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  1. Lake is called Sørvágsvatn. It's an optical illusion. http://imgur.com/KfffJTW
  2. I would not worry about that. This can be done quickly. Just an example: function GUIToScreenRect( x, y, w, h ) local base_w, screen_w = 1920, ScrW( ); local base_h, screen_h = 1080, ScrH( ); screen_w = screen_h * ( base_w / base_h ); local screen_scale_w = screen_w / base_w; local screen_scale_h = screen_h / base_h; x = screen_scale_w * x; y = screen_scale_h * y; w = screen_scale_w * w; h = screen_scale_h * h; return x, y, w, h; end
  3. Let's take the page above as an example. This platform is used by the other developer to provide his English text in other languages. If the developer publishes texts, they can be viewed by the community. One proposes a translation for words such as iron, thruster, etc and sentences. The community can vote if a translation already exists or write something, if nothing exists. Edit: Sorry, I've forgot you need a (free) account. Here's an overview of the site (my account): http://imgur.com/a/oszB3
  4. First of all, I am aware that somewhere exists a thread for translation. I suggest a different direction, that not the developers but the community should translate. Dual Universe has a massive, big advantage: it does not have quest text. We have something in this forum which is very valuable: Multilingual People. It is a long way to the release and we have a lot of time. So why not work with your community? The system is not even a new one. The system has already taken advantage of another game. Long talk, short sense. Look at how another developer makes it. https://www.getlocalization.com/SpaceEngineers/ The language is provided when it reaches 100%. And the community can correct and coordinate together what is useful. The only requirement: NovaQuark has to provide the texts to us. More infos from the other devs: http://www.spaceengineersgame.com/localization.html Edit: Sorry, I've forgot you need a (free) account. Here's an overview of the site (my account): http://imgur.com/a/oszB3
  5. Zukauf von Beta ist korrekt, nicht aber die Zeitspanne. Ich nehme an, du beziehst dich auf diese DACs. Das ist sowas wie die WoW Tokens oder PLEX bei EvE, falls dir das ein Begriff ist. Diese werden erst beim Release ausgehändigt. Die Beta ist nicht mit bestimmten zeitlichen Einschränkungen vermerkt. (Ausser Entwickler sagen, Beta Phase geht 6 Monate z.B.) aber dann hast du Zugang in dieser Zeit. Je nach Plegde bekommst du die DACs deines Ranges. Bei SILVER wären das 11 - Also hättest du 11 solches DACs, Tokens, PLEX, nenn es wie du es möchtest. Damit kannst du Spielzeit gegen diese DACs eintauschen oder ingame Währung kaufen. Ich hoffe das es verständlich geschrieben ist.
  6. Ehrm... Ich bin mir jetzt gerade nicht sicher, ob du die offizielle Seite mal genauer betrachtet hast: https://community.dualthegame.com/pledge (Speziell die Grafik weiter unten) Da steht, das man erst ab Silver (60€) einen BETA und ab Gold (120€) einen ALPHA Zugang erhält. Alpha ist für die erste Jahreshälfte 2017 angesetzt und die Beta für 2018.
  7. Above all, you would only start the launcher on Steam. Game download, updates, etc are then only made through the launcher. Look at ArchAge on Steam and SWTOR on Origin.
  8. I honestly do not have a big desire to discuss this. This is the nice thing about a community. You have an idea, people come together and think about how to solve a problem with existing resources. Even if everything is on paper at this stage of development, one has to point out the questions to be asked in order to check the feasibility. Ripper asked for an element, instead we offered him solutions, which he should pursue. None of the answers are wrong. Because it is a sandbox game.
  9. A good question ... os.time, os.sleep, os.difftime ... That would be handy. In the worst case, you can put a local "timer" on the driver, which you activate with a button from the gate. Example: - All the drivers lined up. - Button 1 is pressed - Vehicle timer = 0 - Countdown is running - 3 - 2 - 1 - Go! - At the Go! a further event is triggered, which triggers a boolean variable and thus allows the timer to be incremented. (Of course, a tick function should run in the background, so that this does not count up arbitrarily.) But is anything at all possible? It is known, that the elements communicate with each other - but what about player data? I have not seen a command block that reads or saves custom data. If it does not exist, the whole idea is no longer relevant.
  10. Warum muss ich gerade an Milliways - Das Restaurant am Ende des Universums denken?
  11. No, this is certainly not a problem of the community. And I never said I wanted to build the building obviously. I've played Star Wars Galaxies, so do not tell me I do not know what a sandbox game is. But to explain again why it can hit anyone: If an organization places an outpost, regardless of whether it is guarded or not, whether all defenders have died and can no longer be re-established in the outpost (because resurrection node was destroyed), the raiders can place a swastika. And that is the jumping point.
  12. This can also be a handful of people in an organization. Basically, it does not matter. As I've already written, it can hit anyone.
  13. Griefing has several faces. I think you can and should discuss everything here. But I do not agree that I should remove swastikas from other players. Are you crazy? After all, I am also a customer and have not drawn it. Why should I be responsible if another customer was the culprit?
  14. The others have already described in detail what possibilities exist. But the topic can not be considered as done. I understand your worries. My Fear: I have an outpost. This outpost becomes a victim of a raid. The raider "beautify" my outpost with swastikas. NQ said somewhere that they can track who has set the blocks. But how do I deal with it as a player? I do not want to be associated with anything that would harm my reputation as a player and a human being. And here everyone could be affected. Even if it is presumed to be in the EULA, the damage would have been done. - Do I have to prove NQ that I have nothing to do with the perpetrator? - Do I have to remove it by myself, or is it removed by a game master? - Do I have opportunities to report "works of art"? I am aware that it is an isolated case. I still trust that we do not do something like that. But what if?
  15. All in all, again, I agree with ATMLVE. In the end, you can not know at this time. Although I have a guess where it could lead, but that is subjective. I have to write a little more. Unfortunately, I can not take EvE as an example, which is why I try to explain it differently. (Perhaps someone can describe the EvE view, how it goes there?) This phenomenon can be seen well in the past. The beginnings of the mmorpg was at a time when there were not many internet connections. 2001/2002, Dark Age of Camelot has had around 300'000 active players. They knew each other on the servers and knew who they were talking to. You were like a small family on the server. Then the big bang. WoW scored over 1 million players. Even more players had internet, the mmorpg grew out of the niche - a complete success. But to come back to your question again - you will meet many different players with different views and habits. We are going through this pre-release phase, which we now have, the DAoC time, where it is a "niche product". The players know each other and discuss in the forum. I suspect that it is more likely that the organizations that now exist in the future also work closely together (or not, just because you know each other) Large projects will have a lack of resources. With a "mass handling", for example job hubs or the market, you do not even have to talk with individual players. Would that be the right way? I do not know. After all, they would not be part of the family or organization, they would be "just" simple players. We are on the Internet. When I look back, I have the impression that the Internet 15 years ago was different than today. When the big bang comes, the final release, ... Then you have all the players. Serious players, toxic players, trolls, YouTuber with their fans, just everything. Is this something bad? Not at all. You will choose your partners, allies, etc. in a targeted manner. In order to get resources, you will need the mass. I consciously leave the scenario open after the release. (Months, years) I'm not sure if I've answered your question. At the very least, I'm thinking about it when I read your text.
  16. That would be the simplest explanation - or in other words: Wormholes. Take the multiverse and you have a plausible explanation. That could be everything. It does not even have to be human. But ... big, ugly bugs? Count me in.
  17. Definitely a challenge. But regardless of what players feel as important for an expansion, let's take a look at your actual situation. The first obstacle you already describe yourself. How do you deal with it? ATMLVE has already delivered you the solution. To avoid possible fraud attempts, you will work with RDMS. The gates get superior rights while you create a driver group. Consequently, the hierarchical order would be: Owner > Gate > Driver The drivers are proactive = They automatically trigger the scripts at the gate. The gates are reactive = you react to the incoming driver. I do not know if you ever programmed a game. But to transfer data between two points (or levels), you should build a game state machine for your purpose. A separation of global and local variables becomes necessary. The drivers would be local and the start / end gate global. Study this link to understand the idea: Https://www.sitepoint.com/saving-data-between-scenes-in-unity/ I strongly recommend that you join LUA programmers. It is a big hurdle to do it alone. Especially since the programmers can tell you what is possible and what is not. (Lua technically doesn't have OOP syntatically) And what you have to find out in the game as early as possible: - Are the results overlapping when several sensors are placed next to each other? - What is the radius of the sensor? Is a vehicle detected with speed X? - What is the radius of LUA? Maybe you can place a screen only at the first / last gate? These are 3 questions that come to my mind. But you will definitely have to start small. The others have made examples where the absolute lowest common denominator is.
  18. For a long time I have not felt so distracted. The film has a few irks and quirks. Straight to the end, it becomes ever more tragic. Until the logbook entry, the film simply build a very nasty scary mood. Too bad the rest of the movie could not hold the tension for me.
  19. Welcome to the forum. I do not want to write anything big, since the others have already done so. Now regardless of what the players want ... I have 2 things that I want to mention briefly. 1. Demanding a singleplayer would mean that NovaQuark has to throw away their entire concept. The last 3 years, which they have invested in the server architecture on manpower and working hours - would be gone. The concept was clear from the start, where the journey goes. You should have caught JC (Head of NovaQuark) 3 years ago, even before he started the prototype to describe your idea. 2. "Not everyone has Internet" - This is no longer an argument in 2017. Look at the growth (statistics): Http://www.internetlivestats.com/internet-users/ The game is expected to be released in late 2018. And you can think for yourself that even more people get access. Do not get me wrong, I just want to tell you what the overall picture looks like. Sure, even today we still have countries in Europe with villages that have 2 megabits of internet. The expansion is now slow. But the possibilities are at least given. But, of course, it does not prevent you from playing as a lone wolf. There will certainly be opportunities. The question is: How creative are you?
  20. America first, but who's second? I laughed so hard. The countries will be released one after the other. http://everysecondcounts.eu/
  21. Oh by the way: Blizzard uses server shutdown for WoW marketing. http://kotaku.com/the-final-moments-of-asherons-call-1791833779
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