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  1. Space Mom always said "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all"So to NQ: Keep the communications coming. I am loving them. To sceptical players: Keep saying what you think. This is the only way to make the product better. To the fanboys and white knights, I have nothing to say.
  2. I would like to take this opportunity to say that next Friday will be exactly one month since phase 1 of 0.24 was released and player's still wait for the mission system.
  3. I agree with everything you say. It just doesn't make sense where the journey should go now. What is currently shown does not work in its state. In principle, the game would have to be tackled from scratch. The only things you can take over are assets (meshes, textures, sound...). The 20 million euros are gone. The question is to what extent the new management is willing to save the game. I am still actively following Ashes of Creation and from the original 30 million euros that the CEO invested, he talked about having to revise upwards and invest another 10 million euros
  4. I couldn't have put it better myself. The change of the ceo certainly opens up many possibilities. Of course, that also leaves a lot of speculation, but what you say also has a lot of truth to it. I am clearly convinced that we are experiencing the final nail in the coffin, that we are no longer getting the game that was advertised in the KS. DU will survive with this action. The only question is, what will change? My speculation: DU goes F2P, avatar and element skins are coming to the cosmetic shop asap.
  5. It's not my job to convince people. But for those who don't see a flamethrower, rocket launcher or C4 Explosives aka Avatar vs Avatar as "much different", then I'll set the record straight for a moment.
  6. And you can snipe people out of ships. (Here shooting to a tank fuel)
  7. It has Avatar vs Avatar and electricity...
  8. DU goes f2p and brings cosmetics.
  9. I agree with you. As I wrote in the other post, I think that 0.23 was not there for socialisation but to create dependencies. The player should have been shown his personal limits on a natural basis instead of imposing them on him. Here, for example, energy limits on tiles would have been possible, how many machines can actively run. Instead, there are no consequences or limitations, only obstacles to be overcome with Quanta.
  10. NDA? These developers have no problem with that. Hopefully early access in May. But a definite date is supposed to come in April.
  11. I took the liberty of posting a group picture from the closed alpha.
  12. A brief public reserche revealed that they went to the same college. They therefore seem to be friends.
  13. Assuming, of course, that this is all true. But if it is true, then I would find it shabby that we customers were informed by a 3rd source and not by NQ. Oh wait... I see a pattern...
  14. The only thing I can think of right now is the quote from Orwell, which I have changed somewhat after reading the posts above:
  15. Have you tried deactivating it? It doesn't work on the new page, because there's no option for it. Even setting the flag on the old page had no effect. It is activated by default. I had deactivated it a long time ago on the old page and was only able to reactivate it thanks to Naerais. Even though I'm a naïve person from time to time, believing that all people are good, there are certainly individuals who look for the fly in the ointment to have that one moment of success where they say to themselves, "He said something wrong, I won, his argument is wrong." But
  16. I'm not going to interfere much, but if we're going to set the record straight, I'll just briefly mention the following: Pre-Alpha was back in October 2017, which means that it was the first time it was open to players who were not ATV members. Nevertheless, his statement does not change the fact that the game has been in development for much longer. These include: - Friends and Family Access - Prototype of the server architecture (which, by the way, was already started in 2014) - Preparations for the KS campaign All in all, this statement is true. Just becau
  17. I will not answer this question and leave it as it is. Instead, I'll just list things so that everyone can draw their own conclusions since the soft launch in August 2020 (yes, a version that has subscription packages is a soft launch). Otherwise people might get the idea that I'm always negative and push my opinion on people. Also, I want to avoid sounding like an endless loop because otherwise people will think I can't think of anything else to say. Here are a few things since the soft launch: - Since August 2020, viewership has steadily dropped from 1000 average viewers to a s
  18. As it is Easter and there is a weekend in between, I look forward to a reply on Tuesday at the earliest.
  19. I certainly noticed that when I read it. I still have a few problems and projects that need magic and miracles. I will come back to that. Thank you for taking the time.
  20. I hear this from every corner by now. Some miracle is supposed to fix something. How is that supposed to work? Please keep in mind, in 4 months it will be August and technically 1 year beta aka softlaunch. You can now draw your own conclusions.
  21. As LazyPeon said in one of his videos not too long ago, it's not the features that make an mmorpg. As I still can't see who the game designer is, it remains for me a product that has cobbled together a few unfinished, unpolished features that are still waiting for other unreleased features. 0.23, which was probably meant to be played together with others, achieved the opposite and made it a dependency on other players. Well, provided you still play with your friends. But apart from that, I don't know of any other mmorpg that prevents interaction with friends to su
  22. - I look at the 0.24 changelog and what's new since 0.23 from autumn. - Then I realise that this company has 2 studios - Again I then look at the picture I posted: And then I ask if this is a early April Fool's joke. But we've already had the discussion and explanations, I'll save the words here. It is a pity for the transparency of the communication that we find things where one wonders who introduced these ideas. I have no idea who the game designer is at NovaQuark now, because it's so opaque by now and I don't have a name. With other mmorpg you know
  23. This is a screenshot I took this Friday after the survey. For me personally, I see no benefit or added value in what 0.24 is all about. For me, the performance in the alpha was much better than what I have in the beta. And no, I have not changed the settings.
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