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  1. I used to be active on another game similar to this one a few years ago. I'm dredging up some of the discussed content from then. This was from another user called CyrusBlack for a game he was developing. I'm not sure if he is still working on it but it's a good starting place to build a discussion off of. This is a compilation of Cyrus Black's take on space simulation games. He is currently working on a space game and all his ideas are referenced here. They are good so take the time to read them and work them into other posts within their pertaining topic. Engines ION (Fusion, fission,): Unique Technologies that produces a medium thrust, the Engines are best for space, as thrust output is poor on planets (speed penalty). these engines are square in shape and taper down into a smaller square (like a rhombus?) Thrust: medium, Speed/Acc: medium/low, Evade: medium Tech: medium, Recources: Rares, Expenses: medium. Fuel Types: Uranium, Plutonium, low Consumption Power Bleed: high (spare power over minium necessary to operate) Environments: Planetary (-speed) and Space ROCKET ( thermonuclear/solid chemical/Positronic): High-speed engines, with good maneuver and little, evade bonus. plenty of thrusts. tend to be quite large (long and tubular). continual fuel usage in atmospheres unless landed. Thrust: High, Speed/Acc: med/high, Evade: medium Tech: medium, Recources: commons, Expenses: medium. Fuel Types: Positrons, Hydrogen, Uranium. high Consumption. Power Bleed: low Environments: Planetary (2x fuel consumption or continual consumption) and Space Small Unit Engines HOVER: COMBUSTION: engine (wheels, Rotary wing, Tread): JET: fighter engine only . atmospheric. high output number Special Slipstream Drives: point to point travel engine, allows matter to travel 10 times faster then usual through silpstreams, does not work when objects are in the way of travel. Jump/Flash Drives: point to point teleporter, short range (a few Astronomical units, at best) is not stopped by objects (unlike slipstream drives) takes tremendous energy, takes all units in (x) kilometer distance. Gravitron/Warp Engines: Minimally functional by themselves (low speed and maneuver), they allow ships to float in atmospheres, and provide a movement speed bonus in space. Mass Inversion Gate: Special Tachyon technology found throughout the universe, they stabilize and create wormholes (which are similar to black holes but less destructive and useable) special Ionization covers ships to transport them through safely (as tachyon teleportation does not treat organized mass very nicely) they are destructive, but it is very difficult to do so, the nanobots within tend to repair them within a few days. Planet Device Sub Dimensional Tachyon Transporter: a specially designed Ground Platform that works similar to the mass Inversion gate, accept it functions on planets and is much smaller (can teleport much less mass) over near infinite distances to other SDTTs. Living matter or electronic devices will not survive a transport without tachyon shielding devices. the effect is non-permanent, stuff teleported Reverts to its original location after a set amount of time... in one piece or otherwise.... it might be possible to stabilize SDTTs to transport smaller amounts of matter if the Tachyon streams are syncro'd, and of course, you'll never let your foes synch up with you would you? takes quite of time to charge up a Tachyon surge.RESOURCES LIST <- information source Building Materials Synthetics - used for initial base-building calcium construction material Iron building material low quality steel (processed/ refined iron) medium quality titanium high quality Titanium (Processed/refined Titanium) Great quality nickel - alloys batteries lithium - high battery material Uranium particle laser component, nuclear powerplants Oil Hydrogen fusion engines Plutonium advanced missile fuel manganese - generators and construction vanadium- laser weapon component copper - radar, nonnuclear generator component Gallium - shields radars beam weaponry germanium - shields generators beam weaponry arsenic - electronics potassium - explosives, esp missiles, and explosive tipped rounds Coal Beryllium: great missile and spacecraft construction material
  2. I used to be active on another game similar to this one a few years ago. I'm dredging up some of the discussed content from then. Nano Spray List With the advances in today nanotechnology I can see it being immensely more powerful and effective in the future. I have thought up a few ways that we could use this nanotechnology in a versatile and pliable way. Spray on Solar Cells In essence, you spray this onto the ship and nano-pholitic cells absorb light and convert it into energy which can be used for low-level power for systems such as life support and emergency lighting. (Can also power other forms of nano spray, but can't power the ships systems.) Color Changing PaintWe could spray on pain with nano-LED's in them that allow you to edit on designs and change the overall color of your ship. You could go so far as adding a stealth mode to the ship by mimicking backgrounds.(Draws no power from the ship, and gives none back to it.)Spray on Mag Field Generating PaintThis form of spray allows the ship to form a magnetic bubble around it which will help protect it from many things in space and in the atmosphere. (Drains some of the ships power to power the field.) For those of us here who like to get super critical and detailed, I am going to put this in here to explain how this is all done. Inside each can mixed in with the nano-tech paint are RNA and DNA strands that help assemble and line up all the different nano-tech parts. CRISPR might be an option for upgrading a spray. If anyone has some other form of spray on nano-tech please feel free to post.
  3. I used to be active on another game similar to this one a few years ago. I'm dredging up some of the discussed content from then. This is about the weapons in particular. Base Weapons List Personal Weapons: PlasmaPlasma Blaster. (Heavy pistol, strong stats but expensive and relatively inaccurate, prone to overheating.) Plasma Rifle: (Basically a longer plasma blaster with a higher rate of fire. Very powerful at short to mid range. Chemical/Electro-MagneticSidearm. (Basic slugthrower pistol, mediocre stats but really high availability) PDW. (Compact carbine/SMG with about the same round damage as the Sidearm, but high rate of fire, high ammo capacity. Basic mid-range weapon Gauss Pistol. (Low-ish rate of fire, but higher power and accuracy than Sidearm. EM propulsion) Gauss Rifle. (Semiautomatic, high power and accuracy. EM propulsion. Basic Marksman/sniper weapon) Pulse Rifle. (Heavy assault rifle, very powerful. Uses both chemical propellant and EM coil acceleration to make bullets hit -really- hard.) Rail Rifle (Heavy EM sniper rifle. Extremely powerful and accurate, but very low rate of fire.) Sabot Gun:It is shot out of the gun and then the rocket engages to go even faster. It can be guided to a target either by passive heat-signature lock on, or laser-guided to their target by the shooter. EnergyLaser pistol. (Weak damage, but continuous-fire and perfectly accurate. Only uses Energy. Has overheat/cooldown cycles to balance ROF. Laser Rifle. (Larger, stronger, more energy-draining version of the Laser pistol.) Pulse Laser. (Laser sniper weapon. Fires short but powerful 0.5-1.5 second laser pulse. Perfect accuracy, moderate/high damage.) Tesla Gun (Fires bolts of electricity or forked cones of lightning. Quite short ranged, mediocre damage, but has a stun/emp effect.) Magnetic Repulsion Beam (Fires a beam of alternately positive and negative charged particles, the particles embed themselves in the hull plating, and the strong magnetic forces create stress on the hull. eventually, the hull plates weaken and eventually break.) Phase Missile A micro-scaled phase drive strapped to a rocket, it is capable of using its drive to punch into phase space for a fraction of a second, completely bypassing an enemy ships shields. However, this functionality and effectiveness doesn't come without a cost: the phase missile is highly expensive, and due to its size, it cannot carry a very large payload. however, many ship engineers have modified these missiles with advanced software, allowing them to home in on a ship's power core through heat sensors, the missile can then punch into phase space a second time, allowing it to bypass the hull entirely. SingularityThis weapon is a controlled singularity or black hole. It would be a slow firing heavy weapon. It could run off of exotic matter and require a strong containment field to help contain the immense amounts of gravity generated by the weapon. The containment field would have to last long enough outside of the weapon for it to not kill the user. There are options for a timed delay in the projectile preventing it from activating until a set distance has passed. Ship Weapons: All the personal weapon information from above could be modified to fit into the rol;e of a ship. ParticleHighly charged particles are projected from these weapons that deal a great amount of damage to armor. Weapon Write Ups:[Phased Cannon] - The Phased Cannon requires a large amount of energy to fire; It Can fire multiple times if it is given time to cool down and if the ship has enough stored energy. [COIL array] - Short for Chemical oxygen iodine laser, this weapon consists of a large mirror array and a chemical battery capable of creating a powerful beam that can raise metal to temperatures of 3000 degrees C in a matter of seconds, breaching enemy hulls as they collapse under the pressure as the structure melts apart.SnowDragon [MIRV Torpedoes] - An otherwise standard 500mm torpedo launcher is loaded with a MIRV torpedo with 6 separate warheads, each one carrying a 2 kilotonne charge. When the torpedo reaches a certain distance from an enemy ship the warheads breaks apart and target sections of the ship before impacting.SnowDragon Doomsday Weapon: Dr. Device - It shoots a beam of energy at the matter which then will destabilize it and it will disintegrate into dust. Any other matter within range of the wave after it is destroyed will also disintegrate. Components List Plasma Weapon Components Barrel Magnetic Containment components Plasma Container (Clip) Chemically Propelled Weapon Components (Glock, Uzi, Fal) Barrel Clip (Magazine, Belt, Drum) Action ("Physical mechanism that manipulates cartridges and/or seals the breech.") Fire Type Component (Bolt Action, Single Shot, Semi-Auto, Full-Auto) Sights (Optical, Infra Red, Full Spectrum, Movement Sensing) Energy Weapon Components (FEL Lasers) Focusing Crystal (Focuses the energy emitted by the weapon) Power Source (Clip/Ammunition ~ determines capacity) Capacitors (Deals with the amount of energy released, turn up for more damaging shots that take up more ammunition or vice versa) Kinetic Weapon Components (Railguns, MAC's) Magnets (Counts as the barrel of the weapon) Power Source (Determines number of shots fired) Explosives (May require some pieces from other systems to work such as Mag fields for plasma) Timer Container Priming Fuse (Different fuses will be needed to be based on the explosive, some won't need fuses at all; they will just need to turn off power i.e. Plasma grenade) Shrapnel (Can use the container for this) Explosive (Can contain Chemical explosives as well as many other forms such as Plasma) Laser Trip Wire Remote Detonation Mechanism (Only need to include in the explosive the remote receiver, the signal can be sent from implants or from wrist computers) Attachment Mechanism (Magnetic, Stick) Weapon Attachments Laser Sight Grenade Launcher Chainsaw Flashlight Weapon Classification: Weapons should be classified by the amount of Volume they take up, Type of Firing the weapon does, and/or the weapons Length. Side-Arm (Volume, Length-dependent) Sub Machine Gun (Volume, Length, firing type dependent) Rifle (Length, Firing type dependent) Long Range Rifle (Length-dependent) Heavy Machine Gun (Volume, Firing type dependent) Heavy Weapons(Volume, Length, Projectile dependent) * These are just what I could think of off the top of my head that can determine what the type of weapon is. I think this is necessary so that when we do get into an FPS style of gameplay people can't walk around with a Sniper Rifle, a Rocket Launcher, and a Heavy Machine Gun. They shouldn't be able to carry that many weapons that are Primary Weapons. They should get 1 Side-Arm, 1 Primary Weapon, Explosives, Equipment, and other bits and pieces that aren't weight intensive.
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