game/data/lua" folder (this is the only location where you can add or modify files). Modifying the game cache is forbidden (by default it is located in the directory C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\NQ\DualUniverse\) ; Reading or modifying the game memory is forbidden. Disabling, modifying, or attempting to evade the anti-cheat in any way is forbidden. Playing at the same time with two or more accounts is forbidden (having several accounts is fine as long as you only play with only one at a time). Helping someone, or driving someone, to do forbidden actions is obviously forbidden too. Discovering or knowing an issue, bug, or exploit and benefiting from it instead of reporting it to Novaquark is forbidden. Sharing accounts between different people is forbidden. Any action performed on your account is the responsibility of its owner. The Customer Support team won’t be able to help regarding any issues happening due to account sharing. The owner is responsible for any action made with the account. Trying to degrade the game performances of other players for any reason is forbidden. Creating new Lua files for debugging purposes is authorized as long as these are new files imported from in game scripts. In this case, you should put the files in the Game\data\lua\ folder to be able to import them. Using macro programs (like AutoHotKey) or similar hardware tools is authorized as long as you don’t automate gameplay. We consider gameplay as automated (and, thus, forbidden) when the macro or script:
    - Takes decisions based on game feedback
    - Executes actions for more than a few seconds
    - Executes without any user input or when not actively playing the game.
    For example, using a macro to keep a button pushed instead of maintaining it is authorized. But using a macro to send a message every hour is forbidden, especially if you are not even in front of your screen.  
    What happens to cheaters ?
    Our policy is to not issue automatic bans. There is always a human review when the anti-cheat system detects any unauthorized behaviour. Nonetheless, you may temporarily be kicked out of the game if the anti-cheat cannot initialize correctly. Sanctions include (at the discretion of the Novaquark team):
    - Removing access to the game, temporarily or permanently (aka ban),
    - In case of recurring offenses, the player may get a hardware ban (in this case, the player won’t be able to play the game with any current or future account, even if those accounts were never used for cheating).
    - Plus any action required to revert any change made to the game world (removing Quantas or items, restoring constructs state, etc.).
    - This list is not exhaustive and may be updated by Novaquark as the team sees fit.  
    Why is it forbidden to modify Lua files or import custom DLL ?
    We know some players or organizations have used local libraries (aka. DLLs) with great success and with good intentions. 
    However, this option gives unfair advantages compared to pure in-game scripts (extra CPU capabilities, the ability to execute Internet requests or load/store data on the computer disk for example).
    Moreover, we don't want players to massively share and use these custom libraries because it has severe security and privacy implications that we cannot control and we want to protect our players (for example, a player in an organization would need to install the organization library to use its scripts and constructs, but this library may as well read all his/her files without his/her knowledge nor consent on the disk, and send them to the author or do almost anything on the computer). Keep in mind that libraries could contain malware too. You don’t want that.
    Finally, adding or modifying a DLL allows users to modify the game behavior in an arbitrary way, which directly leads to heavy cheating. For example, it allows access to the game’s memory and to escape the anti-cheat verification. We can't secure this at all, so player-made libraries are clearly a no-go security wise.
    Therefore, after careful examination, we decided to forbid any modification to the game files. This restriction also includes the local Lua files as they contain security measures to ensure the game integrity and players privacy (for example, you could load a library by editing the global.lua file; this file is also responsible to make sure in-game scripts cannot read personal documents on your computer). The exception to this rule are files found in: "Game/data/lua" folder (this is the only location where you can add or modify files
    Developers may still create new Lua files for debugging purposes if they want to (these files will be under control because global.lua is loaded first and sets up safeguards for any file loaded after itself).
    Could player-made libraries be integrated after NQ’s validation ?
    Having a process to submit, review, and integrate libraries looks good on the paper. However, code review is a tedious process. It is a lot harder than checking an image. There would be technical challenges to integrate them into the game too. Also note that we don't want to transform Lua scripts into full-fledged operating systems. They are simply supposed to be lightweight scripts, not full-fledged operating systems. 🛰️
    Thus, we don't want to engage this process, at least in the near future. We simply don’t have the time or resources for this at the moment.
    EQU8 is not compatible with Linux / consoles
    Unfortunately, EQU8 does not work under Linux, even with Wine. This is due to the Windows functions it uses to protect the game’s integrity, which are different from other operating systems. This is a trade-off we had to make between having a fair game (without cheats) and compatibility.
    Most players and games are on Windows. Thus, very few anti-cheat solutions support Linux (even less with good support). Because of this, we did not find an anticheat solution which works on Linux and suits our needs. However, please note that this decision doesn't prevent us from adding an alternative anti-cheat solution in the future, in case we decide to officially support Linux systems or consoles later on. Nothing prevents us from having a different anti-cheat for each platform. 😎
    We hope you found this FAQ about anti-cheats useful and helped to understand better why we chose EQU8.
    Best Regards,
    The Novaquark team
    Last updated: October 5, 2020
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    Akanixon got a reaction from Thrizon in A Random Stranger Appears   
    Hi Thrizon,
    welcome to DUal.
    To answer your question:
    If you correspond to the validation for the official of DUal Discord, you only need to post the validation text you got from Dual Universe Bot#8411 on your Profile.
    Then you send ~linkprofile https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/profile/10605-thrizon/ back to Dual Universe Bot#8411 and you're done.
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    Akanixon reacted to yamamushi in Petition for JC to change his Twitter profile pic   
    This is a petition for JC to change his profile pic to
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    Akanixon reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Gamescom Meetup 2019   
    Like last year, we are organizing a MeetUp in Cologne (Germany) during the event of the Gamescom.
    It will be an opportunity to meet JC and several members of the Novaquark team to discuss about Dual Universe!
    Please indicate which evening you will be available
    The poll will close next Tuesday, June 11th, as we have to book the restaurant quickly.

    (More info about the event coming soon )
    Best Regards,
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    Akanixon got a reaction from CoreVamore in Happy New Year 2019   
    I want to take this moment to thank the community, everyone who is supporting this Dual Universe by putting hours into testing the previous pre Alpha and now the current Alpha 1 and especially NQ, for being such an open minded and creative developer.

    I hope you had a nice 2018 and as we in germany say "Ich wünsche euch eine guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr.".
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    Akanixon got a reaction from Haunty in Happy New Year 2019   
    I want to take this moment to thank the community, everyone who is supporting this Dual Universe by putting hours into testing the previous pre Alpha and now the current Alpha 1 and especially NQ, for being such an open minded and creative developer.

    I hope you had a nice 2018 and as we in germany say "Ich wünsche euch eine guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr.".
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    Akanixon reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Gamescom 2018 MeetUp!   
    Hi everyone,
    We are now closing the poll.
    The Gamescom 2018 MeetUp will happen on Thursday, August 23rd! 
    We are currently finalizing the place where it will happen. We will give more information on the location soon.
    It shouldn't be very far on foot from the train station and the Koelnmesse (Convention Center where the Gamescom will be held).
    For those who will attend... See you in Cologne next month!
    Best Regards,
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    Akanixon reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Gamescom 2018 MeetUp!   
    Hi everyone!
    Here's an update on the MeetUp taking place on Thursday, August 23rd, in Cologne:
    1) More members of the Novaquark team will join us for the MeetUp!
    For those coming to see us on site, you will be able to meet:
    NQ-Sophon (JC Baillie) NQ-Entropy NQ-Spiral NQ-Nyzaltar NQ-Nomad NQ-Oli NQ-Diesel 2) As an experimental test, we will try to organize a Live Stream (about 1-hour duration max). As we don't force anyone to be filmed, There will be two tables (one that will be filmed during the stream, and one that won't be). As we don't know yet if all the conditions required will be met, if it's not possible, we will make at least a video that will be uploaded on YouTube later (again, only those who are ok to appear on camera will be seen in this video).
    3) An AMA with JC will be organized during the event!
    If you won't be able to be participate in real time to the Live Stream, or in the case the Live Stream doesn't happen and you won't be able to come to the MeetUp, don't hesitate to pass your questions to those who will attend, or send your questions to us in advance at community@novaquark.com (you'll have until August 20th to submit your questions)!
    Best Regards,
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    Akanixon reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Gamescom 2018 MeetUp!   
    Hi everyone!
    This is now confirmed that we will be at the Gamescom 2018 happening in August at Cologne, Germany!
    However, for logistics reasons we will be only in the business area this time (and not in the entertainment area like last year).
    So for all of you who are attending the Gamescom and won't have the opportunity to go in the business area, we are organizing a MeetUp on one evening during the event. It will be an opportunity to meet JC, NQ-Oli and I to discuss about Dual Universe! Please indicate which evening you will be available
    Best Regards,
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    Akanixon got a reaction from Agilulf in Novean Almanac - issue 4 out now   
    Thumbs up, waiting for the next one.
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    Akanixon reacted to Agilulf in Novean Almanac - issue 4 out now   
    The Novean Almanac is a fan magazine about Dual Universe and the Dual Universe community.
    There have been three issues in 2018 (as the Novean Dreamers Almanac) and then a long hiatus.
    But finally...
    Novean Almanac 4
    Editorial: Making history in Dual Universe Dual Universe Development Timeline Community Media Overview Organization Updates Community Projects Overview and a shorty story by Kurock  
    PDF, 168 pages, 4.4MB

    Old stuff from 2018:
    Hello there.
    This is a magazine about the Dual Universe community.
    You should read it, like all the cool kids.

    (pdf, 2 mb)
    Contents of issue 1: Cities, the Press and intergovernmental organizations

    (pdf, 2 mb)
    Contents of issue 2: War on the Battlefield & War in the Arena, Non-English-speaking communities

    (pdf, 2 mb)
    Contents of issue 3: Espionage and Counter-Intelligence, the Service Industry, and a stupid map
    Website: Spaceship Drama
    Discord (Agilolfing#8694)
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    Akanixon reacted to MrShaw in BOO - Band of Outlaws Recruitment   
    BOO has reached 300 Boobians !
    Happy 300 members day \o/

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    Akanixon reacted to MrShaw in BOO - Band of Outlaws Recruitment   
    LaTEST poster by @Alethion !

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    Akanixon reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Open Doors Event / Evènement "Portes Ouvertes" Dec.2017   
    Hi everyone !
    We promised to organize an open doors event last month and here were are!
    As we didn't attend to the Paris Games Week this year, we organize an Open Doors event in Paris on Friday 15th December, from 6.00 pm to 9 pm, in Paris! As the event has a limited number of visitors, we have decided to share it first with the community, before announcing it on the social media (it will be announced there on Monday if there are remaining places). If you're not too far and are available to meet us, this is your chance, especially if you haven't access to the pre-Alpha phase: you will be able to test - for a short time - a recent build of the game!
    You can register online to the event here !
    Best Regards,
    The Novaquark team.
    Bonjour à tous !
    Nous avions promis de faire un événement "Portes Ouvertes" le mois dernier et nous y voici !
    Comme nous n'avons pas participé en tant qu'exposant à la Paris Games Week cette année, nous organisons l'événement "Portes Ouvertes" Vendredi 15 Décembre, de 18h00 à 21h00 à Paris ! Dans la mesure où l'événement propose un nombre limité de places, nous avons décidé de le partager avec la communauté en premier, avant de l'annoncer sur nos réseaux sociaux (où il sera annoncé Lundi, si il reste des places). Si vous n'êtes pas trop loin et que vous êtes disponible pour nous rencontrer, ceci est une opportunité à ne pas manquer, surtout si vous n'avez pas accès à la phase Pré-Alpha : vous aurez la possibilité de tester - pour une courte durée - une version récente du jeu !
    Pour vous enregistrer en ligne, c'est ici !
    L'équipe Novaquark.
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