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  1. Only if they really do not understand how the skill system in EVE works. NQ pretty much copied it's structure. I've explained this several times so not going to again but bottom line is that a new player will get to 80% of what a 2 year old character has trained in about 5.5 months and wil continue to catchup after that. Try HERE to get a basic idea.. Also, EVE is "worse" (not really though) because it gates abilities/access to ships and modules behind skills. in Du they are more of a buff.
  2. NQ will not get away with what effectively is a full wipe. Besides them having clearly stated a full wipe would only happen again if really required (which doe not apply here), Talent points directly represent the gametime paid for and thus removing them would be "taking the money and run" for the beta period and it would absolutely and justifiably cause a riot. Also, a full wipe will probably see a far wider fallout as in existing players not returning and potentially advocating against joining the game when asked. A reset of the game world and removal of Quanta I would not see a problem with as the level of knowledge and experience will allow existing players to get back in quickly. Removing talents and returning the point s to your pool for respec (which is another major advantage existing players will retain) is really the only option NQ has outside of not doing a wipe.
  3. [EDIT] With NQ publishing their first actual blogpost around release (the DAC post fournd HERE), it seems my initial timeline is actually off by several weeks. I have now edited the original post to reflect my updated expectations. BAsically, everything is pushed forward by 2 weeks {EDIT 2} With the Creative Director post it looks like NQ is actually starting their ramp up to a release. And with it, it feels like we're back on track for September 1st. [EDIT 3] And so it took NQ only 6 weeks to backpaddle on their "this is the last major update before release" statement, obviously and conveniently ignoreing they ever said as much. Assuming they follow their normal pattern, Mercury will be pushed end of this month, which in turn pushed out the next update, whatever that may be, to probably October but it's too short for them to do a wipe and set up the headstart which I absolutely expect to come. So I guess we're back to end of the year again for release, something which was the original expectation prior to the Athena announcment and the mention that Athena was the last major patch. NQ will probably try and spin it as Mercury not being a major patch whcih obviously is nonsense. But anyway.. You can't build reasonable expectations based off of an unreliable and indecisive studio so I'll take my loss on this one And here is what I expect (speculation may occur): [Fact] 18 May sees the publication of a blogpost around how DAC is going to be implemented inititally. As DAC activation is directly linked to release of the game, combined with how NQ has _always_ started their cycle of devblogs before a next major patch, Release is not far away. It is actually much closer than thought. [Fact] 8 June sees the Creative director post. Pretty much rehashing all the features that initially were supposed to be in game at release but since were pushed back to post release. big absentees are AvA and player markets. only the fleets thing seems new. The comments about release seem to set this event up with the expected "2 years of intense beta testing" spin and unfotunately NQ still holding back on telling us they will wipe. week 13-17 June will see the first actual devblog on the release, it will discuss what in anything will be added prior to release. week 20-24 June, a second blogpost will go into some of the last additions before releease in more detail. week 27 June - 1 July, a third devblog, this time with mention that a decidion on the wipe is "almost finalised" and NQ hopes to share more soon (TM). 4-8 July, a final devblog. NQ has made up their mind and a partial wipe will occur where details will follow (NQ will milk this thing to the very end). Also, first release PTS session announced PTS with "release candidate 1" patch 8-11 July PTS with "release candidate 2" patch 15-18 July week 18-22 July, the "wipe" and release devblog .. Release patch will be brought to "live" server 16st August Everything wil lbe reset Talent points accrued are returnerd to the pool Constructs you are the creator for or which are DRM free are delivered to your backpack Beta keys will deactivate An offer will be made for beta key holders to join the "head start" by buying a sub for 6 months at around $45 Official "release" date wil be 1 September, DAC will be activated from that date. New subs will be charged $15/month while existing active subs will remain at $10/month (for at least a year) And a media blitz starts .. inviting people to join the headstart by taking a 12 month sub at the special introductory offer of $99 (normally $120) PTS with "gold release candidate" and wipe patch 29 July - 8 August (could be just a weekend though) 15 August - Live server offline for wipe and patch. DAC webpages go live 16 August - Headstart period begins ..then.. 1 September 2022 - DU day (release)
  4. I'd agree that NQ needs to pick a side and stick to it already.. "If you try to please everyone, you please no one. If you do what you believe to be right, you will please more people than you may realize."
  5. Sure, I did say that A DAY ONE character would not.. after 10 days you can easily have trained to the point you easily have access to 22 cores (which is a 3.5 day train) if that is a priority for you. ANd it is very easy for a day 3 character to have access to 16 cores which takes only 3.5 hours to train.. The point is that what OP claims is not based on facts and he did actually state he did not realize the actual situation and reversed his position.
  6. The pledge made is represented in the DAC that will be issued at release which will give you X months of playtime. The pledge is effectively a pre order of game time. The experience gained prior to release is really also a bonus that can't be talken away and that includes the blueprints you might collect and retain across a wipe. So no, NQ doe snot "owe" backers beyond delivering the game, the perks and DAC. Anything else is just extra. My main account has a Sapphire pledge, I paid €240 for 50 DAC and have had access to the game for nearly 5 years now... I'd say that is a pretty good deal.. and even if the game completely bombs after release, my €240 have given me more than a good share of hours in game.
  7. Basically, if you placed the element the normal way and it allowed you to place it, it shoudl not be marked as colliding/stacking and if it does, that is an error/bug to be reported as such.. There is plenty of examples showing the implementation is sketchy at best with a good many questionable reports that go away after you simply move the element one tick away.. and back.
  8. Of course they did. And so did anyone in the community with a sense of realistic expectatoins as a partial wipe really makes sense. The problem is that NQ has been ovrly vague and averse in their response to the discussion. Whether that is/was due to ignorance or otherwise is up for debate.. And their attitude has had the exact effect they probably tried to prevent and yet, they stil ldo not recognize this. NQ is scraping money off of the bottom of the barrel just to stay alive at this point I am pretty sure.. I do not hink "profit" is a motive as there is none. The fact that their last "big" streamer has pretty much parked streaming the game "until NQ provides clarity and answers the question on the wipe" is all telling. At this point the player driven presence of DU on content platforms is pretty much non existent. Meanwhile, my TUs have filled the containers and are stopped but I can't be bothered to fly around collecting the ores.. there simply is no point at this time.
  9. Saying "we hear your concerns" generally means you are not listening ..
  10. Yes I am, you get 10 personal cores by default A day 1 player is not going to be setting up a full 7 tile flower, for one, the character would need money to buy 7 TU , maybe 28 mining units, cores , containers etc .. By the time the character is ready for this, the relevant talents should be trained up. And also, I have no consideration for a player who wants to go solo in this matter, join an org that offers you the resources, become part of a group where there is a good structure in who doe shwat so that everyone benefits.. You do not pay 4800 for L1 of the second tier , you pay 1.8M plus 4800 Seriously thouhg, I do understand what you mean, but this is how talent/skill systems like this work. I could agree that especially for personal cores a high multiplier single talent like x15 with 20 cores per level would have been fine.
  11. Not really, While yes, some will have a considerable stack of DAC and not have to pay NQ another cent for months, if not years. But on the number of players NQ will need to keep the game alive that number of players is irrelvant. DAC represents a month of game time and whether bought for $$ and use in game or bought in game and used, it is always paid for IRL so will always put money in NQ's pocket. The thing NQ never has considered (it seems) is that they are not CCP and this is not EVE.. PLEX was introduced when the game was already wel established and it offered a means for players to either gain in game currency through buying a token IRL or use their in game wealth to play for free. DU has yet to prove it is viable and will be sustainable.
  12. The coment about the wipe.. Please stop pretending and just say it.. You are mere months away from release and while the details may be not entirely set, you will have made the decision on whether to wipe or not. I will not buy that this is not he case as that would mean you, as NQ really are on the wrong trajectory entirely. Just a quick comment to circumvent the issue is really not good enough. having a generic statement which just rehashes what you said previsouly, which is increasingly unrealistic, is rather sus.. Build box do not really see the relevance overall, this, at best, shoudl actually be a very low priority and setting expectations as "it can be done" really is not the right answer DSAT tutorial The answer should be yes.. DSAT is really pretty simple UI based "minigame" a tutorial should not take that much time. Optimizations It feels like NQ doe snot really understand the concept or what it requires and talks about stuff in the periphery of the topic, which is concerning Small weapon ranges This answer felt like NQ is moving even further away from space combat and is trying to gamify it even further to the point where it is going to be entirely unrealistic or immersive.. Overall, this was a very underwhelming podcast which follows the general NQ line of being vague, missing the point, exposing hte disconnect with the ciopmmunity and avoiding the tough questions for fairly generic ones. Please, do better.
  13. DU is an excellent example of good ideas with terribly shallow and meaningless implementation. Most of the game has been holowed out to the point where it's really just a bubble waiting to go poof.. It's rushed without any focus on longterm consequences of changes and generally issue are carpetbombed in the general area hoping to hit the intended target in the process. The promise of DU is good, the portential for greatness is certainly there. But a studio without funding or drive to actually build up the game is not going to be able to make that promise a reality.
  14. If paying 35 cet per day or access to a game is too much for you, you should probably check your priorities While DAC by design wil lbe tradable in game and as such be a way to earn gametime in game, it wil lbe massively harder than doing so in a game like EVE because of the fact DU is so insanely shallow as far as options to make the quanta you'd need.
  15. So, about those pets and Alpha outfits? Are these going to be delivered this year? Is NQ saying that these will be arriving across the milestones this year? What does NQ define as "milestones"? Last I checked there is one more milestone to come this year, namely release. Or is NQ muddying the waters again by throwing out mixed messages? That DU was delayed to the point where existing agreements regarding perks and pledge promises expired and NQ is now going to run into more cost is really not our problem, "absorbing the cost" for increased shipping, which really makes me wonder in what way as shipping cost have not gotten THAT much more expensive, is not something NQ deserves praise or even a pat on the back for, it is their obligation to meet expectations and fulfill promises. It's quite funny to read what NQ wrote in the post, which basically implies we should be thankful for NQ choosing the only option outside of breaking their commitments.
  16. That is not correct. As you can take from THIS sheet, your have 10 cores without talents and from there: 13 cores in 33 minutes 20 seconds 16 cores in 3 hours 20 minutes 19 cores in 15 hours 22 minutes 13 seconds 22 cores in 3 days 12 hours 48 minutes and 53 secords 25 cores in 18 days 1 hour 53 minutes and 20 seconds Again, incorrect 10 cores are instant 25 cores takes 18 days 1 hour 53 minutes and 20 seconds 50 cores takes an additional 28 days 22 hours 13 minutes and 20 seconds 100 cores takes are available after a total of 86 days 18 hours 40 minutes I'd venture to say a new player really has no need for 100 cores in their first few months so the training time here is perfectly fine, even when combined with other talents. Additionally, new players should start off with a week's worth of SP using a referal code and can easily get an additional million by enabling 2FA .
  17. End of August, two years after "start of beta" ..
  18. I'd agree the water changees are certainly not an improvement at all.. they make thing slook worse and in no way represent anything "real".
  19. I was calibrating MUs under water today and noticed the sun rising, perfectly visible from deep under the water surface, which is obviously ridiculous in itself. The light also was casting shadows as if there was no water... because from that perspective there is actually no water or calculations to affect light through water ..
  20. Unless NQ will use the podcast to announce a release date for the game, they will not address the wipe at all, they may mention it is a "hot topic" and the usual "still being discussed internally" but that is all. As I'd expect it to be too early to talk about a release date for NQ, it is more likely the whole wipe topic will be ignored. Another part of the announcment of the podcast was the "DAC" topic.. There really is nothing to discuss there. DAC was sold to the backers as having a value of $20/DAC on release. If it is any less than that they will have to compensate for that by allocating more DAC to match the value for DAC they announced in their Kickstarter pitch. But I can see NQ bring prices up to the original level, $15 for gametime and $20 for DAC, if they even get the cash shop ready before release which I coudl see not happen.
  21. The thing is that I believe NQ is playing with words but fail to do so effectively. At the start of beta, the few references they made to describe the wipe that "will not happen again unless it is an absolute requirement" was a full/global wipe. JC made a few mentions to that early on, but the informative/reference part fell of the wagon and NQ never stopped people spinning it into "NQ said a wipe (any wipe) will not ever happen again". That was not the first time they failed to both pick up on a problem and correct it by communicating clearly what was said and what it means, which allowed the speculation and misinformation to take hold. Now, after two years, NQ actually ignored the initial message and dragged the very intent that never was into the argument in an official capacity through their blogpost, which obviously the just poured water directly onto the oil fire. Most of us who are and have been expecting a wipe, never expected a full global wipe as that is not an option NQ has anymore really, not since they started charging people money to play and effectively soft launched into "beta". Let's exclude the full wipe for a moment for that reason and see what's left; a partial wipe or no wipe. And the decision between those can't take months, that is just nonsense. So, following that it is fair to assume that the decision to wipe or not was made some time ago which actually does make sense. Now, staying with that reasonable assumption the call has been made, which one is it? And here, again, there is one choice that makes sense as far as it not being announced and one which does not. Not announcing a "no wipe" as soon as possible makes no sense here. That decision would not change anything, it would not create that much fuss even when a good few will not like it and voice that. So, if you look at this objectively, there really is one possible choice, which is the partial wipe. Now that we have our decision, the question is no longer IF, but just WHEN. NQ knows when they will "release" the game. Maybe not the exact date yet, but the month for sure. The discussion they may be having internally is probably about the moment for the wipe and what to do leading up to it and what the next steps between a wipe and "release" will be. And that is a discussion i can see taking some time as it would depend on a good few factors, some of which are probably still not entirely certain. So yes, NQ will probably still be having internal discussions AROUND the wipe, but not ABOUT the wipe. They will do a partial wipe, I am certain.
  22. Based on the open talk about NQ "discussing this internally", it's been that way for at least 6-7 months and many, many hours will have gone into this. Add to that it is extremely unlikely NQ has not had a date for the game's release know internally and this date is probably mere months away and the conclusion can really be one of two; NQ is an indecisive and badly managed company or NQ is straight up making stuff up to stall the announcement which has been made some time ago. Frankly, I can see a good few reasons for NQ to not announce they will do a partial wipe just yet but the way they are trying to tiptoe around the decision made as far as announcing it with a rather badly managed narrative. If NQ has their ducks in a row, deciding on a subject like this should really not be a matter of hours, it is a logical step in the road to release and from that perspective just part of the process. As such it really is more of a given in a series of events than a point of discussion internally. The discussion would be around WHEN and HOW to announce/communicate this and not the actual event occurring or not. In the end, I will stick with my opinion that there is not a single reason to not announce a "no wipe" ASAP.. Hence NQ has a wipe on the agenda and just does not want to publicly announce it yet.
  23. I believe you missed the Memo that Athena was the last major patch for release. What makes this all borderline funny is that NQ is likely had a hard deadline for release maybe 3-4 months from now and still claims they have not yet made the decision on a wipe. Some of us are stil lhoping for a miracle, although it's pretty much clear by now it's not going to happen.
  24. @Megabosslord If NQ had another 10million to spend they might be able to get the game actually done to apoint where it becomes viable as it would probably buy them another 12-18 months. I think DU is not that far away from a place where it goes from "not ready for release" to "good enough to release". I can't see the game become great just yet, but another year would probably give NQ a lot of breathing space and over time increase the chance of them bringing in enough to start generating some ROI for VC investors. But I honestly think that the VC took their loss and left the building so now NQ is left to fend for themselves. If more capital would have come in, we would have heard about it.
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