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  1. Hello everyone, If you can see, I'm completely new to this forum. I'm keeping a eye out on this game for a while now. I'm a huge space/sci-fi fan. I was really hyped for Star Citizen, I dropped around $500 in that game, years back. But the performance issues and the long development is killing me. I'm also getting sick of the mainstream games and so called compitive shooters. So, I do want to spend time in space games again in the next coming years. But my issue is, I work a lot. I work between 55 a 70 hours a week, even the weekend and night shifts from 10 to 12 hours. I also need to drive 40 to my work and 40 minutes back to home, so that's another 80 minutes of my free time gone. I also need sleep, eat, shower and other stuff. So, I wouldn't be having a lot of time. But I do wanna game, it relaxed me that's why I wanna spend more time into space games again. Fly around, explore, and be immersed in a beauty environment. So, my question is, when does the alpha goes online for 24/7 and not just 48 hours. I wanna be part of this community, I wanna be part of this game, I wanna be part of the testing and I'm ready to support this developer and drop $180. But I won't have a lot of time in 48 hours, which makes me a bit sad, since I'm looking for a "good" space games with a concept like dual universe. I'm also a Eve Online player, I love the economics but the game feels so limited (feels now like a point and click game, I wanna fly ships myself). Star Citizen isn't worth it to play it right now and X4 isn't multi-player. I do wanna play this game, I do wanna buy the highest package but the limited server access is preventing me right now in buying the highest package. Does anyone have a idea when the servers are open for 24/7?
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