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  1. just call it something else and use a phone box instead of a police box. of course as it isn't a main part of the game I doubt there would be much trouble though companies are weird about their stuff being used.
  2. well its hard on the servers to do as they have to store all that change and there is easily an entire galaxy so its not really possible to store that data even if you only did it for one planet that still a ton of change as the whole surface would be changing (or at least some of it would be).
  3. You should really go read the devblogs as you keep asking questions that have been answered in those. But no a market will probably be mostly local to itself with communication to other networks (from what I remember) so if your selling something at one market someone from another market might be able to see it but they would have to go pick it up or have it shipped to them. It could also be a private or local only market possibly though most mechanics are not really know for the game
  4. From what we can see Dual is not a block building game but more of a voxle sculpting game. There are still blocks and stuff you can place but it seems more that these are just the tools you use to get the shapes you want into the game instead of the only things you can build/place.
  5. True that would work but if there is a height limit to how high something can hover then there is a problem as the elevator type rails would no longer be possible as well as it now needing to provide its own power as it is a hover vehicle and not "connected" to the ground in any way unless they allow us to make some construct for the ground and the hover vehicle that allows us to transfer power between the two. could be an interesting way of generating power so instead of one main generator you have lots of little hover vehicles moving around and generating extra power to power the rest of the city
  6. well there would still be sounds like impact engines and other ambient sounds as well as when your in an atmosphere the sounds would be normal. you just won't be able to hear a gunshot without the vibrations somehow being able to travel to so so if its on another ship a little distance away you won't here it but if its on yours you will
  7. Not if the rail is the thing providing the majority or all of the power. I would like us to be able to use the rails to make elevators as well (no not hover because that has limits granted so do rails but they are different limits) and if we can use them to make elevators than we will be able to build space elevators (yaaaa I really want a space elevator even if I have to build it myself)
  8. Ya IFF is identify Friend or foe and is basically just a tag that tells you what org a ship/person would belong to but ya for ground combat maybe 1km and space could be 5km though they should have some kind of advanced targeting computer
  9. well it depends because like I said its the area that the majority of the atmosphere is in not the actual size so if they just go for majority then sure but I doubt you will be able to lock on to anything that far away without some kind of targeting computer
  10. It would probably have been better to think of a different title and I know there are a few of us who share the concerns (still going to play this game no matter the model they go for) But I suggested a possible hybrid model though it did get buried and people will always sit on one side of the other for some reason or another so you should probably send an Email to the devs asking about it instead of waiting for this thread to turn into another heated debate about the payment model
  11. Doesn't matter about the lock on could still make it require a computer to actually be able to lock on (even if its out of sight). also the Earth's atmosphere it about 480km thick but most of it is in the 16km closest to the earth
  12. Not bad though I would agree its looks to be a bit to blocky
  13. Welcome to SilverLight Industries Darksider SImember23 SteelBladeXCR tormedos
  14. Really Thor. Really. Your going with girly scream rather than chop someones arm off excited.
  15. Even after you get hurt (I'm more talking major damage) you will be in pain for some time even after your fully healed though this is also a game so the stat drain could only last for x amount of time but if you take a pain killer the debuff goes away for y amount of time and when it wheres off you still have x - y amount of time left on the debuff but for that amount of time you basically had no debuff. I don't think that there should be any permanent damage to characters as its a pain to play with and we also have quantum based respawn though it would give players pause to start wars and a reason to finish them though the characters that participated might be useless after it.
  16. I don't know how damage will work in game but this could also be added to medicinal type drugs (like painkillers) that could be abused for certain effects but are also highly addictive. So instead just bandaging up a wound you might need to take a painkiller to get rid of a negative damage effect or you could take it before the fight and before you get hurt to stop yourself from flinching in combat or something along those lines.
  17. The only real independent city will probably be around the arkzone simply because thats where everyone starts. Other than that Organizations that have an alliance or are part of a bigger organization will probably build together or closer and nation type organizations might plan cities but I doubt there will be another city that just randomly pops up unless all the starting members of the city know eachother and are friends but then go on to start different orgs
  18. Or they could make the weapons size Customizable for Torpedoes and Missiles. And to be fair if your shooting it by hand your doing it wrong (not that you have a choice really in those two games, SE you can make it target things but you need the coords of your target and those can be a pain to get) They should be targeted by a human but to compensate for the gravity, the fact you can't see the target and other things they need to be aimed by a computer
  19. could also do a boost and then crash type so both are not hitting you at the same time
  20. Well this game is about advancing technology so it could be that while we have to grow our own food in the beginning we could be able to make auto harvesting hydroponics latter or automated farming equipment (its nearly there already).
  21. Just to add on to what Code was saying its aslo likely that with travel times being so long for the most part that those companies will also build factories and such near to where people are starting to settle so that travel times do not cut into work time or the other way around.
  22. I think its more that while a stargate is active its a point to point transfer but it can be linked to another stargate within its range though I agree that the RDMS system will probably handle the ability to use a gate or not
  23. Still trying to make SilverLight bigger

  24. I think there is a way for the game to be on steam but be purchesed from them using steam keys though I think it had some problems with other games (RimWorld had these problems and had to stop last i heard)
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