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  1. Yes, NQ said that he wipe before beta start would be the last GLOBAL wipe. And I expect that to be the case.. Let's just take a moment and see what NQ referred to as a GLOBAL wipe: The entire world is reset ALL constructs are deleted ALL claimed tiles are released ALL quanta is deleted ALL talent points accrued are deleted So basically, every starts from scratch, all progress over the (pre) Alpha period was removed and as I recall backers ONLY retained blueprints. If you have the expectation NQ will not perform a wipe like this again, even when they NEVER excluded doing so, I can only agree that is fair. And that is the very reason why I find the post NQ made on the wipe so silly and pretty much laughable. NQ in reality CAN'T do another full wipe and not just because they said they would not (unless they absolutely had to), but because they have no charged people MONEY to access the game and things like talent points are a DIRECT result of that subscription. Having said that, I am certain NQ will do a PARTIAL wipe prior to release. And in this wipe; The entire world is reset ALL constructs are deleted ALL claimed tiles are released ALL quanta is deleted The crucial part here is that existing players will retain: Talent points accrued, which will be returned to the pool while trained talents are in fact reset. Blueprints you have in any inventory are retained. Just these two items will provide a MASSIVE head start for existing players and will effectively retain the value of having paid a subscription during beta. They do NOT pose an unsurmountable barrier for new players coming in as a new player can have 2 million talent points to start with (by using a referral code AND activating 2FA) as we well as catch up to about 80% of 2 years of trained talents by existing players in about 5-6 months. So not only allows this wipe for a reset of the world and economy, it created a fresh foundation for the game to grow and still allows existing players a considerable but not unfair head start. Add to that what I expect will be a period of 1 or 2 weeks where existing players get to be in game before the "official" release, these players will be able to set up a good number of new and "updated" constructs and build up the start of the world in game without the interference of rubble and junk all over. Overall, I really do not see how that is bad in any way. It will be beneficial for everyone.
  2. While it may appear that way, I don not think so. With all due respect and no malice intended, they suffer from a "being French issue" NQ has many traits that are pretty well known and common for French companies, the ever present drive to discuss and "debate" every little detail at lenght, even when totally obvious what needs to be done..
  3. Oh, yes.. they have said that communication with us is not the main focus for the CM team as they have other (and apparently more important) things to do and not enough time..
  4. You's certainly right but the problem is that NQ has no awareness of any of this, they do not consider these things important. In general, they do not view the community as a priority and have actually said as much.
  5. ^^ this ... Anyone who objectively follows SC can see that there is progress, that stuff gets done and the dev team is able to close out stuff and move to the next. NQ meanwhile is still trying to get the basics to be stable.
  6. Fair enough. However, saying the wrong things and assuming/pretending your community has no clue would be even worse.. NQ would never .. right.. Oh wait .. They did..
  7. Making money, sure. Making profit, not so much.. They are generating a good bit of revenue, sure. But their bottom line is still pretty much zero.
  8. pretty much same as OP.. "calibrate" MUs (actually just start, then escape to get back to 100%, do not care for th ebonus ore) and once a week fly around collecting and sell As I am past 1B quanta now, have several large containers filled iwth warpcells and the same for all T1 and T2 ores, I quite all that and just set all chracters to train whatever for the next year or so.. As I expect the wipe will erase it all, I only care for the Takent point s to accrue at max, in case NQ decides to not wipe, I have more than enough stock and cash to start up again if I feel like it.. And with that I pretty much stopped loggin in until NQ provies some actual updates on release and what the wipe will look like as ther is no point.
  9. Not if you, as a companies community manager, spend 15-30 minutes each day doing so .. It's.. part of what should be your job .. It's not like the volume of posts on this fourm is very high anyway .. There is 4 community manager in the team as far as we know, inclusing Nyzaltar, that is 32 hours of time to allocate each day so, If one of the community managers does not have the responsibility to spend at least 30 minutes each day to catch up on forums, there's a whole different level of problems in that ..
  10. Not just that, the cost of obtaining whatever you need is far lower than when a DAC should be worth in game. What that means is that you will be able to aquire the money needed to buy or make whatever far easier than what selling a DAC wil lgive you, it is far more efficient to just sit on the DAC and play for free while your stash lasts. So I do not expect there will be much DAC on offer in game for a very long time, which in turn will mean demand will outpace supply by a lot and with it, DAC will be very expenive in game. to the point where it becomes unrealistic to expect players to fund gametime AND make enough to actualy play.
  11. That is a very good question indeed It is also my opinion that some within the NQ structure are very good at keeping their role/job even when they do not actually deliver. There is people in roles they "grew into" who likely are in well over their heads, something quite common for small studios expanding quickly in a short time. And with a lack of a project manager, some may well have established a dependency on their work for the development to progress. I had hope that with the removal of JC, a good few of his collaborators/enablers would also go and that seems to not have happened. So, in many ways, the "JC way" is alive and well within NQ.
  12. A simple look at LinkedIN will show you NQ is a massively top heavy company with an insane amount of upper/middle management as well as "leads"..
  13. This and also, the team which created the elements we have now, pretty much unchanged from the pre alpha start, has in fact mostly left NQ and left around the kickstarter in fact. Most of them went to another studio under the Ubisoft umbrella in 2016/2017 From the way the modifications NQ has made to specifically hte GFX for elements look (they are terrible) it shdoul be clear that the current team working on these has either no experience or is indeed contracted on a very low budget to do this work.. Pretty much all the gfx changes we got with Athena are of lesser quality than what we had and I have no idea why these changes were made as they were a waste of resources and funding.
  14. I'd say "40 DACs (value:720€ post-release)" is pretty specific ...
  15. NQ is or will be miscalculating the demand for DAC in game.. The amount you pay for a quanta IRL will be stable, the amount of quanta you pay for a DAC in game will be determined by the market and will be dependent on demand. I do think that not many will be selling DAC in game unless it represents a good bit of value and as it stands there is not much in game that would accommodate this as everything is relatively cheap and easy to obtain. I expect NQ will have the wrong expectations of DAC in game altogether, resulting in them likely introducing bots buying DAC in an attempt to establish a baseline price. That will also fail as the players who have DAC, especially in the early days of the server post release and wipe, will have all the knowledge and experience they need to get what they need/want without selling DAC in game to begin with. There simply is no reason to sell DAC in game at all and there is no indicators that this will change anytime soon. the current pool of DAC will be used to fund accounts directly and I do not see DAC becoming much of an option in game.
  16. You seem to lack a fundamental understanding of what DAC is and represents. it is a REVENUE STREAM for NQ and as such it is one of the things, they will depend on to MAKE MONEY. your idea removes that purpose from the token and instead would make it a revenue stream for gold sellers and those looking to exploit the game for RMT in general. If your objective is to provide a way to play without having to pay a subscription, you would do work in game to earn quanta and then buy a DAC using said quanta to then activate gametime with it. DAC will be a tradable item in game yes, it can't ever be a craftable item.
  17. So, what did NQ tell us about how they are going to compensate for the devaluation of the pledges @Bobbie As that is what the quote you used is about ..
  18. No NQ.. DAC is what REPRESENTS the value of the pledge. It is not a reward, it is what you actually pay for. DAC is also not an important feature of the game's economy as it is just a token which is a tradable item in game, allowing those who prefer to earn their game time in game to do so. It hardly plays a role in the economy by itself. And while on the subject of value. WHat is going to happen with regards to the devaluation by roughly 50% from the pitch and value proposition presented on kickstarter and founder packages after you set the (current) subscription price at half of what a DAC originally represented. It may be time that you start informing us on how you will compensate for that loss, whether you intend to raise subscription cost at release and whether there is going to be different price points for DAC and straight gametime. You claim to read every post NQ, so as you are reading this, at least acknowledge this and then provide us with a straight answer on this please.
  19. I have been very nice.. But can't believe anyone seriously thinks that creating these tokens in game is even remotely a good idea. Seeing how you seem to only double down on that idea, I can only say.. I'm speechless about the level of oblivious you are displaying here. I'm sorry but I find it very hard to take what you are saying here as someone being genuine in their opinion/ideas. And that is me still being nice..
  20. Pretty much the above, @FredyKyong .. Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable will by default try and install all versions between those years and if one of them allready exists it will fail. It has been superceeded by the 2015-2022 version though so you woudl not find this version anymore if you look for it. You can get the new version HERE .. Just run the 64bit executable separately and try installing again, it should succeed at that point
  21. As there is no more major updates before release and release is likely less than 2-3 months away, I'd say no..
  22. RPG - non existent Exploration - non existent Social - non existent Economy - Terribly broken and contaminated by exploits and "mistakes being made" as well as bots Building - OK-ish.. PvP - sub standard as the server tech does not allow for anything really. At the same time NQ seems hellbent on shoe horning this in for whatever reason.
  23. Thanks for showing/confirming that Alien cores only have resources to harvest as an excuse. They are meant/designed for combat PVP content first and foremost with no justification without a PVP objective to bother with them. Not saying that having that type of content in game is good or bad, I have no opinion on that either way. But it's not what NQ claims it is.
  24. I really do not think that is NQ's intent. I believe they are just pretty much clueless on the impact their attitude and style of communication has. They are so entrenched in getting to release they have pretty much lost sight of what is happening around them and in the community. The past months they have on several occasions shows to not have any idea about what actually is happening in the community and just try and spiin soe of it to fit their narrative, pretending to "hear" us. I expect the pressure from the top is so heavy, they really have no energy to focus on us or what we are discussing.
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