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  1. Will this build fix the bug that prevented the user from repairing an element if it was destroyed?
  2. discordauth:VJV5AuoBevR4rm4aKhTvfbKAd4pffu9cGhKCh4f5ny8=

  3. I don't think a lot of you understand the scope of what NQ wants this game to be. From what I have understood from all the information presented in the past, progress in this game is going to take time. If I remember correctly, it will be many days before a ship is even able to leave the planet. This isn't going to be your standard arcade style MMO. This game is meant to be invested in with your time.
  4. Cheers! 


    1. Flow2606


      haha, thats me!

  5. Alright ladies, settle down. One thing we all need to realize is that we have no idea what the uptime schedule is going to be. From my perspective, even though I have more PTO than I'll ever need, it makes no sense to take time off if I don't even know it will be worth taking time off. Yes I will take at least a day or 2 if we're given enough notice of when the first uptime is and it takes place during my work hours. We're all fans of the game here. Most of us are super excited just as much as the next guy. Sometimes our situations just aren't the same. It may make sense for some people to take time off and not others. Some people simply show their excitement in different ways. On top of everything, it is pretty insulting to say a person isn't a fan because of how you perceive, without context, what they write. I'd love to play devils advocate here as well and side with Yamamushi on something but all you're doing is poking and prodding at a point with only the context of a few words that you assigned an emotion and feeling to. Maybe Lord_Void got your intent wrong as well. However, he's not the one saying you're not a fan or even too fanatic about the game. Let's just all take this as a learning experience and move forward. Don't make get the switch.
  6. I'm pretty awesome and I upvoted! Would absolutely love to see this in Discord!
  7. Should it not read "2 DACs (value: 2 months of access)"? I think that "game time" could be misunderstood as actual time in game.
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