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  1. I think this answers essentially all of the concerns raised yesterday. Plenty of personal core slots for mining and decent sized base. Plenty of org slots for community projects. Thank you for listening to us!
  2. Several thoughts: 1) Using personal orgs to bypass personal limits was never intended. This change seems like a huge step in the right direction. The general thought is that this is the direction that was intended from the very beginning. However... 2) Mining Units significantly increased the required core counts. I am primarily a solo player. I would consider myself very conservative with my core count usage: 2 static core for my base (1 factory, 1 parking lot) 1 pocket ship 1 warp shuttle 2 haulers 1 available core slot for setting down blueprints for sale With the addition of Mining Units, I had to either spend lots of talent points or use an org to hold all the extra cores needed for those. 3) Large projects, ship builders, etc. While I currently do not have a large runway, museum, or elaborate headquarters, I do know several people that do. The proposed changes would effectively destroy most of the ship displays and decorative builds that so many people use to sell their constructs. It would eliminate a lot of the places that people enjoy visiting. Final Thoughts... At it's heart, this is good idea. But in its current proposal, it's far too restrictive and does not account for the dramatic increase in required cores brought on by the mining update. Could this increase have caused the need for adjusting the limitations? Please, either significantly increase the counts provided and/or increase personal limits. Not doing so would seriously harm the players who have put time and effort into this game and make this world feel alive.
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