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  1. -Super powerful storms for planets -electromagnetic storms or etc for space -celestial objects like asteroids or space rocks or destroyed abandoned ships with rare resources or etc
  2. the idea of having some sort of magnet system for lets say for example you wanna build a levitating train or i guess magnet train that could transport stuff or etc. but the train it self would levitate off the magnets.
  3. discordauth:0DuQBiZSUEZobXEE9dRbLoz8J1CEAa0E93jR-YP96z0=

  4. still awaiting approval


  5. i thought i was a robot until i encountered the button to make sure im not a robot
  6. SOOOOOO i make this to prove im not a robot and so others can also prove not to be robot. what else do you want from me. i bet you wanna know how much ram i use.
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