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  1. For me, promotion is all about social media interaction. I don't really care about description write-ups or boasting. I primarily want to know that our playstyles mesh. And I prefer to have the freedom to help out when my mood suits rather than have preset obligations. I tend to follow people on twitch and Twitter and then answer calls for help when I can spare the time. I also try to adventure near people whose live streams I enjoy.
  2. Not that Achronious can read this, but... Even someone in the Army might belong to other organizations: a sorority, a football league, an acting troupe, a book club... The Army doesn't automatically force people to give up those affiliations. The Army might choose not to enlist someone with affiliations they don't like. They might kick someone out who has affiliations they don't like. But people might have to spend time to investigate that. The Army doesn't have an automatic button that punts people associated with other organizations. I might like to have a button that permanently turns of PvP in my territory, but that's not part of the game design. I don't necessarily want to "waste my time" making sure that my territory remains Arkified - but, that's the game we have. And, since having an Arkified territory is important to me, I will invest time in making sure the Bubble remains intact.
  3. Yes. Demand: I am not afraid. I expect NQ to provide a great system that supports multiple organizations. You are the one who is afraid they won't. That's why you started this thread. All I've said is that I hope the system is not as crude and simplistic as the model you suggested. I believe the NQ devs are smart enough not to implement your specific model. I also expect them to implement a model that provides some of what you're asking for.
  4. Sure. If you want to waste your time to sort that stuff out, then waste your time sorting that stuff out. The devs will introduce their model and I don't expect trouble from their model. You are the one expecting trouble if the devs don't implement your model. I expect trouble if the devs introduce your model. It seems as though ego is in the eye of the beholder. Because you are the one demanding that your model be implemented - so that your "valuable" time isn't wasted.
  5. That first post makes it sound like you want to prevent spying.
  6. I don't know that I care what you want to do with your organization - you can limit it however you wish. What I commented on is your general vision about traders and pirates - which sounds prejudiced. You can be prejudiced if you want to be - I hope that our community, in general, is not prejudiced -- and I hope that NovaQuark does not support that kind of prejudice with the specific design you have suggested. I am specifically against your suggestion of a crude on/off switch. I am probably in favor of a fairly robust permissions system. If you don't want people in your org to join multiple orgs, just kick people who join multiple orgs. Nobody is forcing you to accept people who are members of multiple orgs.
  7. And this is why Anonymous gave you examples like nationalities and religions - where the prejudice would be more clear. No one is suggesting that players will exclude members based on real world affiliations. What Anonymous is pointing out is that it's prejudiced to assume that all pirates act the same. Especially simply based on the name of the organization. Or even the description of the organization. Lots of people don't care about your theoretical dreams of high risk from allowing people to be in multiple organizations. As in real life, people who are focused on acting as a deep cover spy will find ways to do so. You don't have to be an official member of an organization in order to support an organization as a spy. Anyone in your organization can choose to share info with multiple orgs and be rewarded in a variety of ways. Trying to manage that is wasted effort in any case.
  8. I think I'd rather just have permissions set on specific locations - like meeting rooms. The design already has permissions mechanics for areas. What happens when an open org suddenly decides to flip the exclusive switch? All members are instantly cut off from their other orgs?
  9. Even with waypoints - how do we plan for travel time? Farthest distance vs closest distance due to rotation...
  10. We'll have to see how deep they go once we get the Survival expansion. And we'll have to see which comes first - Surivival or Stargates.
  11. Even rotating planets and moons would be very difficult to navigate. Distances to bases will change. We're going to need some form of homing beacon to ping where our bases are at any given time when traversing from moon to planet or planet to planet. Landmarks will be in flux and not necessarily easily recognizable depending on the topography of the worlds and their environmental conditions.
  12. Most likely we will have to rent in order to ensure we continue to use that space. If we don't maintain the rent, the space will likely open up for others to use. Hopefully, if that's the case, the devs will maintain our items so they can be placed elsewhere when we acquire new land.
  13. 1: Dual Universe is Sci-Fi; not Sci-Fantasy. 2: Dual universe has an extreme focus on player interaction - we will have very few conflicts with aliens. 3: We can expect a minimal amount of extra-terrestrial fauna on par with the fauna we have on Earth. That's about it.
  14. I got e-mail confirmation that NovaQuark collected the funds for my pledge.
  15. I think they will try to apply the forum title to the email address associated with the Kickstarter campaign. So, if your e-mail is different than the Kickstarter e-mail and you want the forum title, you need to let them know. If they send game codes for alpha access, you could just grab those from the e-mail associated with your Kickstarter pledge. Sure.
  16. Resurrection Nodes, perimeter wall gate, etc do not power the Bubble. I'm hoping that the Bubble will rely on multiple devices in multiple locations spread out across the TU(s), rather than just one power plant in one central location.
  17. Well, yeah, this has been my expectation since the description of Arkification was first shared by NovaQuark. Main pillar of my gameplay will be acting to patrol and secure the artifacts that keeps the bubble active. I'm expecting there will be players trying to deactivate those artifacts. I hope the design is not as simple as one central location for the controls. I'm hoping there will be several locations beneath the bubble. No fun to just sit in one spot hoping someone will appear to start an adventure. The devs will figure out the details. (I also hope Arkification is not like Eve.)
  18. I doubt we will see fauna as large as the cyber dragon you posted. Dual Universe is intended to be almost exclusively player v player (conflict as well as combat). Also, Dual Universe is much more Sci-Fi than it is Sci-Fantasy. It will be interesting to see what players will create, though. Should be quite easy for the devs to create spectacular ice planets. But, they haven't shown us what they can do with biome variations yet.
  19. I can imagine refusing the equivalent of technetium if I would prefer a blueprint or a construct instead. Voxel creation is a game changer from Eve.
  20. I think the pet we get from the kickstarter has Alpha Team on it. That's not quite exclusive for kickstarter, but it seems to be exclusive for Alpha Team. We'll have to see what types of pets might be available for other folk.
  21. I'm not simply referring to your educated assessments. I'm also referring to your assertions that your assessments were true even after they've been proven false. (I think all the posts should remain but, yes, let's get back to discussing character customization and Paypal.)
  22. (Well, CaptainTwerkmotor makes a lot of assertions that he claims are true - even when they aren't true.)
  23. @Pang_Dread NPC stands for Non-Player Character. So, they really did say NPC at one point in time. They have since clarified that they intend to have bots mixed in with the orders rather than physical characters. http://www.dualthegame.com/faq Will there be NPCs? There will be animal NPCs to hunt, breed or fight, and probably also space creatures or ships attacking players in the long term game (but these will not be in the alpha). There will also be trading NPCs acting on the in-game markets to help bootstrap the economy, but not to give quests like in “themepark” MMORPGs as we want to favorize social interactions between players. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1949863330/dual-universe-civilization-building-sci-fi-mmorpg/posts/1692359 Will there be market NPCs? Yes, to help boost the economy we will introduce market NPCs, or “bots” (we prefer this term because they won’t have a physical presence in the world). Bots will appear as buy or sell orders in the list of player-made orders. The difficulty is to make sure that they stabilize but not disturb the natural market dynamics driven by players, which involves a bit of AI to get it right. Bots will amplify player activities, not replace them. If you set up a market in the middle of nowhere, isolated, don’t expect thousands of bots to come and sell you everything you need! Note: this may be different in alpha, as we will use bots on market to provide you with assets that you cannot yet craft. In the long run, our hope is that bots will become less necessary, or even completely disappear, as humans take over the whole economy.
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