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    Happy New Year 2019

    I want to take this moment to thank the community, everyone who is supporting this Dual Universe by putting hours into testing the previous pre Alpha and now the current Alpha 1 and especially NQ, for being such an open minded and creative developer. I hope you had a nice 2018 and as we in germany say "Ich w√ľnsche euch eine guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr.".
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  3. Akanixon

    Gamescom 2018??

    Hi there, since NovaQuark had a Booth at Gamescom last year, there is a question comming up: Will you be at GC2018 too?
  4. Thumbs up, waiting for the next one.
  5. Akanixon

    Career Poll

    The loot, the loot and all about the loot
  6. Akanixon

    Lurker surfacing

    Hi Razorwire and welcome to the DUAL community.
  7. One thing, i dont have Pre-Alpha Tester and Gold Founder Group in the forums but i can acces the Pre-Alpha Section, how? -By the way iam Gold Founder-
  8. I hope they take the time they need to setup everything and dont rush