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  1. Hello! I am hoping somebody can enlighten me on how upgrading from Contributor to either Sponsor or Patron work? Hopefully NQ Staff. So I purchased he Patron pack at first and XSOLLA immediately returned my money and told me to contact my bank, cool; whatever. I do that and after some back and forth I get it working and I purchase the Contributor pack thinking I can easily upgrade to Patron once I get some hours in. I quickly did so and overlooked the Alpha 2 access, not Alpha 1. ANYWAYS: I try to upgrade through the account section and it routes me to the Pledge URL. I try and purchase the Sponsor pack thinking it will deduct the $60 I've already spent on Contributor, it does not. It also denies the transaction. (Of course) So I try to purchase the Contributor again to make my contribution a total $120, thinking that may be the way to do it? Wrong, same thing as Sponsor pack. I have submitted a ticket, but oh my gawd do I want to play this game. So I do apologize for my impatience here. Again, if anyone knows the correct way to go about the upgrade of Pledge I would love to know. ~Tarwanis
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