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  1. Thanks! And glad to be here. I don't really have an set plans in DU. Frankly, I've been waiting for a game with many of the qualities and potential as DU. My hope is that it pans out to be an epic experience. It will be on my to do list to check out outpost Zebra in my journey.
  2. Hello! I am new to Dual Universe as an Alpha Tester. It is a pleasure to be on board! My educational and professional background is in Multimedia and Web Design, Psychology, Healthcare and Corrections. I have also had some experience in SIM/Grid development and management, interactive interfaces and functionality design and programming. My hobbies include gaming, photography and writing. Looking forward to emmersing myself in Dual Universe. It thus far looks amazing with massive potential. Kind Regards, RZ
  3. Thanks. Was wondering. Couldn't find any notes about it.
  4. Hey are servers down, when I try to login in says "Connection Pending" followed by "Not Authorized to Login To"
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